1D Imagines!

I want to try some imagines. Just comment your name, and which boy you like. Harry, Niall, Liam! Louis, or Zayn. You can comment extra details, and preferably your hair and eye colors, as well.
(Btw, no dirty stuff. I hate that stuff. So don't even mention it, please.)


8. For Sarah!

You just got off the plane from Australia. You were staying a year or two in London. Having almost no where to go, you decide to wander around the airport. Sitting down on a bench, you silently sigh. Looking over, you see someone sitting next to you. That someone is Niall Horan. He turns to look at you, and smiles.

He looks into your grey-blue eyes and says, "Hi, I'm Niall."

After a month or so, you two start dating. One day, while Niall is getting you coffee (or tea, whichever you prefer) some of his fans come over to you.

"You don't deserve him." They say, continuing on about things like that, until your at the point where your about to cry. The fans sneer at you, until they turn around to see Niall behind them. You look up gratefully.

"You know, it's me who doesn't deserve her." He says. You smile at him, which he returns. The fans walk away muttering, most likely hurtful things. He sits down next to you, and hugs you. You continue to smile, tears staining his shirt. 

"No. It IS me who doesn't deserve you." You say, looking into his blue eyes, while twisting your long brown hair. 

"Definitely not. If anything, I don't deserve to be your boyfriend. I think I'm the luckiest guy to ever walk this earth." He says, smiling. 

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