The Dark Waters

Ten years ago, two girls got swept out at sea by a mysterious force. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of struggling in the treacherous waters a strange creature drags the two 6 year old girls deep below the water. Hours later, they then wake up finding themselves abandoned on a mysterious island. Later on, when the girls stupidly decided to go for a swim, they find tails in the same place as their feet. Ever since that night the girls swore to each other to hide their dark secret and protect each other. What happens when they run into a certain group of people… and two of them get suspicious? Will things get better or worse? What happens when the creature that tried to kill them returns? Read on to find out. You’ll never know what secrets hide below the dark waters.


9. Lost Memories

~Hikaru's POV~

"Katsumi! Natsumi!" I yelled while Kaoru and I ran towards them. We took them out of the water and pulled them onto the sand. They were unconscious. I looked up and Momoki was gone, but I ignored it because the girls were more important.

“Kyoya help!!” Kaoru yelled. Kyoya came over and took a look at the girls.

“We need to take them to the hospital.” he stated. Tears began to stream down my face. Why did this have to happen? Are they dead? No!!! I couldn’t handle this. Kyoya and Tamaki started heading towards the car. I started to follow them when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Kaoru.

    “Don’t go Hikaru. It’s just going to make you more upset.” He told me with sad eyes. I took a deep breath.

    “Okay.” i said exhaling. I couldn’t do anything but cry as the car drove away.

~Natsumi’s POV~

I slowly opened my eyes. I had a terrible headache. After about 10 minutes of blurred vision i noticed that i was in a hospital room. What am i doing here? i looked to my right. In another bed right next to mine i saw someone. I couldn’t really tell who they were because they were sleeping. I got up out of bed. The closer i went, the more i realized who was lying there. Katsumi. I began to shake as tears slowly poured out of my eyes.

    “Katsumi?” i say under my breathe. I wanted to hold her but she looked too hurt. She had scratches all over her face and body. I ever so lightly picked up her hand and held it while crying. We promised each that we would protected each other. It take long for me to realize that i was standing up. Wait why do i have legs? The last thing i remember is swimming with Cho-chan and there was this big boat and thats it.

    “C'mon Katsumi. Please wake up.” I heard a little bit of air puff out from her mouth. I looked up at her. She was smiling.

    “N-Natsumi?” she asked.

    “Yeah," said said cheerfully, "it's me!" I hugged her and she winced.

         "Come here" she said lifting up the sheets to I could lay next to her. She hugged me when we heard a knock at the door. Who could that be? Katsumi and I looked at each other rather curiously. I felt her hug me tighter. We heard another knock.

         "Come in." I heard Katsumi say.

Two guys walked in that I have never seen before.

         "You guys are alright!!!!!!" A blonde tall boy said while jumping happily.

         "Yes. That's fantastic!" The other boy said. He was tall, had dark hair and had glasses. Who where these guys.

         "Get out," Katsumi said calmly, "I thought they didn't allow strangers in people's rooms."

          "What? Katsumi it's me Tamaki. Remember and this is Kyoya. Are you ok?” Katsumi and I looked at him so confused. What the hell is going on?


~Tamaki’s POV~

Kyoya and i were waiting outside the girls room waiting to hear some sound to let us know that the girls are awake. We had been waiting here for 3 days. We hadn't let any of the other boys come to see them because it would be too hard for them, although it wasn’t to easy for us either.  I heard a very faint noise come from the room and told Kyoya. I stepped up to the door and knocked. Nothing. I waited a little while before trying again.

    “Come in.” I heard one of them say. When i walked in the room they were laying down in one bed hugging each other. I was so happy to see that they were okay that i

started  jumping a little bit.

    "You guys are alright!!!!!!" I yelled still jumping.

     "Yes. That's fantastic!" Kyoya agreed.

All of a sudden, with no warning we heard Katsumi yelled,  "Get out. I thought they didn't allow strangers in people's rooms."

"What? Katsumi it's me Tamaki. Remember and this is Kyoya. Are you ok?” I said completely confused. They looked at me like i had two heads. It was then that i realized what was going on. They had lost their memory. Could this be a joke?

“You don’t remember us?” I asked them.

“No. Can you please tell when, why, and how we got here?" Katsumi asked.

She gave me a very serious face. I could tell she wasn’t joking.  

    “Hello?!” She said angrily hugging her sister.

