"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


30. Chapter 28

He grabs my face in his hands placing them over his lips before looking back up at me. 

"I know your stubborn but Norie you can't keep this up." Louis tells me as he crouches at the edge of my bed. "I have to go home eventually." 

"I know. Just stay for another week." 

"I've already been her for 12 days, people are going to think I ran off." 

"That would be wonderful." 


"Can I come with you?

"To England?" I nod, sitting against my wall. His eyes grow wide like I've grown a second head and maybe I have, I've been in bed for what seems like years, yet it's only been two weeks. It's hard to even see my text books sitting on the counter or hear Emma rush in and out everyday on her way to classes. College was something I wanted since I was little and now I'm out. 

"Why would you want to go to England."

"There's nothing left. I don't have school or friends."

"Emma, Zayn-" The sound of his name sends me reeling back to the day in the hall when he finally told me the truth, when he told me he helped Alex drug me. 

"I would love to have you there but-"

"But what?"

"Nothing." He smiles. "You should come." It would actually be better for me there. Harry would be here, I would be away from Zayn and Alex, leaving Emma would be hard but I would be able to get into hopefully a good college there, only if the chancellor didn't forward my folly. 

"When are you leaving."

"I was thinking in two days, on Thursday. Eleanor would be able to pick me up then." Eleanor if Louis' girlfriend, the one he won't shut up about even though I'm drowning in my own pool of relationship problems. 


"You're just gonna get up and leave. You don't have any idea how it's gonna be.You don't have anything you don't even know if your parents will let you." 

"My parents don't have a say in where I go. I'm going Lou."

"Okay." He gives in. "I should get going, I have to meet up with Harry for something."

"Okay." I mumble growing weary of that name

Harry's P.O.V

I tighten this stupid fucking tie tighter around me neck and press the folds out of the black trousers. I'm doing this for Noire. I'm doing this for Norie. I have to keep reminding myself that or I'd tear this stupid fucking outfit off and run out of this building, and where's Lou he was supposed to be here by now.

"We will see you now, Mr Styles." The judge booms, he's a round fellow with sweaty red cheeks and a semi bald head. 

"What is your case regarding?"

"Um, Norie Barrgan." 


"Eleanor Barragan. She's a student- was a student at Phoenix U." 

"Okay." I swallow, God this is harder than i thought it would be. 

"Well she was expelled and i wanted to see if she could be readmitted."

"Once you're expelled you can't be readmitted."


"No re-admissions."

"Don't you thinking I fu-" Louis clears his throat stepping through the double doors. 

"Hello, James." 

"About fucking time."

"You better be lucky I'm even here." He steps forward and leans against his desk. 

"Is my father here?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay." He nods walking back toward me. "If he was here he would tell you that he expelled her for fraternizing but does that sound like a girl who is passing all her exams and on the list for early graduation." He's talking so fast it's getting harder for me to catch up. 

It goes on this way for what seems like hours but all I can think about is Norie being readmitted and thanking me in the best way possible. I'm not doing this because I want her fall for me again although that wouldn't hurt but becuaseI've ruined her life already int he month that I've been here and helping her get back into school would make her happy and that's all i want. Of course I don't want to go back to England but it seems like the best option. She'll just grow to despise me and I don't want that, I want her to see the person I am today, the person i tried to be back then but never could. The person that she fell in love with i the first place. 

She could do it again. 

"We'll contact you tomorrow morning, Mr. Tomlinson." He thunders. Louis turns frowning at me and walks out of the room silent.

"Do you think thye'll accept her."

"I don't know he shrugs." 

"Did he look like he would."

"I don't know."

"Louis what is your problem?"

"Nothing, I have to get back and get ready to leave. I helped as much as I could, don't get your hopes up." 

He disappears out the front doors and I stand thinking of everything that could go wrong. I'll be leaving her soon enough, many things could go wrong especially with Alex still lurking around. That idea pulls me closer to her, makes me want to stay longer and longer, but regardless what I want I have to think of what would be best for her and that is leaving her, she'll either crawl back or ignore my decision. 


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