Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


5. 5. Trails and Tribulations

3 days, 3 days it took me to sort all the dead bodies, the alive ones and Katrina it took her weeks to get back to her normal self but she wanted to be alone to get back on track.

I left her to it a concentrated on the competition It had been 3 weeks since my first audition and since then we've had to sing various songs and each time some got 'kicked out' the competition it was nerve racking but I mad it to the top 3, for my last song I sang the most beautiful song I knew

Lily Allen - somewhere only we know

And just like my first audition everyone stood and applauded but this time it wasn't just the 3 teachers it was most of the school ( scary much ) but I was quite confident that I could win, not in a big headed way or anything.

_Monday morning_

A assembly was called to tell us the results of the competition this was it I truly could win and I didn't compel anyone.

Mrs Hanley - we have called this assembly to inform you of the winner of the Simon Cowel record deal and tour competition is...


She was cut if by everyone screaming and pushing me to the front before I knew it u was handed a letter but I didn't open it until I got home so I could tell my family and open it with them.

By the end if school I had a headache from hearing 'congratulations' and 'well done you so talented' I swear to god if one more person says it I'm going to rip there head of. No joke.

_At home_

Me - Mom, Dad, Sienna, Lillia ( my little sisters) can you come to the dinning room I gave something to say.

They all came running down my moms face was really concerned like something bad had happened.

Me - I have something really important to tell you...

Mom - what ever it is hunny we will except you, no matter what.

Me - what no just listen, we'll that singing competition I entered well I won it and this letter has all the details for what I have won.

Lillia and Sienna are twin, 13 years old and literally talk at the same time.

Lillia and Sienna - OMG congrats sis we're so proud of you told you that talent wouldn't be wasted.

They act like there 20 years old there probably more mature than me.

_Opening the letter_

Dear Brianna Murphy,

May I just say congratulations on winning this major prize or shall I say prizes

• a recorded deal - which includes providing a song writer, a completed album and you own merchandise

• you will go on tour with a client of mine they are a major band in to which you will be performing with for 135 shows over 18 month it will start at the end of your school year seeing as you in your last year.

• the band you will be touring with is one direction.

All over info you need contact me thought my information provided in this letter.

Yours sincerely

Simon Cowel

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