This is my story

I'm just your average nerd, Jeremy Von Driek, 17. My life isn't this interesting and addictive thing that will keep you craving but it is something that you could have never expected, at least from me.
So all I can give you is this cheesy story, I just hope that you'll read it


9. Chapter 9

We reached our destination which was a park. A simple park with a lake, with benches and people having picnics. Leyla told me to keep it simple. Trees were dotted here and there. Different bushes adorned the grassy plain and fountains were spread here and there. Birds chirped their sweet melodies and dogs barked as they played with their humans. The park smelled of reshly cut grass and... sweat, but it was still a nice place to be.

We strolled around for a while looking at the clouds, throwing a few coins in to the fountain, talking about school, and the break-up between our siblings. I feel accomplished because I did not stutter during the conversation neither did we have awkward silences. We reached a cart -or should I say, the cart- that sells... REVENGE!

"Can we have two of the revenge." Carl - the waiter? is that what we call them? - handed us 2 revenge, and we continued our stroll. "Thanks Carl." I handed Carmen her revenge. She scrutinized the cup, every single inch.

"This is a regular vanilla sundae. You got me scared for a second. I thought you were going to take me to an alley and rape me with your buudies."

Says the one who almost raped me in class...

"What do people say about revenge?" I said with great anticipation, and she shrugged. "Revenge is sweet and it is best served cold. Therefore, revenge is a dessert."

"I see what you did there. " She looked impressed, if I do say so myself. "Your logic is weird, but funny."

"Just trying to be punny." I said with a forced wink.

"Really, you're rhyming." She said with a roll of her beautiul green eyes.

"What's wrong, is it the timing?" I spouted, I'm impressing her I can tell by the smiling she's trying to force out of her mouth.

"If this is what you call humour, 'cuz it's lame."

"I never asked for fame." I. Am. On. Fire. Not literally, I mean that I'm even impressing myself. She finally gave up the tough act and laughed. She laughed and dropped her sundae."Your revenge!"

"Sh*it!" She swore. "That was so nice. Revenge tastes so good. but I don't want to walk all the way back to get another one."

At that moment a compliment jumped to my mind.

"Carmen," I said softly, as soft as the the wind that danced with our hair. "You are... too sweet to take revenge."

That made her blush which put a smile on my face. "Thanks," she said. "What's with you and all the puns?"

"It's fun." A smile seemed to always be on my face while I was talking to her. "We could always share my revenge."

She agreed and we took turns spooning out the delicious substance. We kept walking around the park and we finally got back to the car, and the revenge was... it was finished. So sad. We were in the car ready to leave.

"Uhm, Jeremy." said Carmen.

"Yup." My face brightened when I heard her say my name. I feel like an idiot with all these reactions she causes in me, but I can't control my hormones, right?

"You have some revenge on your face."

My face began to redden out of embarrassment. I began searching for a smudge using my tongue.

"Let me show you." She reached out with her hand, but it didn't go to my face, it went to the back of my neck. She pulled me closer to her. She smelled like caramel, sweet caramel mixed with vanilla. The scent gave me a feeling of euphoria. Her face was in front of mine (I wonder how she plans on removing the stain, because licking it of is kind of weird, just saying). Her forehead resting on mine, her lips a few centimeters from mine (approximately 4). "It's right over..." Her voice trailed off as her lips pecked mine, once, twice, thrice, four times, and by the fifth time her tongue had delved into my mouth. At fist it felt weird, and completely disgusting, but it all became... arousing. Instincts took over and I pulled her closer by the waist. The lust and desire that I've held back for years was being released. The kiss increased in speed and ferocity.

"Slow down, Jeremy." She whispered. "Take it slow."

With that she took over and we engaged in a slow and passionate time of venturing in to each other's mouths. She had a tongue piercing that I never noticed. My right hand was at her back and my left on her neck. She pushed my right hand down until it was touching her behind. A tent began to grow in my pants and that caused me to moan during the kiss. She smiled and put her hand on the tent, causing another moan to be released from my mouth.

I pulled away, for two reasons: One, I was out of breath & two, touching my pants is beyond what I'm ready for. Disappointment was evident on her face, but she didn't complain, because she was also out of breath.

"What's wrong, I thought you were liking it," she said in between intakes of air.

"I was, I am, but..." I let my voice trail off as I gestured at my tent.

