The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


13. .

       We were walking in the woods back to Brett's house. Brett had my hiking bag with four puppies in it on his back, with the shoulder straps slung around both of his arms. He was also carrying the yellow puppy in his arms. I was carrying the fluffy puppy that we had found and Spot, and Sarah and Briscoe were following close behind.

    "This day has been..." he said searching for a word

    "Interesting?" I provided

    "Yes, I think that word fits perfectly."

    We both laughed.

    "So...who do you think was the dad?"

   "I don't know...this one resembles Briscoe a little." I said, pointing to the brown puppy with the black stripe down its back in the bag

    "Briscoe? Briscoe was the father?" he asked

    "Well, it only makes since. All of these puppies resemble him in some way."

   "Yah, I guess you're right..."

   "I'm always right."

   He laughed and a smile formed on my face.

    "So these puppies are mastiff and collie mixes?" he asked

    "Yah I guess so, with a little bit of German shepherd in them also, because I think Briscoe has a little bit of that in him."  I said

    "Yah, he looks like he would have some in him. And Sarah has some lab in her, so I guess they would be collie/mastiff/lab/German shepherd mixes...or we could just call them mutts."

    "No! I will not call these beautiful babies mutts! They are much too pretty to be named mutts."

    "Okay. okay. So I guess when people ask us what they are...we're going to say collie/mastiff/lab/German shepherd mixes?"


   "That's way too long."

   "So? They deserve to be called their full name."

   "Ok, whatever."

   We both laughed and then went back to our conversation.

    "This all actually makes since...." I said, looking down at the puppies I was carrying.

   "What? How?" Brett asked

   " may not make since to you considering you had no idea that your dog was pregnant...but it makes since to me because Briscoe would always go off somewhere...I'm guessing this is where he would check on the puppies at that shack."

     "Yah, I guess."

   We stopped talking for a bit and then he started up again.

    "So how are we going to take care of them without my parents finding out?"

   "Well do you have anywhere secret to hide them in your house?"

    "No, not really."

    "What about your closet?"

    "My mom walks in there to hang up my clothes, so she will find out sooner or later."

    "Then for the rest of summer, have your clothes already put away after they are washed so she has to go nowhere near your room."

   "She will still hear them whimpering when she goes in there to clean."

   "Then don't let her clean! Keep your room clean I have to do all the thinking for you?"

   "Yah...pretty much...I'm not a straight-a student like you."

    "Oh my gosh, but you are not that dumb."

   I started to laugh.

   "No, but I'm not that smart either."

   We both laughed.

   "But when they get bigger, they will definitely not be able to fit in my closet."

   "Well...then we will worry about that when it happens, but I'm pretty sure that they will be fine."

   " what about food?"

   "Well, right now they are only drinking milk."

   "But when they get older they will require puppy chow...and I don't think my parents are going to understand me when I ask them if they can got to the store to buy puppy chow, because Sarah is an adult."

   "Well then we can go into town and buy it ourselves."

   "Where will we get the money?"

   I thought a little bit and then remembered that Matt was loaded with money.



   "Yes, Matt. He is my sister's rich boyfriend...and maybe I can make a deal with him so I can get money to pay for all of this...that way my sister, or your parents will ever know. Just Matt."

   "That's a great idea and all, but can we trust this Matt guy?"

   "Not really...but I'm sure if I talk up a good talk about him to my sister, and we make a deal, then he will be able to keep quiet."

   Brett didn't look so sure.

   "Oh my goodness, Brett. You worry way too much! I promise you that this will all work out, don't worry. I mean...they really can't get rid of the puppies even if they find out because they still need Sarah to nurse on."

   " really think this will all work out..."

   "I don't think, I know."


   We arrived at his house and walked in through the back door. Even though nobody was home, we still tip-toed up the stairs with the puppies in our hands...or bag...and Briscoe and Sarah followed close behind.

   We carefully ran to Brett's room and shut the door behind us. We lied the bag on the ground so the puppies could crawl out. Sarah and Briscoe started to sniff the puppies, worried that we hurt their precious babies.

   "It's ok, Sarah. We would never hurt cute little fluffy things."

   "Or would we..." Brett said with a sarcastic, devilish grin on his face

   "Shut-up." I casually said and punched him in the stomach

   "Awww!" he moaned and doubled over, holding his stomach

   "Why do you always punch me?!"



   "Cause you're so easy...and surprisingly wimpy for a football player."

