The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


6. Which One's Katsumi?!

~Hikaru’s POV~

My hand intertwined with hers as we sat on the edge of the cliff. Her beautiful hair flowed in the wind and her eyes sparkled brighter than the sea itself. I am in love with this girl, but I don’t even know her name.

    “This place is so beautiful Hikaru,” her soft voice giggled.

    “It truly is. I’m glad you’re here with me.” I whispered. A smile swept across her face and her eyes lit up.

    “I love you, you know that right?” she asked.

    “I love you too K-”

    “Hikaru wake up!!” a voice yelled. •Reality• I took in a deep breath as I took in my surroundings. I was back in Kaoru and my light blue room. A groggy faced Kaoru was hovering over me. “Dude why were you kissing your pillow?” My face burned pink.

    “I don’t know.” I whispered.

    “Well, let’s get going. Kyoya called us down for breakfast.” he instructed. I nodded in agreement and got up. I grabbed my clothes from off my shelf and got dressed along with Kaoru. Within minutes, we were downstairs and in the kitchen. All the others were already stuffing their faces with cereal. I sat across from Natsumi while Kaoru sat across from Katsumi.

    “So how did you guys sleep? I didn’t get any sleep thanks to somebody who sleep talks.” Katsumi asked.

    “I said I was sorry…” Natsumi whispered blushing.

    “What was she talking about?” Kaoru asked. Natsumi looked at Katsumi with pleading eyes that told her not to tell.

    “I don’t remember.” she lied. “What did you dream about Hikaru?”

    “Uh…-um… nothing really.” I lied.

    “So what are today’s activities?” Tamaki asked Kyoya.


    “Actually, Momoki, Katsumi, and I, are planning to go on a girls day out.” Natsumi giggled.

    “Okay why don’t you invite Haruhi… she sure can use the girl time.” he insisted.

    “Um… uh sure, but what if she’s not up to it?” Natsumi asked.

    “Trust me… I need a day away from the Host Club.” Haruhi joked.

    “Why’d you say the host club like that?” Tamaki defended. “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Calm down senpai. I was only joking.” she laughed.

    “It’s gonna be so fun,” Katsumi giggled. Wait! She just giggled. Can she be…? No. It isn’t possible. She looked over to me and a smile spread across her face… just like in the dream. Her eyes sparkled brighter than the sea. My face flushed pink and I looked down at my cereal. She gave me a confused look, but continued to talk with the girls. After they finished their breakfast they got up and walked out of the room.

    “See you guys later.” Momoki cheered. After the girls left, all eyes were on me.

    “What?” I asked.

    “I knew it from the start… that you liked Katsumi.” Kyoya stated as a smirk grew on his face.

    “I don’t like Katsumi.” I sneered.

    “You kinda do Hikaru. I see the way you look at her.” Kaoru whispered sheepishly. I let out a long annoyed sigh.

    “Okay… maybe I do like her… so what? It’s not like I’m gonna do anything about it. I know for a fact she hates me. As long as Natsumi is afraid of me… her sister will hate me.” I sighed.

    “Then try to be friends with Natsumi. After you two are buddy-buddy, her sister will hang out with you more.” Tamaki suggested. I nodded my head. He had a point about that. I wouldn’t like anyone that scared Kaoru. I wonder how the girls are doing anyways.

~Natsumi’s POV~

Once we reached the cliff I paused.

    “So what are we going to do today?” Haruhi asked.

    “Well first of all… you need to do us a favor.” Momoki started. She gave us a confused glance and nodded her head.

    “Yeah, but what is it first?” she asked.

    “Can you keep our secret?” we all asked in the creepiest unintended unison.

    “What secret?” she asked.  

    “We’ll show you in a second, but first… how long can you hold your breath?” I asked.

    “Um… fifty seconds why?” she asked getting more confused by the second.

    “We’re going to take a little swim…” Katsumi trailed off. Momoki jumped off the cliff into the water and Katsumi soon followed.

    “What do you guys think you're doing?” Haruhi yelled.

    “Shhh…it will be ok. Just give me your hand.” I told her calming her down.

    “Wha-” I cut her off by jumping off the cliff just as the other. Since I was holding her hand she came with me. We splashed into the water. Katumi and I took off our bracelets and waited for them to grow before placing them around our necks. We had done this so often that the pain of growing the tail went away. Just a little stinging here and there. Haruhi was still at the surface of the water breathing in the air while Momoki was still under with us breathing the water. What is she? She can breathe underwater, but isn’t a mermaid. Haruhi took a deep breath, but before she went under the water I stopped her. Why didn’t I think of  this before? I separated the water so there was an air pocket for her to breathe in and we swam under. She didn’t even freak out?! I don’t even want to know why. Katsumi and I guided the others down under the water and into an air pocket cave with plants and a kelp bed. We all got on the land and Katsumi lighted a couple torches. I noticed Haruhi standing there. Her face was completely straight. She had no expression whatsoever.

    “You took that surprisingly well Haruhi.” Although I may have spoke too soon.

    “What the hell just happened!!! How did that happen? Y-you guys grew tails and were able to breathe underwater!! What are you??” She was completely freaking out.

    “Just calm down we will explain everything but first you have to promise not to tell anyone what you just saw and what you are about to hear.”Katsumi said.

    “Ok.” she said looking a little terrified.

    “Katsumi and I are mermaids. We have powers, tails, and the ability to breathe underwater.” I began.

    “I know it sounds strange but you have to believe us.”Katsumi pleaded.

    “Wow that’s ama-wait did you say powers? Like what?” Haruhi asked. I can’t believe shes not afraid. She’s interested.

