Masquerade {One Direction Fanfiction}

To miss Marley Byrne,

We wish to invite you to our yearly Masquerade and do hope you will be able to attend. Be at the ballroom of the Chertain Hotel on the 22nd at precisely eight o' clock sharp. Please wear your finest attire, for this is a formal get-together. We hope to see you there.

Those were the words that started this whole mess. Just a mysterious letter addressed to me anonymously. How did I get invited to a masquerade ball?

I’m a nobody. Just the daughter of a dead mother and a psycho drug dealing father. I have a bad feeling about this...


7. ~Up To No Good~


After the kiss things got...a tad awkward. I don’t know why because clearly Zayn kissed me back and wanted to. But he kept shifting on my bed and every time I’d meet his eyes he would look somewhere else almost immediately. I wanted to scream in frustration at him, but I kept silent and laid on my bed, scrolling through my twitter feed until Zayn decided to break the silence.


“I should probably get going” he says standing up and stretching his arms over his head. I notice his grey shirt ride up so his Calvin Klein Boxers were barely showing and it drove me crazy.


I decided against replying and keep my nose buried in my phone. I heard Zayn sigh and walk out the door leaving me alone. Once he is gone I slump down further onto my bed not knowing what to do.


The thing that nagged me most was how Zayn looked as if something was wrong or someone was going to get him after our kiss. I couldn’t help but think he was hiding something. But what could possibly have him so on edge?


Shrugging to myself I place my phone onto my bedside dresser and tuck myself into my bed, ready to just sleep away all the pain, confusion and emotions that today brought. I can’t handle much more and I think a good night’s rest will do good for me.


A bright light flashes, keeping me from falling asleep so I check my phone again noticing a text message. I think Zayn has texted me an apology of some sort but I pout when it was just an unknown number. But not just any unknown number, the mysterious one who this alleged ‘J’ had called me from before.


So you have an eye out for mr. Mysterious badboy Zayn now Marley? Things are not always what they appear to be...just remember that my dear.


xx J


My stress level officially shoots past it’s limit as I read the words displayed across the screen. This ‘J’ guy knows about Zayn, and the kiss we shared not long ago. But how? And what does he mean my “Things are not always what they appear to be? He can’t possibly be talking about Zayn. But then again Zayn was worried and I could tell something was bugging him. Whatever it is I don’t know what to do, if I should keep quiet or ask him about it. I mean I trust him and clearly have something with him but I don’t think I could ever build up the nerve to ask him.


Now throwing the phone away I’m determined to get some rest. But the thought of Zayn actually keeping some big secret from me constantly nags me, not allowing me to have much sleep at all….just what I wanted.



I wake up the next morning sore beyond compare. My whole body is black and blue and hurts like fucking hell. But nonetheless I drag myself out of bed and get ready, taking a steaming shower to relieve the soreness from my body. When I finish applying makeup and drying my hair I peep out of my door to check if the coast is clear. When I see that it is I sprint out of the house, my backpack and phone firmly grasped in my hands. I could think of nothing better to do than explore around town to clear my head. The past couple of day’s surely weren’t the easiest and I was desperate for the peace and relaxation the city could bring



I end up stopping by the nearest cafe and order a cappuccino to wake me up. The sun is shining brightly today, not a cloud in the sky which means the sky will be clear for stargazing tonight. I fill up with excitement thinking of it.


Multiple people are out enjoying the weather and I don’t blame them. As I walk down the street I begin to people watch, observing everyone and what they’re wearing, their accessories and even they way they walk. I hope that isn’t as weird as it sounds…


“Oof, hey watch where you’re going” a tall boy with cocoa curly hair sat atop his head says as we collide. I didn’t even see him there and almost spill my coffee from our impact. The boy’s books and papers fly everywhere and I feel terrible.


“Jeez I’m so sorry!” I say frantically as I bend down to pick up the scattered papers along with the boy.


“It’s fine, really. I wasn’t paying attention really, you see I’m meeting a friend here” the boy explains pointing at the corner we bumped at.


“No it was my fault. By the way my name is Marley” I say standing up and handing him the stack of papers I collected from the ground. He smiles and gladly takes them from me.


“Harry, nice to meet you Marley” he says extending a hand which I immediately take. Harry smiles deeply, showing off his dimples as his brilliant green eyes shine in the strong sunlight.


“You too” I reply sending a grin his way.


Suddenly a dark figure appears behind Harry and I can instantly make out that same boy clad in dark colored skinny jeans and a pure black leather jacket.


“Oh, uh Marley...What are you doing here?” Zayn asks looking baffled at both Harry and I. I feel extremely awkward and tense. All I want is to run away from him but I keep my cool and relax as much as I can.


“I just bumped into him,” I say pointing at Harry then turning to him, “Is this the friend you were talking about?” I ask.


“Uh yeah… You know this girl Zayn?” Harry asks now looking as confused as Zayn was a second ago.


“Err, I do she’s a...going to the Masquerade Harry” Zayn says looking Harry straight in the eyes as if a private conversation is shared between them that I couldn’t detect.


“Oh?” Harry says before realization dawns on him, “I- I mean Oooh! That’s cool I’m going too!” he says, a clearly fake smile set upon his dimple clad cheeks.


“Oh cool, so I guess I’ll see you again. I should go…I can see you two have some important things to discuss or something” I say glaring at Zayn before turning and leaving.


I don’t know what Zayn and his little friend are up to but it infuriates me. And I didn’t know what to do about it.

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