   "Hey! That was offensive!"

   I gave him a cheeky grin and then knelt to the floor. The puppies were starting to spread out and crawl everywhere.

    "Oh my...this is going to be a mess..." I said, following the puppies in every direction with my eyes

   "A mess?"

   I looked at him and he looked at me, obviously confused.

   "Well they have to poop and pee somewhere!"

   He slapped his forehead with his hand.

   "Oh! I never even thought of that! Now my room's going to smell like crap!"

   "Not unless we make sure we clean it up."

   "Yah but poop will still be all over my closet!"

    "Hmmm..." I brought my hand to my chin, in thinking position

    "Do you have a large box?"


    "Yes, we can put them in when they are done nursing on Sarah. She doesn't need to be with them 24-7...she wasn't for a week when they were in the shack!"

    "So you are saying we put them in a box?"

   "Yah, I mean, a big enough one so they can still crawl around a bit."

    "That's actually a good idea."

    "Of coarse it is! Cause it's my idea!"

    He rolled his eyes and managed a smile.

   "So..." he started to say "We put these puppies in a box for the whole night, doing the best we can to keep my parents from finding out, and hope they don't bark?"

    "Well, they won't bark if they have a full tummy. Just let them nurse on Sarah and then put them in their box...they should be fine for the rest of the night...besides, your parents won't hear them, they sleep downstairs."

    "And what time should I put them in their box?"

    "Whatever time they're done nursing...duh!"

    "But what time is that!"

   I grabbed his arm.

   "Brett! Calm down, man. They will not find out, I promise...and you will do fine with if only I could find a box..."

    "My mom keeps some old boxes down in the storage closet just in case I need them for a project."

   "Perfect...could you get one while I stay here with the puppies?"



   He came back with a large, but shallow cardboard box.

   "That's all we need are some towels to fill it up with."

   I glanced over at him and he sighed...getting the hint that I wanted him to get some towels.

   When he came back, we put the navy blue towel in the box and arranged it so it was comfy. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of our little "room."

    " that that's done...they need names!"

   "Names? Oh soon as these puppies get old enough we are getting rid of will not get attached to these things!"

    "What's your you like hate dogs or something? We can give these puppies names and not get too attached to them. They have to go by something so they grow up to know what they are called by...and so we can teach them tricks!"

    "One...I don't hate dogs...I just am very nervous about this situation...and two...well I guess we can give them names now that you put it that way..." a smile formed on his face as he knelt down beside me.

   "Yes! Thank you!" I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his him a friendly hug

   "Well...this one is Spot, obviously considering he is all brown with one white spot on his head and plus he is a boy, and this yellow one...well you name this one!"

    "Okay...what is it?"

   I grabbed the yellow one and flipped it over so its tummy was facing me.


   "Okay then...Buttercup."

   "'s perfect!"

   "Yah...thought so...she even looks like a Buttercup."

   "Yes...she does."

    I put Buttercup down and moved on to the black puppy with brown spots all over him. This one looked big time mastiff.

   I picked it up and repeated the same steps with it as I did with Buttercup.

   "Boy!" I proudly announced

   "Okay then...Rudy."


   "Yah, Rudy...doesn't he even resemble Rudy?"

   "I guess...ok...Rudy it is!"

    I put Rudy down and went to the next puppy, which was the one with a black stripe down its back.

    "I'm going to name him." it was definitely a he



    "Awww man! You took that right off the tip of my tongue! I was even going to name him Cooper..."


    "Yah, really!"

    "Well...two great minds think alike."

    We high fived and then moved on to the troublemaker...which was a girl. She looked a lot like Sarah...she was definitely the prettiest.

    "Dixie!" I said


    "Now the only one left is the fluffy one that we almost left behind earlier."

    "Well...what is it?"


     "Okay then...Shawnee."

   "That's a beautiful name...where'd you get it?"

   "I watch a lot of Indian movies."


   "Wait...isn't there 7."


    "Well...we only named six. Where's the seventh one?"

    "I don't know."

    Brett got up and looked around his room.

    "Here it is!" he said, pulling a fat, tan puppy out from underneath his bed

    "It's a boy." he also said

    "I think we should name that one Hugo...since it's fat."

    "That's a good one."

    "So we have Cooper, Buttercup, Rudy, Spot, Hugo, Dixie, and Shawnee." I said, counting all seven off of my fingers

    "Yup, I think that's it."















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