Completely Unexpected (Jalex)

Jack and Alex were best friends when they were little. When Alex's family moved from England to Baltimore, the instantly became friends and have been inseparable. At age 11 & 10, Alex's family moves back to Essex, England. Although they tried keeping in touch, the friend ship slowly diminished. 15 years later the boy finally met again when Alex moved back to start his music career. But his girlfriend, Lisa, also moved back with him.

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8. Chapter Eight

Jack and Alex were at the studio for hours working on different stuff for Alex’s demo album. After they were done recording “Walls” Alex thought that Jack would be a great addition to the album. He really helped Alex out on the songs and gave him ideas for older songs that didn't really have anything more than a skeleton. But they still needed something more. Even with great vocals and a great guitar from both of them, they needed real drums and real bass. Not just annoying preprogramed stuff. Luckily enough he was good enough friends with Rian and Zack.


“You said your friend Zack plays bass right?” Jack nodded. “Do you think he would be okay coming up here and.. playing some of this? I really need a real bass.”

“He probably wouldn't have a problem with it. I can ask him, if you’d like.”

“Could you?”

“Yeah, I’ll be right back.” Since Zack worked downstairs, he didn't have to go far since Zack worked in the lobby.


Jack sat his guitar down and went downstairs to talk with Zack. “Zacky-poo.” Jack said going behind the desk he was at.

“You know that you are not supposed to be back here. What do you want?”

“Well you know how I’m working on that recording with, Alex?”

“Your boy toy? That ‘oh so gorgeous guy’ that you have a crush on? Yeah. Why?”

“No need to be sarcastic.” Jack said and sat down in the open chair next to Zack. “He struggling with some stuff and even though my guitar works and stuff we really need more. And he wants to know if you could play bass for a few songs?”

“umm… yeah. That’d be cool.” Zack answered back smiling. “When do you guy want me to come and and try some stuff?”

“Do you think you could do it today? Like on break or something? He really stuck on some stuff.” Zack nodded.

“Yeah, hold on.” Zack turned around and walked into a room.  A couple minutes later he came back out with a young girl wearing the same green and black uniform. “Thank you Sarah. She said shed cover for me for the rest of the day.” and Zack followed the other.


“Sooo..” Zack started bumping his shoulder into Jack as they walked down the hallway.

“Soo..” Jack mimicked him.

“Have you made you move on lover boy yet? I heard about him in his ex” Jack blushed thinking about yesterday. “That smile tell me something went on. Did you ask him out?”

“Zack you sound like a girl..” They both rolled their eyes. “No, I didn't ask him out. He only just broke up with her like a week ago.. but we did do something.” Zack wiggled his eyebrows at him. “No not that. Not saying I didn’t want too. We just made out a little bit.” Zack grinned wide looking at Jack.

“Holy shit you made out with him?” Jack nodded saying yes to him. “How did that come up?”

“I don't know to be honest with you.” He shrugged. “We were talking about music and I was playing a song that he wrote and he kissed me.”


“He kissed you? You better go for it before he gets taken up by someone else.”

“But I don't want to be his rebound guy. I want a real relationship with him.”

“Understandable but if you don't go for it, he’ll find rebound girl and you'll get heart broken.”

“Zack, he’s not even gay.” Zack rolled his eyes at the other boy.

“Yeah that's why he kissed you.” He replied back in a sarcastic tone.


They got to the door of the studio booth that they were in. “If you don't ask him out by the end of the day, I'm going to do it for you. He clearly has something for you.”

“Fine, fine. I will. You’re kind of right anyway.”

“Well duh. I may be quiet most of the time but I'm usually right.”



Zack just got done recording bass, and to say the least, Alex was a happy person. He still needed drums but that would come another time. The producer for the album left earlier and let Alex and Jack control everything while Zack was recording.


“That was amazing, thank you so much for being on this. I really needed help on these songs.” Alex gushed through the microphone to the booth where Zack just got done with the last song.  

“No problem.” He said getting out of the booth. “You have a really good voice and these are awesome songs. I was happy to be apart of it.”


Jack and Alex were sitting next to each other talking. “Well I'm gonna go.” The both nodded and said their goodbyes.

“How much do we have to do?” Jack asked looking over Alex shoulder at his notes.

“Drums.. that's about it” Alex turned around in his chair and smiled at the younger boy. “Seriously though. Thank you so much for doing all this. It really means a lot.”

“It’s no problem Alex, really.”


Its seemed like some stupid cheesy movie, but it was real. Jack was nervous. Although it looked like Zack tried to push him into it, he really did wanna go for it. “Do you wanna go out?” Jack blurted out of no where. Alex looked at him a little confused. He was even shocked that he just said it like that. “umm.. I mean.. if you want..” Jack waited for an answer and then.. silence. “Sorry I know I shouldn't have.” Alex could almost feel the stress coming from Jack. Before he could get too far, he grabbed his arm.


“Yes.” Jack eyes widened.

“Wait.. really?” Jack was in disbelief.

“Yeah.. I-I’ve never gone out with a guy before but.. I'm open I guess..” The raven haired boy smiled and bit his lip, Alex thought that was one of the cutest things that hes ever seen.

“You don't have to say yes if you don't want.. I just kinda like you..” Jack said in a shy voice.

“No, I-I want to. It’d be good to have a change. and I kinda like kissing you.” Alex blushed. “I don't know if that really means anything but..” Jack quickly pressed his lips to Alex. Alex was surprised at first but kissed back placing his hand around the back of Jack's head.


“I’ll pick you up tomorrow?” Jack asked the older boy.

“yeah,” The brunette said and kissed him again. “tomorrow.”



A//N: I know.. its a shitty chapter and I'm sorry.. I have had no motivation for this lately. But I'm still updating pretty regularly on on Kellic smut series called “Dangerous Hearts” so if you haven't checked that out, you should :) Also you should Comment and tell me what you think. Its always helps me out.


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