"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


7. Chapter Seven

  For the 5 hours that we sit around the dorm Harry tries to talk me out of going to Alex's but there is no way that I am not going, it's seriously a battle over control here. Half of the reason I still desperately need to go is because harry gets pissed off when I mention him and it amuses me in a way I never thought possible. It makes me feel like I have control over Harry's feelings and not the other way around.

Emma is the first to get to the bathroom so I head down to the showers, grabbing my toiletry bag. Harry tries to follow me by taking the bag from my hand but I catch him off guard and tuck it under my arm. I actually feel better knowing that Harry will be "courting" me to the party, no matter how much I say I don't believe his accusation's against Alex I feel his words weighing on my chest as they set in. He's going to hurt you. More than I have.

What does that mean? Going into detail about me and Harry's previous relationship isn't something I want to do at the moment.

"Um, excuse me?" A squeaky voice calls behind me. A group of girls are glaring at me. I hadn't noticed I'd just been standing at the entrance of the showers.

"Sorry." I mutter and let them through. I'm really starting to space it, like everything. It's the memories that cloud my mind and cause me to stop. After taking my shower I walk back to the room to a flirty Harry and a sultry Emma. I clear my throat as I enter heading straight to the bathroom to avoid the awkwardness between everyone. I have a theory that those two are going to end up...getting steamy later. Her hands were literally sexing his body.

My dress is already displayed over the towel rack, a hanger thrown on top like we live in a barn. Emma. it's a BooHoo dress, my favorite to wear, the back is slightly exposed with a light chiffon texture to disguise it and lace covering the mid section of my tummy and shoulders. I do my make-up and hair the same as I did on Christmas but change my lipstick to a light pink lip stain. Harry smiles at me as I find my Black heels from my closet.

"What?" I squint.

"You look ridiculous." He laughs. I gasp and look down at  my outfit. I thought I looked pretty good, I mean at least I'm not wearing the same colors I wear everyday. Harry!

"Why do I look ridiculous?"

"Because you're wearing a dress...and heels to a college party."


"Nothing." He shakes his head. I'm so tired of his dismissal, either tell me what you're thinking or shut up! Emma's wearing a blue body con dress so I don't understand why he hasn't called her ridiculous or any other names. "come on." he snaps grabbing my wrist and pulling my outside.

"You're going to rip my hand off my arm." I say ripping myself from his grip. He passes my car and walks across the lot to a silver BMW.

"This is your car?" I ask following after him.

"Well, it's the rental but I go looking for cars tomorrow."

"Oh." I get in the back and let Emma provide him company in the front. " So have you talked to your mom? How does she feel about you staying in America so suddenly?" He smiles and looks through the rearview at me.

"She wishes I would have stayed home, but she's okay with it. I left all my shit at home , so I have to go buy everything again."

"I can take you." Emma offers. She sounds so desperate.

"No, you guys have classes tomorrow." Somehow feel that if I would have offered he would gladly say yes.

"You don't?" he shakes his head and turns onto another road. Emma doesn't press him for any answers so I stay quiet and call Lou.

"Hey!" I squeal.

"Hey, Norie. What are you doing?" I look out the window at the passing houses that seem to get bigger by the block.

"I'm actually going to a party." I hear him suck his teeth and I can see him shaking his head "Don't drink too much okay?" I roll my eyes but I know he's right.

"Okay, Father." He laughs and I hear a girl in the background.

"Look um, Norie. I'm actually out...having dinner with a date so could you..."

"Yeah, I'll call you later."

"Thanks. Oh and have fun."

"Bye." I hang up and look out the window again.

"Was that Lou?" Harry asks pulling into a long driveway.

"Yeah, he's on a date." He nods and kills the engine. It already looks intimidating. There's a few cars lining the street and driveway, it doesn't look like anyone's here but I know all too well. Carpool.

"Alright ready?" Harry asks turning to me. better now then never. I nod and push the car door open the door stepping onto the dewy lawn. I almost feel the urge to grab his hand and squeeze just for comfort but instead I fist the fabric on my dress. The front of the house is littered with sweaty bodies and blaring pop music.

"You okay?" Harry asks.

"Fine." Thank God Harry decided to come. We make our way through towards the middle where tables are set up for beer pong and people are laid over tables and cabinets doing body shots.  Laughter comes from behind us before I hear Harry groan and we turn.

"Well if isn't Harry Styles. Haven't seen you since. Hell I don't know." A blonde kid says walking toward us. He's completely absent of any tattoos something I do not associate with anyone who knows Harry except

"Niall, you Irish bastard." They both slam into each others chest, the most painful hug I've ever seen.

"And who are these lovely ladies?" He says pulling from their hug.

"Noire, Niall. Niall this is Emma." We both wave and harry surfs the crowd before moving his thumb to his lip ring and twirling it.

"Where's prick one and two?"

"Out on the patio." Niall says rolling his eyes. "I could take you...but-well you know." Harry turns to face us.

