1D Imagines!

I want to try some imagines. Just comment your name, and which boy you like. Harry, Niall, Liam! Louis, or Zayn. You can comment extra details, and preferably your hair and eye colors, as well.
(Btw, no dirty stuff. I hate that stuff. So don't even mention it, please.)


3. For Elin!

Your at a fair, and decide to ride the Ferris wheel. Someone sits next to you.

"Could I sit here?" He asks. You nod.

"What's your name?" He asks.

"I'm Elin. And you are...?"

"Well, it's kind of a secret, but I'm Harry Styles." He whispers. Your blue eyes grow wide, staring at his green ones. How could you not tell...

"Well, I'm just Elin. Nothing special or famous about me!" You reply. He smiles.

"Well, there's probably a million things special about you." He says. You continue to smile, pushing a blonde lock of hair behind your ear. 

"Yeah. Probably." You continue.

"Yeah. Sure. A pretty girl like you, and there's nothing special about you." 

"Hey, just saying."

"Look. We're at the top." He says. He puts his arm around your shoulder, but you don't care to move it. Looking over at the beautiful view, you smile even wider. You glance next to you, to see that Harry's smiling even wider than you are.

"Well, Cheeky chap like you usually wouldn't be found riding a Ferris Wheel with some stranger who has nothing special about her."

"Oh, be quiet." He replies. He leans toward you, and deciding not to stop him, let him kiss you. After pulling back, he gives you his number, and you give him his.

"Well, see you sometime." He says.

"Make sure to call me!" You say, kissing him on the cheek.

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