    “Well, i have the power of water and Momoki and Katsumi have the power of fire.” i explain. Her eyes grew wide. She wanted to know more.

    “But wait. Why did you decide to tell me?” She asked.

    “It’s because we can trust you and we know you can keep a secret.” I said while giving her a hug.

    “Want to see some of our powers in action?” Katsumi asked.

    “Sure.” Haruhi yelled. We all laughed and I have to admit it was really fun.

~Hikaru’s POV~

I can’t believe the other guys figured it out, yet she hates me. How am i going to get her sister to not be afraid of me anymore? Well, first off no more silly games embarrassing the   girls. Maybe i can-no thats not gonna work. How about i-no. Not that either. I know I’ll go ask Kaoru.Maybe he will know what to do. I ran down the hall. Where is he? I’ll go check the dining hall. I think the girls are back so I will get to talk to Natsumi and have a chance to at least say sorry. My luck, she going to the dining hall as well.

    “Hey.” she said quietly looking at the ground.

    “Hey. How was your day with other girls?” I asked trying to start a decent conversation.

    “It was really fun. How was your day?”she asked me.

    “It was good. Look I want to say sorry for scaring you all the time. I would really like it if we became friends. What do you say?” I asked hold out my hand and hoping she’d shake it.

“Okay… I guess.” She shook my hand but it was kind of awkward. This is why I need help. I opened the doors and me and Natsumi stopped dead in our tracks. Natsui began to cry. I felt like I was going to cry, too. There she was… the girl I really liked… kissing Kyoya.

~Katsumi’s POV~

We finally got home after that long day underwater. It was really fun. I think Haruhi is our new best friend now that she knows everything. I really hope she can keep our secret. We explain how it happened, our powers, every little detail.

    “I’m going to go take a shower.” Haruhi said.

“Same.” Momoki stated.

“Ok I’ll take a shower in a little bit I left my phone in the dining hall. I’m gonna get it first.” I said.

“I’ll go get it for you.” Natsumi insisted.

“No it’s okay… you go take your shower first.” I demanded while walking in the opposite direction. The other girls separated also to take their showers. On my way in the dining room I heard the door open and close behind me. I turned around in shock and saw Kyoya-senpai standing there. “Hi Kyo-” He cut me off with his hand.

“Ms. Natsumi I have something to tell you…” he trailed off. Natsumi? Did he get us mixed up? I tried to speaking but it came out as muffled sounds.

    “I know this may seem strange. I haven’t been talking to you much but I think i am in love you. You are so smart and quiet and beautiful. I can’t help but love you.”I’ve never seen Kyoya-senpai like this before. I can’t believe he likes my sister. He removed his hand from over my mouth.

“Senpai I’m-” He cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine. What the hell is going on? Am i kissing Kyoya? But i like Hikaru. I pulled away.  I heard wimpers. I looked to the door. There stood crying were Hikaru and Natsumi. The both ran away.

“Kyoya what have you done! I’m not Natsumi, I’m Katsumi!!”

“I’m sorry I-” I wouldn’t even let him finish his sentence. I had to run after Natsumi.

“Natsumi wait!!!” I cried out.  She wouldn't stop running until we got to our room. She tried to slam the door in my face but she failed. I ran to her crying self in the corner of the room.

“Natsumi are you okay? Let me explain what happened to you. “

“You don’t have to. I can’t believe you did that!! Don’t you like Hikaru?”

“Yes i do. I do not whatsoever have even the tiniest crush on Kyoya. He is like a father to me. But wait, why are you so upset. I thought you liked Kaoru.” This was getting very confusing. What’s going on?

“Oh yes absolutely. It’s just … i think i may like Kyoya too. What wrong with me am i a bad person?” She tucked her knees in and began to cry once more.

“No your not,” i told her, “I think its normal. And i get it. You like them because they are both your type. Don’t think you’re a bad person because of it. And besides I am SURE that Kyoya likes you too.” She looked up at me with no more tears in her eyes.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Because when he kissed me he thought i was you. He wouldn’t give me time to explain.” She smiled and gave me a big hug. Then it hit me. Hikaru.

“I have to go.” I told my sister while running out of the room. I need to finally tell him how i feel. I can’t hold it in any longer. What if he doesn’t believe me after what happened? What if he doesn’t let me explain? I ran to the twins’ rooms. I began banging on the door.

“Hikaru let me in!! I need to tell you something! Please Hikaru!” I was shouting and tears began forming in my eyes.

“Why don’t you go tell Kyoya, your new boyfriend.” I heard him say through the door.

“Please let me explain! It wasn’t like that! Please! Hikaru!! Let me in!” I was begging,                                   crying and yelling all at the same time.

“No.” he insisted.

“Fine if you won’t let me in I’ll explain it while I’m out here. I’m not afraid any more. Ok here it is.” I pause for second as i took a  deep breath.

“I love you Hikaru Hitachiin.” What did i just say? Did i just say love? Whatever. Yeah you know what? “I’m in love with you Hikaru. What just happened was an accident. He thought i was Natsumi and kissed me. I didn’t want to kiss him. He wouldn’t give time to explain. You probably don’t feel the same way but I-” The door burst open. He looked at me for a second or too. Then he grabbed me and pulled me in and began hugging me. I couldn’t help but cry. He stopped.

“Did you really mean everything you just said?” He asked looking into my eyes.

“Every word.” He pulled me in and kissed me. This didn’t feel like it felt with Kyoya. I felt utter happiness. I pulled away.

“I just can’t believe Kyoya and Natsumi like each other.” I said. Bad place to bring it up.

“HE WHAT?????” Kaoru screamed. Oh crap! He heard me!

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