For the different ones


1. For the different ones

This is for the different girls. And by different I mean the girls with hidden beauty.

The girls who feel that their inner beauty is unappreciated.

The girls that no one writes about.

The girls who don't have perfect blonde or brunette hair.

The girls that don't have the body of Victoria Secret models.

I have been reading a lot of fan fiction lately, but I have never read about the famous person falling in love with the imperfect ones.

All the girls are described to look like Abercrombie or Hollister models. And of course guys will fall for girls like that.

But some girls don't have that average beauty.

Some girls don't put on 2 bottles of mascara before they go to school.

Some girls might not have the type of hair that can be curled or straightened in 2 minutes.

There are many girls like that in this world.

So I wrote this story for you.

The girls that can't relate to most fanfic.

And one of those girls is me.

The time that girls like us got a chance to meet, and fall in love, with the one and only Justin Bieber.

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