"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


8. Chapter Eight

I follow Zayn through the crowd of drunk college kids, stumbling over a girl in a purple tube top. When we finally reach the kitchen, I start to think about how stupid I am for following Zayn just because I am angry at Harry. If something happens to me he deserves that on his chest. He deserves to feel how he makes me feel 98% of the time. Like shit. Niall and Emma are seated on the counter drinking from red cups. 

"Hey," She smiles. "Everything okay?" Her eyes travel from me to Zayn walking towards the refridgerator. I nod, I just got verbally abused in the worst way possible but everything is peachy. Zayn hands me a cup that he has filled with a pink fruity drink and leans against the island, his sleeves tightening around his bicep. Everyone seems so casual like nothing happened. I mean did something happen or am I going insane. 

"So classes tomorrow, are you ready?" Niall ask filling his cup with the same fruity liquis from the pitcher. 

"Eh, it's better than sitting down on your ass all day." Zayn tells him. I can slowly feel my sanity slipping from my grasp. Is this what iit's like to go mad, to slowly feel like everything around you is perfectly sane but you can't seem to feel anything like you're sinking in ice? I feel like the main character in a script song.

"Norie?" Emma asks sipping from her cup. "You ready?"

"Uh-huh." I simply say burying my face in the rim of my cup. If I want to stay around them I must be intoxicated.


I've completely forgotten about Harry and am 3 cups in when Alex starts to make his way towards our small group sitting at the bottom of the stair case, smiling widley. 

"Norie, my-" His arm stops mid-stretch as I push him back. 

"Touch me and I scratch." I threaten but the alcohol makes my words lose the effect and Alex smirks. 

"Why are you so...fiesty. I mean I like it-" 

"You're a socialpath!" I snap.

"Is this about Harry and Zayn" No it's about him not inviting me to his batzmitzfa! Okazy now the alcohol is really getting to me." He looks fine. Look." He gestures towards Zayn. 

"It doesn't matter if he's fine! He could be hurt, someone could be dead!" All of this is making me feel disgusted at myself. Like I was somehow the cause of their attraction. But I am aren't I? Harry's right, isn't he? 

"Doll, you have nothing to worry about." He says placing his thumb on my bottom lip and leaning in. I close my eyes for a split second but I can't stop thinking Move, Norie! What are you doing?! Don't let him kiss you! 

"Stop!" I say placing my hand on his chest, making him stop, lips parted. 

"What? What's wrong?" So much! You. Harry!, Zayn! Me! He steps back and rakes my eyes. "Norie?" 

"I think we should go." I say focusing on Emma 

"It's only 10." She whines which makes me want to push her off the step because she was the one who wanted to stay home anyway. 

"Yeah, it's only 10." Alex repeats. Zayn stays quiet and tries to look away but I can tell he's screaming for me to go. The situation feels disgusting! I knew I shouldn't of come here! This is a disater! 

"We should go. Emma!" I reach for her hand but she remains where she is. "Emma!"

"Stay." Alex insist. I roll my eyes and start for the stairs feeling Alex's presence behind me. "Norie, I didn't mean to make you mad. I just-" His hand grazes mine and I pull away. "I like you." I ignore him and find the door had slipped into. " You-"

Harry is beneath some girl. I stop and my hand shoots up to my gaping mouth. The girl with the purple tube top but this time her top is on the floor with a pile of clothes surrounding it. 

"Oh this is rich." Alex laughs, his head falling back in an uproar. I swallow and slam the door shut. Ales is still freaking LAUGHING!!! 

"Shut up!" I scream. If it wasn't for the huge consumption of alcohol I just consumed I would drive home, because after this I can't stand to be around anyone. Emmas being wierd, Alex is being sexually improper and Harry...well he's makeing love to some weird girl with nose piercings!! I push him out of the way and rush down the stairs, Niall and Emma scream for me but I twist through the crowd to finally lose them and then head outside. 

The Arizona heatis now a soft cool breeze, the dim lighting following the blocks heading home makes my head hurt. 

"What are you doing? Are you walking?" Alex says walking across the lawn. What the heck! 

"Yes, actually!" I lie. " Harry can't drive because he's....doing that!" I shouldn;t be angry at Harry I know that but it does anger me! He's such a man whore! "Could you leave me alone?" I ask turning from him.

 "Do you know what guys do to girls like you outside...alone?" I don't want to think about that. I just want him to go. "They would tear you apart. Let me drive you. Or walk you."

"How about no." His face stews and he finally backs away and turns. 

"Don't cry when you're insome alley begging for mercy." My heart stops beating, why didn't I just listen to Harry? Why do I have to If I listened I wouldn't be here on the verge of frustrated tears and outside by myself getting talked down to while Harry is inside, doing it! I crawl onto Harry's hood and lay down, stretching. I'm seriously done with everything!! 

"Are you crying?" Harry's voice calls, pulling my hands from my face. 

"No." The moisture on my palms tell him otherwise. I sniff. "Well, I'm not sad, I'm just frustrated" I mean, I am! 

"I'm sorry." He says looking down at me. 

"For?" His eyes are focused on mine.

"Yelling at you and blameing you for the fight. It was me and my big ass mouth. I'm an asshol." He smirks. I want to tell him that is my fault but decide against it."me and Zayn actually needed that so I'm kinda glad that we fought."


"I mean I didn fuck his sister." He smirks.

"What? Harry!-" I groan. He chuckles and lays beside me, leaning down on one arm. 

"It was his step sister and I-" He stops and shakes his head.

"What?" I laugh.


"You know I'm really getting tired of your dismissals."

"And I'm really getting tired of you." He smiles after a while, showing his deep dimples. I look up at his gleaming eyes. A dark bruise outlines his eye and a red scratch stretched down from his cheekbone to his collarbone. I reach up to the cut on his swollen lip, grazing the puffiness. His eye's grow wide but a smile spreads and he relaxes as he reaches his hand up to my wrist. I have no idea what I'm doing but I like it.

"You're ruing yourself." I breath. 

"No, Love. I'm just molding." 

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