"No one else can hurt you like I can." I pushed back his shivering body that was yearning for me. I couldn't hear this anymore, how much I needed him. It was driving me mad. " Norie, why is that?"
"Answer me Norie."
"Norie!" I didn't want to say it. I wasn't even sure if the feelings I was experiencing were mine to experience. I was in a state in which I had no control over. After seeing Harry after 4 years I didn't know what to think. "Norie?"
"Because I love you!" I sighed.


25. Chapter 24


Harry's P.O.V 

I gentle put Norie down on her bed as I grab the comforters from Emma's bed and throw those on top of her. I know the side effects of this drug all to well and the chills will come soon after and then after that the sweats. 

"Shit." I curse after seeing the blood smeared down her cheek. My knucles are becoming purple and swelling horribly. I should goput some ice on this but the sleeping Norie tells me I should wait until she's at least awake. I can still see Zayn's navy blue T-shirt sticking out from under the covers. Why didn't he bring her here in the first place, he shouloed of left her in those clothes before putting her  on his fucking shirt. I'd rather have her looking like shit than to see that fucking dead beats shirt on her. I quickly push the blankets from her body and take his shirt from her body and replace it with mine. My hand grazes her thigh, leaving the dark red mark against her fair skin. That's when I see it, the scar tracing up her leg.

I can't handle the anger boiling under my skin. I quickly rush to the bathroom and slam the door behind me, I can sit in here and cool down. I don't need to be around her while she sleeps, the only thing  I can see is them. Zayn's smug ass laughing as she downs the cup, or Alex dropping the tablet into her drink. His bloody face pops into my head and I replay me smashing my fist into his face repeatedly as his friends tried to pull me off of him but I kept swinging and punching only to rise off of him to the sound of his nose breaking. 

I push my hands under the faucet at the sight of my knuckles. I'm pretty sure half of the blood on me is from him. The scarlet waters disepears down the drain but the blood won't stop, the adrealine is still coursing through me and I can't stop feeling the need to go back. Instead I take my fist to the mirror and watch a shard of glass fall into the sink, I send another fatal blow to the mirror and the rest of the frame falls with it. The blood paints the rim of the sink and down onto the floor.

"Shit." I scream. How could I have let this happen. I'm such a fuck up, if I would of just told her how I felt at Liam's house none of this shit would be happening. "Fuck." With the last bit of rage I have I send another hole throught the backboard of the mirror and drops Zayn shirt in the sink. 

My phone vibrates on the stand next to Norie as Louis name flashes across. 


"I'm on the flight now, I should be there in several hours." 

"Okay, well we'll be at Norie's dorm." 

"Alright, remember don't do anything stupid."

"Whatever just get here." I snap and hang up. 

I sit the phone back down and recluse to Emma's bed, as I wait for her to wake up. 

I wake up but she's still snoring, by this time she's completely under the covers and I know the sweats have kicked in and she'll most likely be up withing the next 2 hours. I grab a towel from her bathroom and run it under cold water before putting on her forehead. Starbucks in withing a mile from this shitty place so I should be back before she wakes up. 

The suns barley up and I know Louis'll be here any minute now, I have to hurry. The day is certianly going great for me, the traffic is faint and it takes me less than half an hour to get the and back and by time I get back Louis is crouched by Norie's door with his bags in is lap. 

"Where have you been?" He snaps, standing up. 

"I went to get her coffee." I say showing him the tray of coffee. 

"Is she up?" I shrug turning her key in the door and putting the cups on her table. She's still sleep. I gesture for him to be quiet now that she is out of her sedated trance, she will still have some effects but now the worst part is over and I can worry about other shit. Not that I don't wnat to worry about Norie-it's just. 

Shit, I have a horrible way with words. 


"Yeah?" I say turning from her. His eyes are fixed on the bathroom. Horrified. 

"What happened?" 

"Nothing." I answer quickly. 

"Is that why your hand is blue." 

"Can we focus on the actual problem right now." I snap. I could care less if my hand was falling off at the seems, I need to worry about her. That's all I give a shit about in this fucking world right now, I'm shit, people are shit, but Norie. She's the oasis in the desert, the hopeful light at the never ending tunnel, the one thing that kept me going all those years I felt like letting go. If I lost her, my whole world would cease to exist and the fact that I can't tell her this when I know it will bring her closer to me kills me. 

"You should go and I'll stay with her. You need to get that thing snitched up." 

"I'm fine." I snap. 

