Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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7. Chapter Seven

It had been a couple days since Jack and Alex have talked to each other. Its not because they didn't want too, but wanted to give each other time. Alex was still just getting over his breakup with Lisa and Alex could tell by the look on Jack's face when he kissed his that he shouldn't have done it, even if he liked it. Neither of the regretted the kiss, but a gay guy and a straight guy that just got over a breakup never worked out. Jack didn’t want to be Alex’s rebound.


Jack was currently standing outside Alex's door to his house. His stomach filled with nervous butterflies, but he thought that he should apologize for kissing Alex. Even though Alex kissed him first, he was drunk. He knocked on the door and stepped back looking down at his feet thinking how easy it would be to just turn and run right now and not have to face the fact he had feelings for the older boy.  


“Hey,” Alex said opening his door and snapping Jack out of his thoughts. “What are you doin’ here?”

“Umm.. I kinda just wanna talk to you… about the other day... I mean.. If that’s okay with with you.” Alex nodded and stepped aside letting him come inside. They sat on the couch and Jack played with his fingers not knowing where he was going to start. He practiced a mini speech at home, but the second he stepping into the house he completely forgot it. “I'm sorry about the other day. I didn't mean to kiss you. I didn’t really know what i was thinking.”

“Jack, it's fine. Trust me. Its all good.” The elder explained and Jack nodded.

“I just felt weird not calling you after what happened though. I wanted too to make sure that you were okay. You were in pretty bad shape the other day... but I didn't wanna seem weird.”

“Its fine. I just needed time for myself I guess.”


“How are you taking the break up now? Are you okay.” Jack asked carefully not wanting to upset him.

“I'm fine. I've just been writing a lot lately. ‘Pouring myself into my music’ as people would say.” he said chuckling softly to himself trying to lighten the mood some.

“Can I Hear some?” Jack asked excitedly.

“Um sure. Let me just go get my guitar” Alex smiled at him and left to get his stuff before he came back and sat down next to Jack again. Alex handed him the notebook that had the rough versions of all his songs in it. The younger looked through the notebook and landed on a song.

“Play this one. it sounds good” Jack said handing the notebook back to Alex. Alex looked at the page instantly feeling nervous, but nodded and sat his guitar in his lap. He took a deep breath and started playing and singing.

“Hey, there it's good to see you again, It never felt right calling this just friends. I'm happy, if you're happy, with yourself. Take off your shirt, your shoes, Those skinny jeans I bought for you, we're driving in there’s nothing left to lose..”


Alex stopped l after the verse and looked at Jack. “How was that?”

“It was really good. You have an amazing voice” Jack said smiling. “But I think the pace should pick up a little after you say ‘with yourself.’”

“I thought that too but for some reason I can't play those chords any faster. I don't know if I'm just off or what. Its not even difficult.”

“Can I try playing it? Maybe I can make it faster.” Jack suggested.

“Umm.. sure. go for” The elder said hand Jack the guitar setting it in his lap. He turned the book so that Jack a better view of the words. He strummed a few chords trying to find the original beat of the song.


Then he started playing humming the words to himself going right past where the problem was. Jack had got it no problem. Alex sat there amazed at him. A little surprised too. He didn't know the he could play the guitar that well. Jack wasn't a singer, but he didn't have a bad voice. Alex let him continue singing and playing the song the way that he tried but failed at. He liked listening to the younger boy. He closed his eyes listening to the tone again. He agreed that it sounded much, much better than it had before. When Jack ended the song he sat the guitar down and Alex looked at him with a wide grin on his face.


“How was that?” the raven haired boy asked.

“That was amazing Jack. I had no clue you were that good at playing.” Alex answered practically gushing over the others skills.

“Thanks.” He replied shyly and dropped his head looking at the lyrics. “Your lyrics are amazing, by the way.” Alex mumbled a thanks before talking.

“I have an idea.” He said happily. Jack nodded for him to continue. “How about you come into the studio with my tomorrow and you can do the guitar?” he asked hopefully. Jack sounded just right for the song, and to be honest, he would love to work with his friend. Jack thought about it and looked back at the grinning other. How could he pass up that look.


“Sure. It sounds like fun.” Jack smiled. Alex practically leaped into Jack's arm hugging him.

“Thank you!” Jack laughed hugging him back.

“You're welcome.” Their hug lingered for a little bit longer than their probably should. Not that Jack cared. Anything to be closer with the older boy. Alex pulled back and with a faint blush creeping the surface of his cheeks. “So um.. what other stuff are you--” Jack's question was cut off with Alex's lips crashing into his. His lips were soft, just like they were the first time. But the kiss ended all too soon for either of their liking.


“Sorry” Alex mumbled looking away from him feeling embarrassed.

“No, it's okay. We’re even... And .. I kind of liked it.” Alex looked up smiling a little more.

“Good.. cuz I really wanna do it again.” He said searing Jack's eyes for a yes or a no.

“I'm not stopping you.” Almost instantly, Alex lips connected themselves with Jack's again. Alex’s hands placed themselves on Jack's hips and he hovered over him more. Jack's arms wrapped around the elders neck and finger tangling in his soft hair. Their lips slid together easily, and Alex pushed his tongue in Jack's mouth. It wasn't Jack's first kiss with a guy, far from it, but it all felt new. The butterflies filled his stomach more than they have before. It was Alex’s first “gay kiss” and he wouldn't have wanted it with anyone else.


Jack fell on his back lightly on the couch and Alex on top of him. The make out session was getting heated. Then the phone rang. Alex pulled up savoring the last taste of Jack and stared at him for a second. “Alex phone” Jack whispered. Alex got off of him and answered the phone. Jack sat back up being a little annoyed with the phone. But, still, that was one of the best kisses of his life. He got his things and whispered to Alex that he’ll see him tomorrow. The other nodded and continued talking on the phone.


After about ten minutes of arguing about who knows what, he hung up and sat back on the couch running his fingers through his hair. He huffed. He really wanted Jack to come back so he could continue kissing him. He didn't really know if he was ready for that, but Jack, he was just different. Even though he was a straight male, Alex was always open to things like that. He missed Lisa still, but really wanted the taste of Jack back on his lips. That boy was making him more confused then he already was.



So I'm really sorry if this chapter is shit. I'm not really sure how i feel about it but.. Jalex though <3

So thank you for reading, I really love feedback, messages and comment make me happy ^-^
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