This is my story

I'm just your average nerd, Jeremy Von Driek, 17. My life isn't this interesting and addictive thing that will keep you craving but it is something that you could have never expected, at least from me.
So all I can give you is this cheesy story, I just hope that you'll read it


7. Chapter 7

"Come close," said Carmen beckoning with her hands. "I..."

"Yes?" I asked, curiosity swimming in my eyes.

"I want to... go out with you." she confessed. Her cheeks were turning red. I was blown away. My mouth was open, giving permission to any insect that needed shelter to enter. This is something that I have probably dreamed about a thousand times and never expected it to come true. The moment I have been waiting for has revealed itself.

"Uhm... Saturday 3 o'clock at Mcdonalds. Sounds great, doesn't it? OK, see you then." I rose to my feet and ran and ran and ran until I was out of breath in the men's toilet in a stall that smelled horrible. I still can't believe that Carmen asked me out. These are the moments when I feel that I need to squeal and jump like fangirl. My heart is doing the jumping for me, making my blood pump faster around my body. Giving me more energy, energy that is giving rise to a shout of victory and a... happy dance! In the cramped stall that I'm in, I shout with all of my energy and all the air in my lungs, I bust my super-cool dance moves which somehow looks like the chicken dance. Luckily for me, the floor is wet. I slipped forward toward the toilet which was covered in grime and urine, but before I could hit the seat I pushed myself back using the walls. Did I fail to mention that I didn't lock the door? Well I forgot. I burst through the door and landed on the heavily damp floor. There was someone towering over me, but I couldn't quite make out his face for my glasses had slipped from my exquisite face. I searched the wet floor for my glasses and wore them when I found them.

"Your glasses are dirty." Said the gloomy faced Dave. I cleaned them with a paper towel before I wore them. "What are you so happy about?"

"Carmen asked-" I shut my mouth before the wrong words could spill out.

"Don't worry about me, I'll move on," said Dave with the most authentic fake smile in the planet. "There's nothing that can make me sadder right now, it's not like she asked you out."

I swallowed the honest answer down my throat and I searched my brain for a clever lie. "Carmen asked me if Hugo was available."

"I knew he was trying to get her, but I didn't think she had the same interests. That girl has some issues. She broke up with me, tried to rape you and is asking around for Hugo, all on the same day. " His face was full of bottled up rage. "Tell Hugo to watch out, she's a snake."

"Sure." When did Dave become so deep?


Finally, out of that bathroom and into the world of happiness and raging hormones. This school day is over and the happiness is running away, because it is time to tutor. Yay! James and I decided to do this in the parking lot. I had to go in my PE kit because my clothes were wet from the bathroom incident. I was runnig ti the parking lot in fear of getting late, but even though I got there five minutes after the bell rang James was already there. He was not alone. He was venturing in to the mouth of some girl and touching some very unusual places. I coughed to ascertain my presence, but all he did was raise six fingers and I waited.

A couple moans and a smack in the butt later...

The girl finally left and I could begin this cumbersome endeavor. We sat on a bench under an oak tree, and I removed a couple textbooks. 

"So, are you ready James?"

"Nope, and never will." Great, that's the exact spirit that will make us finish all the topics by the time Game of Thrones characters stop dying. "What time do you think we'll be done?"

I lifted my history textbook to show him it's thickness, which, let me tell you, is not small. I gestured "When do you think we'll finish this?"

"You're joking, we can't finish that whole thing today!" For someone who's complaining he didn't look very bothered. He was lazily slouching on the bench with his head looking up at the leaves. Feeling a bit exhausted from all of the emotional outbursts of the day I sat in the same way. I watched the leaves as they swayed gently and rubbed against each other. Patches of light slipped through the gaps in between the leaves. The wind was blowing a soft song. This was just a perfectly calm moment, something that I was hoping for through out this whole week. All the happenings of the week played through my head, and the frustrations released with a sigh that was carried by the wind to the ears of a wandering soul.

"You seem  relaxed."

"Well, there is no point in not being relaxed." He said with a shrug. His shrug was so relaxed that I also wanted to do it, so I did. "Are you trying to become me?"

"I wouldn't dream of that. I want to become relaxed."

"I got some weed in my bag, that is what's making me relaxed," He said with a deceiving smile. I knew it was impossible for someone to be so relaxed without any external help. 

"That's great. I have to tutor another druggy. We'll never finish this in time." I let out another sigh of frustration. I began to pack my things."When you are not high tell me, so we can have these lessons when your brain is actually functioning." I grabbed my bag and left. He looked like he wanted to follow me but he gave up. 



My time was completely wasted. I could have been home way earlier than this. That guy has some real nerve, to have come to my lesson while high! I'm even starting to sound like a teacher, isn't that odd? The fuel in my bike is running low an d I haven't received my allowance for the week. There is only one way to get this money *sigh*. Asking... my... Mom. These are the moments where I'd need an askew close up. On my way to her study which is beside her bedroom, I pondered on all the ways to ask her without having to talk much. Maybe I should text her. Like:

Mom, my fuel's almost finished o.O   Can you give me some money or maybe my allowance. Well thanks TTYL :P

P.S. I need a new toothbrush.

That seems good, but she'll think I'm being disrespectful. I know what I'll do.

I gave the door three sure knocks and entered the room. Cleared my throat, put my hands behind me and began, "Mother, the fuel of my means of transportation is rather low. I am humbly requesting that you supply me with my monthly allowance." And with that I let out a breath of relief for finally getting that done. I looked at the chair that she was sitting on, and luckily for me she wasn't facing me.

5 minutes later...

She finally turns around and... she's wearing headphones. She did not hear a single word that I had said.

"Hello, Jeremy," said my stern lookingmy mother as she ambled towards me to greet me. "I didn't hear you come in."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"Do you need anything?"

I nodded.

"Well?" Her high-pitch voice echoed through the study. I felt like I was being watched by a thousand people, delivering a message that could possibly end the world.

"Mom, my fuel's almost finished. Can you give me some money or maybe my allowance. Well thanks. Talk to you at dinner. Oh, before I forget, I need a new toothbrush." With that, I left the room with haste.

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