Legally Niall's,

This story is based on if Niall Horan didn't become famous.


1. Introduction to the Characters

    Britney's Introduction 

       I am just as you say an average teenage girl. I like boys, fashion, and, boy bands but, something sets me apart from most. As my dream is to be one of the best women in dentistry. I have the chance of going to a top dentistry university in England on full scholarship. So I am going to take it and hope for the best to come from being from my family in America.

    Niall's Introduction

    I am not your average teenage boy. I like to read instead of play sports, I like to study over looking at girls, and I am not all muscle. My dream is to be a great dentist and maybe even start my own company off it. I have been one of a few chosen for a full scholarship to one of the best dentistry universities in England.I feel so  lucky and excited for what's going to a happen in my life, it may change forever. Bye Ireland, say hello to England!


I hope you all love it.xx I will update when possible or when I come up with ideas (: I'll try for an update later today but if not expect tomrrow.

Remember like and favortie.xx


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