Love, Blood and Many mistakes...

What happens when you win a competition to tour with a huge boy band, but your dead? Well a hell of allot but honestly it consists of love, blood and many mistakes, Read to find out...


1. 1. Just about me

It was a cold September morning it felt dead like my soul blarh blarh blarh yea yea I'm dead but you know I think we can get past that can't we oh and your dead too Harry sorry...

I'm Brianna but u can call me Bri everyone else does. So your probably wondering how I'm "dead" well it happened at a 1D concert that I didn't even want to go to but I got dragged to by my silly friend Anastasia ( Ana to be short ) when I was walking back I got attack and that's how I "died" your probably wondering what's up with me putting " around died and dead well it's because I don't feel dead I feel a more alive that ever, except for not having a heartbeat and having a crave for blood... Oh yeah I forgot to inform you about this bit the attack was a vampire and turned me yeah I know she's some crazy mofo but believe me it's true and intact the attacker or Katrina is now my best friend ironic right.

Katrina is a old vampire one of the originals she's nearly 1000 years old, yeah I know I had that WOW face when she told me.

But In all honesty joining the living dead was the best thing that could happen to me. I can go out in the day light die to a daylight ring Katrina gave to me I felt so special because a witch had made it for her to give to a trusted Allie and she said that was mean, another great part about being a vampire is you never sleep and you never have a hang over after a party oh and your basically Invincible apart from a Wooden stake through the heart but according to Katrina there aren't many hunters around anymore but you always need to watch out bit the thing is we're not monsters we don't kill people we just steal blood bags from hospitals or eat animal blood.

Your probably wondering how old am I and am I in school well I'm 18 and in my senior year but I don't see the point in it anymore why do I need an education like seriously I will never get old and probably never need a job because of compulsion ( I a cool vampire trick which makes me control humans ).

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