The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


12. .

    "Puppies!" i squealed and ran over to them

     Brett just stood there astonished to see that his dog had puppies.

   I knelt down beside Sarah and the puppies. Sarah was on her side, letting the puppies nurse.

   "How cute are they?!" I asked, not really expecting an answer

   "Very cute...but this is crazy! I mean she never looked pregnant...just fat-oh wait..."

   " I really don't see how you couldn't have noticed your dog getting bigger and bigger...until one day she just deflated...unless you don't pay attention to her..."

    "Oh no, no, no, no! I pay attention to Sarah! I just...I guess I really didn't pay attention to her...enough?" he asked it like a question and then shrugged his shoulders

    "Yah...whatever. You know you must give a dog love, right? You can't just let her outside to go potty and then let her actually have to love her!"

    "Yah, yah I know. So from now on things will change..."

    "Yah, they're going to change a LOT. Because now we have to come over here and check on them every day!"

    "Wait-what? Can't Sarah just come over here and keep taking care of them like she has? I mean...I don't really see why we would have to take care of them anymore...they look about a week old...and she's already kept them alive for a week..."

    "Whoa-back the truck up! You mean to tell me that you are not going to take just 10 minutes out of your day- that by the way all you do is play on your Gameboy or whatever- and come over here to just simply check on poor, defenseless puppies! That is jacked up!" This really angered me that he was that lazy

   " that you put it that way..."

   I picked up a cute little puppy that was brown with a black stripe down its back and black on its nose. It had floppy ears and just cuddled up to me. It was sooo cute!

    "I mean...look at these things!" I held it up to his face and then dumped it into his arms

   He held it out as if it were going to puke on him or something.

   "Yah...cute." he said with a frown on his face

    "What's the matter?" I asked, a frown now forming on my face and head titled to the side

   "It's just...these...puppies are going to be a TON of work! I don't know if we'll be able to take care of them..."

    "That's what you're worried about?" I started to giggle "Oh silly!" I punched his arm and he mouthed an "ouch" "You don't have to take care of them! That's Sarah's job!"

   I doubled over laughing. He just looked at me with an unsure look still on his face.

   "But." I said, resting my hand on his shoulder "They can't stay out gets too cold at night...and something could eat them. I'm even surprised that they lasted a whole week! We need to take them to your place."

   "My place? My parents won't let these puppies in! Not with all the hair they'll cause! What's wrong with you taking them to your house?"

    I started to laugh.

   "Dude, I'm serious! My dad is going to kill me when he finds out we have 6 puppies to take care of!"

    "Calm down, calm down." I said, using my hands as gestures to sooth him "The reason we can't keep them at my place is because Taylor isn't even fond of Briscoe, she actually went to the library today to print off flyers of him so we can find him a home."

    "What?" he asked, his eyebrows furrowing

   "Yah, unfortunately Briscoe wasn't mine to begin with, I found him and now I have to find him his original home."



  I traced my hand against the dusty counter tops and stared down at it, making little swirls.

   "Well...I guess we can work out something..."

   "Yes! That's great! They can stay at your house and I promise I will come over every single day to play with them and take care of them! I promise I won't let you down!"

    "Yah, but...I have to check with my parents fir-"

   Before I could let him finish his sentence, I don't know what came over me, but I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

Brett's Point of View:

   She kissed me. She kissed me! Wait? What does this mean? Does she want to go from friend mode Never mind. It was just a quick, friendly kiss. But why did I let it effect me so much? It sent butterflies flying up in my stomach, and it made my heart skip a beat. She was beautiful...

   "These puppies are something else, don't you think?" Sandy said, holding a black puppy with brown speckles on his belly up to her head

   She laughed, then put it back down, only to pick up another puppy. It was brown with one white spot on the top of its head.

    "I think I'll call this one Spot...don't you think that's a perfect name for him...Spot?"

   "Sure." I said, letting a smile form on my face

   She really loved these puppies, I definitely could not say no to her. I really didn't want them in my house, I would have to sneak them in there because I know for a fact that my parents won't allow them. I mean. they're cute and all...but they are going to be a lot of work! Oh well...anything for Sandy...

Sandy's Point of View:

      I tried to change the subject right away by immediately focusing on the puppies, I don't even know why I kissed him! Why would I do that? He's probably like all weirded out now. Trying not to overthink the topic, I went back to the puppies.

    "How are we even going to get these things back to my house?" he asked

    "Ummm....well, we have my bag..."

   "We can't stuff puppies in a bag! What if they suffocate?!"

   "We won't stuff  them in the bag, we can put like 4 in with their heads sticking out, and you can carry the other two."

   "Okay, that's a good idea."

   "Alrighty then. What are we waiting for? Let's get these puppies going! I only have an hour and a half left until Taylor comes home."

    " grab spot, the brown one and the striped one and put them in the bag...then I'll grab the fat one and the yellow one."

    "Wait? There's six? Where's the other one?" I asked

    To answer my question, a little puppy crawled under Sarah and made its way to me.

   "There you are, you little trouble maker!" I laughed, then picked him up along with the other one I was holding

   I put Spot, the brown one, the one with the stripe, and the little troublemaker in my jean styled hiking bag with their heads poking out. They all whimpered and cried and Sarah started to circle the bag that held them, which was lying on the ground.

    "Calm down, Sarah. We aren't going to hurt them." I said to Sarah who was still circling the bag

   Briscoe just sat in the corner where Sarah had the puppies.

   Brett was holding the two other puppies.

   "Ok, so is that it?" he asked

   "Yup, I think so." I replied

   "Good! Cause these puppies are fat and heavy!"

   I laughed and then he started to laugh also. I knew he really wasn't fond of my idea of taking them to his house and then having to buy stuff to feed them with as they got older.

    I turned around, after putting the four puppies in my bag, and noticed Briscoe unwilling to move out of the corner.

   "What's the matter, Briscoe?" I asked

   He looked at me as I neared where he was sitting.

   I stuck my hand out to assure him it was just me and he started to show his teeth and growl.

   "It's okay boy, I won't hurt you."


    He stopped growling and licked my fingers that were by his head.

   "Why's he being all protective-like?" Brett asked

   "I'm not sure...did we get all the puppies?"

   "Yah, I mean, I think so...there were only six...right?"

   "Well...I only saw six."

   I pushed Briscoe out of the way, and flipped over the blanket that Sarah was previously lying on. Briscoe stood up and watched me carefully the whole time I did the search for the thing he was growling about.

   " must not of been anything...maybe he is in love with this blanket..." I giggled and watched Brett as he pointed to something behind me, his mouth agape.

    "What, what is it?" I asked him, a little concerned

    "Pu-pu-pu..." he stuttered


   I was getting a little worried that he was pointing to an animal behind a bear or something that was about to pounce on me.

   I bent over and looked between my legs. A fluffy, brown puppy with a white stripe down its chest looked back up at me, we were nose to nose.

   "Puppy!" I squealed and picked up the puppy "That's what you were trying to tell me, weren't you Brett?"

   A smile formed on his face and he nodded.

   "Aren't you the cutest thing?" I held the puppy in my arms and squeezed it. It was sooo cute. I don't like to pick favorites, but this puppy had to be my fav. It had the cutest little attitude and was so fluffy! I loved it instantly!

   "That's what you were growling about wasn't it boy?" I asked Briscoe as he looked up at me. I patted his head and walked over to Brett who was still holding the two puppies in his arms.








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