The Eighth Wonder of the World

This is a story about a girl and her dog. A great dog who helps Sandy Bolton conquer her fears and helps her through her life.


7. .

      After I finished my breakfast, I threw on my pink rain boots, grabbed my old hiking bag that held essential things, ignored Taylor's rule of "Not going outside" and walked out the front door with Briscoe following me.

   Briscoe and I walked down to the woods that were diagonal from my house. We entered the woods and continued to walk until I saw a large creek. I threw my bag on the ground and slumped down on an old oak stump.

   "Isn't the water so peaceful Briscoe?"

   He looked at the creek and then looked back up at me as if it wasn't anything special to him.

   "It may not mean much to you, but to me, it's a special place. My parents, Taylor and I would always come down here and play."

   I smiled at the thought of me running around and jumping on Taylor, driving her nuts, while mom and dad sat on the old stump and watched us.

    I sat there for a while with Briscoe lying next to me before I got up and walked over to the creek.

    The creek was pretty high and moving rapidly due to the abundance of rain we got this spring. I sat down in front of it and pulled off my boots. I then stuck my feet in it and Briscoe sat next to me.

   I stared at our reflection and rippled it with my toes. Briscoe barked at his beautiful face being messed with. I'm guessing he doesn't like me messing with his looks. He then noticed a squirrel and took off after it. 

    I continued to stare at the reflection and think how much of a blessing it was to have my new friend here with me. Speaking of my new friend, where was he?

    "Briscoe!" I yelled

    "Briscoe....Briscoe...Briscoe!" I kept repeating

    He never came. I wondered if he took off to his "secret spot" like the first day I met him.

   "Briiiiiiisssssscooooooe!" I repeated once more

   He finally came bouncing back at full speed towards me, tongue flying, heart pounding, squirrel in his mouth.

   "Briscoe! Why did you kill that squirrel?!"

   He continued to run towards me as if excited to show me his new treasure that he killed. When he got within 3 yards from me, he was still running very quick.

   "Briscoe, slow dow-" before I could get the word out he jumped into me and I fell over the bank into the fast moving water.

   I came up gasping for air. I was not the fastest swimmer, and with this water moving so fast, I was sure to give way and let it take me with it downstream.



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