"Oh," said Carmen with a hint of surprise and dawning of realisation. "We won't go that far, we're in a car. I would never do that in public." She was giggling as my face reddened. "Don't," she said after she gave me a lgiht peck on the lips. "You," she pecked me again. "Worry." This time we were back to the heated make-out session.


We kissed for a good ten minutes and she didn't disturb my tent. My bulge refused to receed until I left her home. Before she left the car, we had a five minute kiss which was disturbed my Igor coming out of the house. He told us to get a room. Carmen promised that next time we would get a room. That made me gulp. We said our good-byes and I headed home.


I'm staring at the ceiling, I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling. I want her, does she want me?

Who would've thought that a nerd like me would kiss Carmen. The gorgeous Carmen. Every boy's dream. She has the curves, the looks, the humour. She's so much. Why would she settle for me? From the captain of the soccer team, to a swim team nerd. I didn't know that people were allowed to kiss on the first date. Her scent was still fresh in my mind, the softness of her lips, the way her hair tinkled my face, it was all still in my mind. Are we dating, or am I her play thing? If we are dating, can I call her my g-word. All these questions with so many answers, but only one is right.

A knock on the door to my room brought me back to reality. I told the person to enter. It was my mom. Weird, my dad told me that she was supposed to be travelling, or was he lying.

"Hello Mother, I thought you were gping on a business trip." I said a little too harshly, but my mother barely seemed to notice.

"I'm going tomorrow." She said in her proffesional voice that seemed to come naturally to her.

"Well, clearly tomorrow never comes."

"And, yesterday was never here." She said with a smile. "I'm here to say my good-bye son."

"It's not like you're not coming back," there was a tinge of disappointment in my voice.

"It is important to say good-bye, because you never know what will happen during the trip. Good-bye creates a chance for a new hello." My mom went on and on about the importance of hellos and what not, but I had long since dozed off. All that came to mind was undoubtedly Carmen. "Dear God! Jeremy!"

My mother's outburst rudely burst my bubble. "Yes, mother?"

"What are you thinking about? Were you listening to what I was saying," she sounded shocked and ashamed, but I don't know why.

"Mother stop going crazy, what's wrong?" I calmly asked.

"Don't ask me what's wrong, just look at yourself." She averted her eyes from me. I stood up to look at myself through my mirror, but that wasn't necessary. I could feel a pull coming from my pants and immediately sat down and put a pillow on my lap.

"Have you been watching pornography? Are you still a virgin? I raised you better than this Jeremy..." She kept rambling on and on about how she cares for me.

I tried to calm her down or try to explain things but she would always hush me.

"Did you use protection? Your dad has a whole box of assorted sizes in his closet." Now she was using her mother bear tone.

"Mom, I did not, I repeat, did not, have sexual intercourse." I said slowly. "Neither do I watch pornography."

"Then how would you explain the abnormal growth in your pants," I think my mom is trying to be sassy.

"Evening wood..." I know that sounds suspicious, but I'm all out of excuses.

"Son, why do you lie to me?" My mother was choking on her own words, she was on the brink of tears. "I try to have an honest relationship with you, but you never tell me anything, and if you do it's always a lie." Her face was actually sad (that's an improvement). I contemplated telling her the reason for the 'growth'.

I'd rather see her sad than angry...

"At least be honest with me about this son," mother said vehemently. "Who popped your cherry?"

"Pop my what?" I was officially confused. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"How don't you know that, isn't that teen jargon?" My mom seemed to find my obliviousness amusing because she began giggling. "It means to lose your virginity."

This is getting awkward. Now I regret not listening to her boring rambling about ethics.

"Mom! Stop it, I already told you that I haven't lost my virginity and I did not watch porn! If you are here to laugh, then I'd prefer if you did that outside my room!" My voice rose to the unacceptable volume.

"I was trying to bond with you, but you clearly have no intention of improving our relationship." My mom said these words as if I didn't just shout at her, but that facade soon faded. "I understand that you're a teenager, btu that tone is completely and utterly unacceptable to use with your mother! You're just lucky that I'm travelling tomorrow, but when I come back I'll teach you some manners!" She stood and left my room, mumbling about how I'm an ungrateful child.

Well, that lasted longer than I had expected.

She came back.

I spoke to soon.

"Good-bye, son." She said witha superior poise.

"Bye." I said dismissively

"Bye, who?" she demanded.

"Bye, Mother."

"That's better. Bye, I love you."

I swear my mom is bipolar.

* * *

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