Wait, I'm a Tomlinson?!?

I'm an orphan. Nineteen years old. I know, I should have left by now. But us eighteen and older love it here! I got adopted by my idol. My name is Abby. I live in Doncaster, England. And here's my story. (They're swears in here, cause I thought it might be more funny if there was so yeah.)


25. Chapter 23

Abby's P.O.V

I opened the door to find Luke and some girl naked on Luke's bed. My mouth dropped. I walked out and closed the door quietly. I walked to Diana's room and knocked on the door. "Diana?" I said. "Go away!" She said. "Please let me in! I know you want a hug" I said. I heard footsteps coming near me and she opened the door. We stared at each other for awhile then, she jumped on me; not literally. I hugged her back. She started sobbing on my shoulder. "Sh it's ok. I know it hurts. Sh"  I soothed. "Do you want me to beat him up?" I asked. She nodded her head. Wow, I thought she was going to say no. "Stay here ok?" I said. She nodded. I ran downstairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed a cup and filled it up with freezing cold water. "What are you doing?" Rick asked. "I need to kill a bastard. You're welcome to come watch" I said running up the stairs and to Luke's room. I walked in and shushed the boys behind me. I was right next to Luke. I then splashed him with the freezing cold water. "Ahhhh! What was that for?" He asked. "You dick!" I pointing to the girl beside him. "What have I done?" He asked himself. "You cheated on her, that's what" I spat. "I didn't know what I was doing! I was drunk!" He said. "Cheating is still cheating Luke!" I yelled. "Woah babe what's going on here?" Harry asked running in. "This dickhead here cheated on Diana!" I yelled. "He what?!?" Daryl asked. "Right I didn't say who he was cheating on" I said. My eyes widened. "Abby you don't think she'll..." Glenn started. I ran to Diana's room with the three boys behind me and Harry. The door's locked. "Dammit! Diana! You better not be doing what I think you're doing! Diana open this door and show me any possible area you could have done it!" I yelled. "Guys I don't here crying. Harry do you have keys to rooms?" I asked. He ran somewhere and came back with keys. I found the right one and quickly opened the door. I ran straight to the washroom. I opened the door to see her sitting back facing us on the floor hand full of pills. I crouched and I slapped her hand and the pills flew. I stood her up and hugged her. "Please don't ever do that again. I don't know what I'll do if I lost you. I love you so much! Before you say anything Glenn, it's not the right time" I said the last part to Glenn. "How did you kn-" I interrupted him with an 'are you serious I've known you since grade one face'. "Good point" he said. Then Luke ran in the room. "Diana I'm so sorry!" He said. I sent him a glare. "Daryl come here and hug her I need to talk to this over here" I said. He walked over and took over the hugging. "Listen here Luke, if I didn't come here fast enough she would be dead. If she died I would have probably died from dehydration. Sorry doesn't cut it. You can't say sorry after cheating on a test and just be automatically forgiven. You have to face the consequences" I said. "She might forgive someday but, not today" I said. "Plus she already likes someone else, she has for a very long time. She didn't get over him yet" I said. "Don't say it" she said. "I won't. I promise" I said. I keep my promises. 

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