1D Imagines!

I want to try some imagines. Just comment your name, and which boy you like. Harry, Niall, Liam! Louis, or Zayn. You can comment extra details, and preferably your hair and eye colors, as well.
(Btw, no dirty stuff. I hate that stuff. So don't even mention it, please.)


1. Louis Tomlinson (sample)

You just moved from America. You decide to walk around. After about ten minutes, you trip over your shoelaces. Someone sees you, and hold out their hand.

"You need some help?" He asks. His british accent startles you a little.

"Yeah. Hey, thanks. I'm (YN), By the way." You answer.

"Louis." He says. As you stand up, you see him. He has his hair gelled up, and green eyes.

"You're Louis Tomlinson." You gasp.

"Yes. I am. Nice of you to notice."

"Ow. My let's bleeding." You say, covering the scrape with you hand. When you bring your hand up, blood is on it.

"How far is your house?"

"Apartment, actually. Not far."

"I'll walk with you." He replies. You smile.

after reaching your apartment, you slowly walk to the bathroom. Grabbing some bandages, you clean the scrape, and place the bandages. 

"Can I have your number? To make sure your alright?" He asks, with a smile. You smile back.

You hand him a slip of paper with your phone number scrawled on it. He hands you a piece of paper, too. "Call me if you need anything." He says, before taking off.


The next day, Louis calls you. "Are you still doing good?"

"Yeah." You say.

"Hey, can I come over? To make sure your not lying?" He slyly asks. You agree, and he comes over.

"So, anyway, I can't help but notice your accent. You're American, aren't you?" He asks. You smile.

"Yup. Just moved here, actually." You say. He smiles.

"Consider this as a welcome gift." He says, to you, before kissing you. 

(so you know, I can do much better, this is just vague, because I wanted it to be able to not be specific, so anyone who reds this can pretend it's theirs.)

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