"Stay here."

"No." I stomp. "I am not staying here. I am coming." He shakes his head and grabs my hand, more roughly than he thinks and pulls me through the crowd. I don't want him to pull on me but it's better than being swallowed by a sea of strangers. We reach the patio door and Niall stops, looking out, before he opens it and let's us through. Emma walks ahead but Harry grabs my arm tighter and pulls me back to his stance.

"Listen, I'm serious this time. Don't say anything. No matter what happens you stay seated and silent. Do you understand?"

"I'm not-"

"Don't fucking argue just do it!" I want to tell him not to swear at me but instead I drop his hand and listen mainly because I don't feel right about this. It has too much tension clustered in one area and I'm not digging it.

"You brought us a present, Niall?" Alex says licking his lips. A heavy stench of skunk and liquor surround the porch, making we want to gag at the combination. I swallow and follow Harry's movements, spying Zayn from within the crowd of 6 men. Harry's knuckles turn white and he clenches his jaw as he grasps back onto my wrist, blocking me from Alex's hug.

"Sit down." He instructs and forces me down into a plastic chair.

"Family reunion." Alex chimes looking across the patio at us but mainly drawing focus to Harry and Zayn. "Zayn your brothers home. Don't you two need to finish-business?" He smiles. Brother? Emma's face distorts like mine and I look from Harry to Zayn. They're brothers? They literally look nothing a like. Zayn's olive complexion is 4 hue's darker than Harry's peachy but inky skin. As if Alex can read my mind, most likely my face, he breaks through my thoughts.

"Don't strain yourself sweetheart. They're not brothers."

"We don't have business." Harry says coming to stand by me, his hand sits on my arm, like a guard dogs.

"That's funny." Zayn says sliding off the brick wall. "I'm pretty sure we do." All the attention settles on them. I watch them, unwavering focus, as I realize that this might blow up in my face. Coming here.

'Hey, get away from him." I snap, removing myself from my chair, exactly what Harry told me not to do. I am starting to conclude the situation piece by piece and all I want to do is leave. 

"Sit down, Norie!" Harry demands.

"I'm trying to help-" I tell him.

"Sit down-" He says through gritted teeth. "Please?" What the hell is going on? I squeeze the handles of the chair and slowly sit down. "We can settle any business you think we have." I look back at Emma who's just as uneasy I am. Without any warning Zayn has his hands around Harry's collar and his hand is smashing into the side of Harry's face.

"Harry!" I scream, jumping from my seat and running over to him as he stumbles back. A arms loops around my waist but I fight him. I need to help Harry, no matter how difficult it will be I can't just let him get the crap beaten out of him. Harry charges ramming Zayn into a table and they both go down.

"Alex! What are you doing! Make them stop!"

"It'll be fine," he says sitting down. " They're just blowing off some steam." I shake my head and kick out of the arm that's restricting me. Emma grabs my arm and pulls me inside. Is that why Alex wanted me to come? Because he knew somehow Harry would follow me and he wanted to see them brutalize each other?

"Norie, Emma?" Niall says grabbing my shoulder slightly. "Harry's fine, really. Are you okay?" Am I okay? Is he serious?!

"You're his friend, right?" He nods and swallows. "Then help him!"

"Harry's not defenseless, he can do good by himself." I shake my head.

"Unbelievable." The crowd behind Niall parts as Harry appears wiping his hands on his shirt. His nose sends blood down his face and dripping onto his shirt, I've never thought my heart could hurt at the sight of Harry mangled and...bloody.

"Harry." He dismisses me and pushes past us, going upstairs.

"Emma could you wait right here? I have to talk to him." She nods and I run behind him. "Harry! Stop walking! Harry!" he turns into a room directly off the stairs, I shut the door as I walk inside. "Harry!"

"Shut the fuck up!" He screams. His eye's are blazing red. I've never seen him so angry... but I know it's not anger it's something else. He spits a blotch of blood into a waste basket wiping his chin with his shirt and looks at me, I stumble back in horror.

"I fucking warned you! I said stay away! I told you but you want to call and bitch and come to the party anyway."

"Stop yelling at me." I cry.

"You can't fucking just listen once." His busted knuckles rake through his hair. Why is he mad at me? I didn't force him to come, I didn't tell him to pick a fight with Zayn he did that on his own. The tears are coming even though I try to push them back. I don't want him to see the affect he has taken on me.

"I do anything," I breath calmly. "I didn't tell you to come."

"Oh quit the victim shit. You knew exactly what you were doing. You knew I would follow you, you know how much I want you no where near him. This!" He gesture through the room.

"You're an asshole!" I say before slipping out of the room and into the hall. Zayn turns the corner and looks down at me, he's cleaned but it looks like he took an equal beating. His cheek is bruised and his lip is busted. He holds a rag to his nose.

"You want a drink?" he ask taking the towel from his face. Even with these blemishes he still looks gorgeous. It must be the anger coursing through me because I find myself following him downstairs.

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