The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


8. .

    I grabbed on to a root sticking out of the side of the bank.

   "Help!" I managed to say while choking on water. "Heeeeeeellllllllppppppp!"

    Briscoe started to run back and forth along the bank, wanting to do something about me.

     I continued to scream for help.

    Briscoe finally took off at full speed towards somewhere.

    "Noooooo! No Briscoe, don't leave me!" I definitely did not want to be left alone.

     But he kept on running and didn't stop to even acknowledge me screaming for him. Once his mind was set on something, he just kept going.

     The root began to let go of the side of the bank from all of the pressure on it.

    "No! No, no, no, no, no, no, nooooooo!"

    Ignoring me, it broke free from the soft dirt, and I started to go downstream as I was before.

    I kept choking. Never did I realize that water could be this strong. I flailed my arms in the air trying to search for something to hold on to but nothing collided with my hand. Instead, I still continued to float downstream. My boot caught on something. I could not shake it free. I was loosing air quick so I took my best chance and dove under to see what it was. My foot had gotten caught on a root. Oh no. I am going to die in this stream. Instinctively, my mind worked fast and I began to pull off my boot. It let go of my foot and there I was, still rolling downstream again with only one shoe. My arms continued to flail and soon clasped with something. A hand. But who's? It pulled me out of the water and I wiped my eyes so I could see. Brett Wood's. This had to be a dream. Anybody but Brett Wood's hand! He was the most popular kid in my grade! And I was just average. I looked terrible, and I looked stupid having to be saved out of a creek that I almost drowned in. This is the worst day of my life...but yet...the best.

    "Are you okay...Sandy...right?" Brett asked me

    "Uhhh yah. thanks. But I was perfectly fine, just, ummm, you know, cooling off in the stream." I tried to pass it off coolly.

   "Suuurrrre." He said while laughing

   I loved his laugh, it bounced with his short, brown hair and brightened with his big, green eyes.

  "You seem...wet. Here, come to my house and I'll get a towel for you so you can dry off."

   "Ummm thanks Brett, but I really wasn't supposed to be out here in the beginning. I really should be getting back to my house." I just noticed Briscoe standing next to him. Stupid dog.

   "I understand. Well, we could meet up another time."

   I smiled.

  "Yah, I would like that."

   "Tomorrow...same spot maybe? I've got nothing to do anyway."

   "Sounds like a plan."

   "Cool, see you then. Cool dog by the way."

   "Dog? Oh...Briscoe isn't my-" Wait, the most popular kid in my grade just called "my" dog cool "...favorite dog. He was actually the one who pushed me in in the first place. But thanks." I said trying to pass it off that he was mine.

   "Well, he was the one who practically saved your life, not me."


   "Oh yah, he's smart. I was just outside playing with a Frisbee when he came up and took it, leading me here."

   I stared at Briscoe in awe. So he isn't stupid after all.

   "Well, I better get going. See you tomorrow then...Sandy." He waved goodbye and I returned it.

   This actually turned out to be the best day ever. For one, I now know that the hottest kid in my grade lives close to me, two, he wants to meet again, and three...he almost knew my name!

  I started to forget about Briscoe almost killing me and bent down to kiss his head.

   Once Brett was out of earshot, I whispered to Briscoe a small "thanks" and I swear that dog winked at me. Smart dog.


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