Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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4. Chapter Four

A couple days later Zack calls up Rian and Jack to see if they want to go out and hit up a club. It's been a while since they've got to hang out with each other. All of them agree to meet up at Kellic's downtown.


"Sorry we couldn't get a gay club, Jack" Zack said joking with him.

"Haha very funny, asshole." Jack replied with sarcasm filing his voice. "I'll got to any club as long as I can drink."

"C'Mon, Zack you know better!" Rian chimed in. "just because Jack prefers guys doesn't mean he won't pass up sex from any gender" Rian laughed and opened the door for the other two.

"Well what can I say, no one can resist me!" Jack said with a fake flip of his hair. The other two just laughed at him wondering how they've been able to stand him for so long.


All three boys walk in the club after paying and showing their I.D.'s and are instantly amazed. They've been to a lot of clubs but not to this one. This was a rather new club. It's about time, the town needed something new besides a restaurant.


They walked farther in already being push by piles of people dancing and grinding. The club was dark with colorful flashing lights and some strobe lights in the mix. The floor around the dance area, not that people stayed in that area anyway, was carpet, either black or dark blue. The dance floor was colorful and neon tile, some of which were lights. A light fog covered the floors. This was defiantly Jacks kind of club. The floor filled with young people. Mostly eighteen, had to 18 to get in anyway. But you could tell somewhere younger, mainly girls. The boys knew exactly how they got in and they were all thinking the same thing.


"Damn, I wish I had boobs. Would have saved me $20 to get in here" Jack laughed bumping the boys in the shoulder. They laughed and continued to walk in. The walked over to the neon bar and sat down. The drank a few rounds and talk most of the time. Occasionally one I them would get up and dance with a girl that asked. Jack most of the time. He was a ladies man, and well, a mans man. Everyone liked Jack. He had natural sex appeal, and occasionally the mind of a child.


Currently Rian and Zack were at the bar. They were too drunk, but you could tell they defiantly weren't think straight. Giggled at everything. Jack in the other, was wasted to say the least. Jack was in the middle of people dancing. One girl was in front of him grinding on his crotch. Jacks hands were on her hips as they swayed together. She turns around and puts her hands around his neck. The unknown girl kisses him butting and nibbling on his bottom lip. For obvious reason, Jack wasn't as into it. The dancing, and occasional sex if he was really horny, was fine. He was into guys though, and loved kissing, even with a girl every now in then. But nothing ever sexual towards them unless he was really turned on. He reached for a guy near him and put him in front of the girl so he can break free.


Once Jack was free he made he way thorough the people and over to the bar where Zack and Rian still where.

"Hey Jack!" Rian said and passed him a drink.

"Hey" Jack replied back and sat down.

"I'm surprised you didn't take the girl back and fuck her brains out" Jack shook his head.

"Not really into it tonight" he said back and took the shot. Feeling the liquid burn down his throat.

"No guys either? There's plenty of good lookin' people here. I bet you'd even be able to snag a straight one"

"What are you saying, Rian? Want a piece of me!?" Jack laughed playfully biting his bottom lip. They both knew Rian would never cheat on Cassadee. Girl or guy. They were basically the perfect couple.


"Hey guys, see the hottie over?" Zack interrupted and point at a young dirty blonde dancing with a couple guys.

"She's cute" Rian said. "You should go talk to her" he yelled over the loud music. They watched the girl for a minutes longer. When she turned around, Jack eyes bugged out of his head. "Yo, what's up? You just got all bug eyed."

"That... the girl looks like Lisa."

"Wait, Lisa? Like Alex's girlfriend Lisa?" Rian asked looking back and forth from Jack to the girl. The Lebanese boy nodded blinking a few times to make sure his vision wasn't just seeing things.


A couple grinds later he was sure it was her. "Okay, maybe she was just here with friends. It's a new club so," Zack said. They all nodded and talked. Jack kept glancing at the girl feeling suspicious for some reason. Maybe it was just the growing crush he was getting in the older boy. Even through his wild night, he couldn't stop thinking about him. A few minutes later after a couple glances at Lisa, his suspicions were confirmed when the petite blonde planted her lips on the mystery guy. 'Maybe it was a drunken kiss?' Jack thought. But even drunk, why would she kiss someone else when she's is dating someone as gorgeous and sexy as Alex? Jack kept watch on the two making out in the pile of people. After five or so minutes, the pulled apart and the unknown guy dragged smiling Lisa out of the door with her. Jack had used that same thing many times in his life and he knew exactly what was going to happen tonight.


"Hey," Rian said tapping Jack in the shoulder making the taller boy jump a little. "Are you gonna tell him?" he asked.

"Yeah. I have too. I'm not gonna watch her screw around and hurt Alex like that." Rian nodded understanding. He wouldn't want Cassadee to do that ever an would want someone to tell him, even if it hurt. Zack and Rian stayed behind to party more and Jack left the club. He got in his car and decided to tell Alex now, to be aware when Lisa gets home. It was only 11:30pm so Alex should still be awake, Jack knowing he doesn't really sleep until early hours I the morning, usually researching random crap about space.


Jack walked up to Alex's door and knocked. He stood or a few seconds before he heard the locks in the door jiggle. The door opened revealing a tired yet cute Alex. "Hey," Alex's tires voice spoke before opening the door for Jack to come in. "What are you doing here so late?" He mumbled.


Jack stared for a second looking at him. His messy bed head hair poking in all different directions. His plaid pajama pants loose fitting around his hips and a white v-neck on his torso. In Jack's eyes, that was a hot sight. Alex made a face telling him to continue.

"Oh, sorry" Jack started before explaining farther. "I honestly have no clue how to tell you this, but, umm.. Tonight.. I was out with Rian and Zack" Jack paused for a second. The older boy nodded for him to continue. "While we where there, we saw Lisa." He stopped again. "And?" Alex said. "And well... She made out with someone and left with him." Jack said quickly.


"No. She wouldn't do that." Alex said defiantly not believing his friend.

"Alex I saw her. That's why I'm here. I thought you should know before you find out the wrong way." Alex just shuck his head in disbelief. "Jack, please go. Lisa wouldn't do that to me. We've been to get her for 3 years."

"Alex Sh-" Jack tried to speak. "Please just go." Alex said.


Jack nodded and walked out look at Alex in the way out. How could he not believe him. He saw it with his own eyes. Maybe Alex just needs to see it.



Sorry about the long break. Holiday's and stuff. I hope you all had an awesome whatever you celebrate.

I hope you think this chapter is okay. I don't really like it. So sorry if its shit. Do you guys like the name of the club? haha Kellic's. Also i started a new Kellic story called "Dangerous Hearts" so you should check that out. Smut almost every chapter ^-^

-Thank you for reading-

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