"Well what do you want me to do?" He sighs. 

"I don't know. Go get me some shit for this hand." He sighs and takes his keys and leaves. 

I take this moment to throw all of his shit in the back room that no one uses and bring my cup of coffee along. Before I can get anything done her voice rings through the air. 

"Zayn!'she scream but it's barley audiable."Zayn!" I hear her again. I walk back to the room, and let her eyes fall on me before walking towards her.

"What are you doing here?" She asks frantically, making my presence here a little more unwelcomed.

"I brought you coffee. I didn't know if I should have brought water or coffee but I read online that coffee's better with this sort of thing."I tell her and watch as her brows lift and settle into a harsh line. 

"Where's Emma?" She asks, searching her empty bed.

"She went to make up for the exam she missed last week."I tell her and she nods and watch me as I move closer to her, sitting down on the edge of the bed and cupping her face in my hands. 

"Are you okay? Do you feel weird?"Her eyes search mine, her skin twitching under my touch. 

"I'm fine Harry. Was Zayn here?" 

"No, you left the party with him and he took you home." 

"If he brought me here why are you here?"

"Well he brought you to his house." she nod and waits for me to go on but I stay quiet and she gets up from the mattress throwing the blankets aside. I watch as the fabric of my shirt falls down her body and stops at her knees and she plays with the black, not moving just fisting it in her hand.  She looks up locking her eyes on mine but I look away.

"I-I have to go to the bathroom." She says and makes her way to the bathroom. She slams the door behind her and my heart races at the scene she'll see in there. It's quiet for what seems like an hour, I don't breath I listen wanting to hear a sigh or the sound of her whispering my name. Something, but soon the door opens and she stares at me with a pale expression. 

"What happened in there, Harry." I turn my head to look at her.

"I got mad."I say bluntly. 

"So you break my mirror. Harry, let me see your hands." 


"Harry, let me see your hands!"She demand, her hands move across the palm and she gently turns it over hissing at the caked blood and blue prints, the swelling doesn't help much. I can see her trying to be careful but even with her small hands playing nimbly on my hand it stings more than ever. I know what she's thinking, I've proabaly let this go on far too long and my skin is ripping but she's worth every ounce of pain I've been through this horrible week. I don't care about me, I want to care for her. 

"Harry, you need a doctor." She says looking at the dried up blood caked into my finger nails. There was too much blood in the bathroom for me to be pulling away from her and telling her that I don't need a doctor but I don't, really. 

"I'm not going to a fucking doctor. You need to lay down and get some rest." I pull away from her fingers, trying to remove the glass from a swollen knuckle.

"Norie!"I snap.

"Harry!" I roll my eyes and turn my head from her gaze. She might have enough power to send me running to the E.R.  

"You really should lay down. You need to sleep, it's not out of your system yet. Okay?" She stop poking at my swollen skin and looks up at me. 


"You should've listented to me." I say with a harsher tone feuling than I meant. "It's my fault what happened. I should've told you about him I tried but fuck, Norie. You're so stubborn."


"I tried. The day of the Lou's party I told you not to get involved with anyone I knew. I fucking warned you." I say tring to pour some of the guilt onto her clear plate. Mine is alreadyto fucking full. 

"Harry-what are you talking about?" I move my lips to speak but stop, starring into her eyes. Her hands twitch but she stays still and stares back at me, sympathy rising in her eyes along with confusion.

"Alex ruffied you."I blurt, wishing I can take it back as I watch her  throw her head back and fall back onto her butt, placing her head in her hands. 

"What?" I can't look at her, She know what's going in this confused head of mine. If I say one more word I may break her and she's already so fragile. 

"Zayn helped." I say. Shit,what's worng with me.

"What?" She peers up at me, bitting on the dry skin on her lips. 

"I'm sorry."

"Zayn wouldn't do that to me. He just wouldn't." 

"Norie believe me." I scream out of despoeration. How can she be so strung up on him that she can't see that I'm here looking after her and he's no where to be found. Can she be that niave? I wouldn't lie about something like this, not when she's involved. 

"Norie, it's true! Ask, Emma. Ask Louis. Believe me." 

"Harry you should go." She says. It takes all I have not to plead with her more but I know it's not use, she's not going to believe me. She has this tattered image of me and nothing with tape it together not even my pathetic excuse. I pull myself from the chair and move toward the door. 

"Ask him about the scar on your thigh. I dare you." I tell her before slipping out the door and outside to my car, where Louis is finally walking past. 

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