The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


10. .

    I still stared after his fading car in the distance. Such a jerk! And why was he here anyway?

   Ignoring the thought and anger I held inside of me, I pulled off my one boot and walked to the shower.


    I began to dry off my body from the warm shower I had, and applied some lotion to my legs since I had shaved them. Looking at myself in the mirror, I thought "How can you have a model-like sister when you look like you!"

    Angry at my appearance, I decided to do something about it. At least my figure wasn't a problem, just my hair and ugly clothes.

   I wanted to fix my appearance, but I just couldn't, you know, not having the money to do it.

   Wait, money, yes money was the problem! Excited about the solution to my problem, I ran with the towel wrapped around me to my room and began rummaging through my wallet. I pulled out a couple of wrinkly receipts and 2 dollars. So much for that.

   Depressed, I ignored the idea of ever being remotely pretty and pulled on pink pajama pants and a comfy purple t-shirt. I just wanted to meet Brett tomorrow looking pretty. I wanted to have a chance with him. It may sound stupid being in the eighth grade (well, almost) and all, but I really liked him. He wasn't the normal, stuck-up popular kid, he was popular because he was nice to everyone. Even the weirdo's. I mean, athletic ability and good looks helped but I think people just liked his personality the best. I know I did.

    I lied down on my bed and pulled out my book "Old Yeller" and continued to read. How ironic considering I've found a dog that seems to be changing my life. Briscoe lied next to me on my bed and seemed to be reading along. Just incase he couldn't read the font I began to read out loud. He patiently listened. I think this dog is making me crazy.


   "Taylor, I want to be pretty." I said as she laid down groceries on the counter

    She stopped what she was doing for a bit and walked over to me. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye.

   "Oh, Sandy, of coarse your pretty. Now stop with your nonsense and get over here and help me."

   She walked back over to the counter and continued to put away the groceries. I followed her and continued to do the same.

    "But sis, it's easy for you to say because your flawless!"

    "Okay, hold it right there. For one, thank you, but I am no where near being "flawless."

   She exaggerated the word flawless by using her fingers to make little quotation marks.

   "And two, be happy for who you are. I know you may think that skinny, bright blue eyed, blonde hair girls are always the ones that guys are after, but really, the right guy will like you for who you are."

   "I know. I just...I want to go into eighth grade this year looking a good way. I want everyone to think "Wow! Look how pretty Sandy got over summer break!"

   I took an orange from one of the bags and began to peel it.

   "Sandy, you are pretty! Stop saying that you aren't! If you really feel bad about your appearance then I'll take you to a salon and get your hair done."


   I crossed my fingers.

   "Maybe, but you better suck up to Matt because right now I have no money left over for extra stuff."

   I cupped my hand around my chin in thinking mode.

   "Wait," I snapped my fingers and pointed to her "You said that you were saving up money for something we can do together. So why can't you use the money for this?! We can pick a day to go to a salon and just relax! Then if we have left over money we can go shopping!"

    "Is that really what you want to do? Got to a salon and go shopping? Cause that doesn't sound like you. I was thinking you would want to go to a museum or somewhere that was as far away as possible from girly stuff."

   I began to rethink if Brett would even notice a drastic but beautiful change in me...I really did like museums a lot more than salons.

   "Yes I am positive. That is exactly what I want to do!"

   "Well...okay then. I guess I'll book a day where we can do it." 

   I squealed and jumped up in the air. I then ran over and hugged her really tight.

   "Thank you thank you thank you!" I screamed

   "Ya, ya, your welcome."

   I began to run to my room when Taylor stopped me.

   "Wait a minute...this doesn't have to do with a boy...does it?" she had a little smirk on her face

    I flapped my hand at her.

   "Hec to the no! Come on! Now does that even sound like me?" I tried to play it off cool

    " this point anything could be possible...considering you're now into salons and shopping."

   "I'm not into's just...change is good isn't it?"

   I flashed her a smile and without her being able do say another peep, I ran to my room and buried my face in a pillow to muffle my scream (Of joy).




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