    “Tamaki,” Kyoya called, “why don’t you wait outside. Let me talk to the girls.” I followed his orders leaving the room with sad eyes. He closed the door behind me. I waited for a good 20 minutes before he let me in. The girls were still hugging each other. Their eyes were red like they have been crying. I walked over to Kyoya.

    “Did you tell them everything? Even the things we saw.” I whispered to Kyoya. He slowly nodded his head. He even seemed sad.

    “Umm,” Natsumi started, “Wait, so we are friends with you two?” she asked with a confused look.

    “Yeah,” I said, “Katsumi even has boyfri-” I was cut off by someone knocking on the door.

    “Kimura twins?” a nurse called.

    “Hi.” they said in perfect unison.

    “Hello I’m glad you’re finally awake. Now I am going to run a few tests on you two, then you can roam the hospital, but you can’t leave until we are entirely sure that you’re healthy.” the twins nodded their head telling the nurse they understand. “Now if you two gentlemen would be so kind to give us a few minutes then you’ll soon be able to have their undivided attention.” Kyoya and I nodded our heads and left the room. We decided to go out and get some food for the girls. A couple days ago, while Hikaru was rambling on about Katsumi, he mentioned her love for Yakisoba chicken. We took Kyoya’s limo to a restaurant and ordered the food to go. Kyoya told me that Natsumi’s favorite food was Hiyashi Chuka Noodles so we ordered that too. By the time we got back, the girls weren’t in their rooms. Kyoya got the attention of a passing nurse.

    “Excuse me, but have you seen the Kimura twins?” he asked politely.

    “Who?” she asked clearly confused.

    “They’re two teenage girls, not so tall, both have blue hair, completely identical.” he explained. The nurse thought it over.

    “Yea I saw them head for the cafeteria.” she concluded. We both thanked her and made our way to the cafeteria. Once we opened the doors, I immediately spotted Katsumi’s electric blue hair with purple highlights in it. A smile crept across my face as her eyes lit up at the smell of the Yakisoba chicken. She whipped around and dragged Natsumi over to us.

    “You’re back!” she exclaimed. Natsumi led us all to their table and we unpacked the food we bought. The girls made a plate and dug into the food.

    “Thank you soo much!” Natsumi yelled. We laughed as she kept gawking over the food we got them. We ate in silence as the Kimura twins savoured every bite of their food. Once and awhile they would have this weird mind conversation and start cracking up at the exact same time. I guess it’s a twin thing. After a minute or two of finishing up my food, I got serious.

    “Soo… how long have you two been mer-” Kyoya cut me off by placing his hand over my mouth.

    “A word… Tamaki-senpai.” he whispered as he dragged me out of the room. Once we left he glared at me. “What?”

    “Shh… don’t tell them you know that we know that they’re mermaids.”

    “But I thought they knew that we knew that they’re mermaids.”

    “No. They don’t know that we know that they’re mermaids even though earlier today they knew that we know.” My’s face went blank and I gave him a confused look.


    “Moron.” he stated. “Just don’t tell them and everything will work itself out okay?”

    “Fine.” When we walked back in the girls were gone. I went into full on panic mode and Kyoya slapped me upside the head.

    “Calm down.” he said slowly. I nodded my head and took a deep breath.

    “Boo.” two voices screamed behind me making me shriek in surprise. It was just Natsumi and Katsumi. I sighed in relief and we all packed up to go. We signed the girls out and exited the building. Kyoya’s chauffeur was waiting for us as we hopped into the limo and sat in our seats. Natsumi seemed pretty drained. I guess she must be tired.

~Kyoya’s POV~

I was staring out the window and watching the trees race by, when I felt something hit my shoulder. I looked over and saw that Natsumi was struggling to keep her eyes open. Tamaki was sitting on the other side of the limo with Katsumi, both were lost in their own conversation.

    “Go to sleep. It’ll be a long ride.” I whispered over to her.

    “I’m not tired.” she stated while holding back a yawn. I only chuckled in response.

    “You seem pretty tired to me.” I laughed. She simply stuck her tongue out at me and rolled her eyes. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and she leaned her head on my chest. I watched as her eyes slowly shut and reopened repeatedly. “C’mon Natsumi. A little nap won’t hurt you.” She sighed and finally decided to try to give in.

    “Sweet dreams Kyoya.” she whispered. Her eyes slowly shut as my steady heart beat lulled her to sleep. The next thing she said made my breath hitch and I was frozen to the spot.

“I love you.”


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