Wait, I'm a Tomlinson?!?

I'm an orphan. Nineteen years old. I know, I should have left by now. But us eighteen and older love it here! I got adopted by my idol. My name is Abby. I live in Doncaster, England. And here's my story. (They're swears in here, cause I thought it might be more funny if there was so yeah.)


6. Chapter 5

Harry's P.O.V

She's so attractive. Stop! She has a boyfriend. "I like your sister Louis" Perrie said. "Yeah she's awesome and funny when she's not trying" Eleanor said. Danielle agreed. Well she is that likeable. "Well she gets it from the best" Louis said pointing his thumbs to himself. "Sure she did" Luke said sarcastically. We all bursted out laughing. Abby came down and high fived Luke. "You guys are meanies!" Louis whined. "Aww Louis, if this makes you feel better you are the best brother in the history of best brothers" Abby said. "No wait you are an insult to best brothers" Abby said. "Aww you are the best sister I could ask for" Louis said. "Stop it I'm going to get my makeup ruined" Eleanor whined. 

Abby's P.O.V

"Here" I tossed her my mascara, concealer (not that she needs it) and compact mirror. "Thanks" she said while putting on mascara. "Let's go now I wanna surf!" I said. "You surf?!?!" Liam asked. "Yeah and you do too" I said. "Here let's go to my room and I'll show you my surfboards" I said and I walked upstairs to my room while everyone followed. We walked into my room and they chuckled, I have posters everywhere. "Aww you're a fan!" Perrie exclaimed. "No I'm not a fan, I'm a mixer!" I said and she hugged me. "In my closet" I said opening the two doors to my walk-in closet. "Wow you have a bigger room than I do, why?" Diana asked. "I don't know ask Niall" I said still walking. We reached the end. I pulled a handle and there were surfboards and skateboards all lined up. "See" I said. "You skate?" Niall asked. "Ya same thing as surfing except its on wheels" I said. I grabbed my yellow surfboard with a white stripe in the middle. "Let's go!" I said running to the van. "Someone's excited" Michael said. "No shit Sherlock, what gave it away, the fact that I ran or said lets go?" I asked. "Is that like your catch phrase or something???" Harry asked. "No my catch phrase is “This game is rigged!!!” Right Diana??" I said. Diana nodded. "It has been since grade 5" I added. They just chuckled. "What?!?!? I'm not trying to be funny!" I said. 
"Diana don't even think about laughing while I'm not even doing anything" I said going in the van. She started laughing. "You're

such a Niall!" I said. "Huh?" Niall asked. "Cause you laugh when Louis isn't doing anything, Diana here just laughed when I

wasn't doing anything" I said. "Well you're such a Louis!" She said. "No shit Sherlock I'm his sister!" I said. "Oh ya" she said. "You could be such a blond sometimes" I said sarcastically. (No offence to smart blonds!!! Just thought I would put a stereotype in it and I also said it sarcastically.) We hopped in the van and began driving. We finally arrived at the beach!!!! I'm sooo impatient!!! "Finally!!! Praise The Lord!!!!" I said running out of the van.  They just chuckled. I dropped all the stuff I was carrying and dashed to the water. Taking my shorts and top off in the process and chucking them behind me. Then all of the sudden Harry tackled me. "Harry!!!! What the hell?!?!?" I said laughing and splashing him. He started laughing also. 

Ashtons P.O.V

We're drifting. I think she feels the same. 

Diana's P.O.V

I think they're drifting. I forgot to mention I'm dating Luke. She looks happier with Harry. I can see the way they look at each. (A/n I'm going so deep right now.) They look so in love. I think Ashton feels the same. 

By now we are all in the water. "Harry!!! Stop!!! Don't!!!" Abby said, she and Harry are on the sand right now. "Say 'Harry is the sexiest, cutest, most handsome guy I've ever met and nothing's going to change that'" Harry said. "Fine! Harry is the sexiest, cutest, most handsome guy I've ever met and nothing's going to change that!" She said, I smiled at them, they're cute. Harry stopped tickling her and carried her to the water and threw her. She let out a squeal. 

Abby's P.O.V

I went over to the big waves. "Can you handle that wave?" Liam asked. "That's for me to know and you to find out" I said. 

I finished surfing and I swam back to shore. "Wow, you're good at surfing" they said. "Thanks" I said. "Why don't we go to the mall tomorrow?" I suggested. They all nodded. "Ok, girls meet us at Starbucks" I said. We all went out separate ways and drive home. 


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