little white lies

niall the typical bad boy the one who smokes weed the one who get all the girls the one who likes to fight etc but one day at the London performing arts high school a new girl named Alex comes and changes Niall's life forever.


5. Niall's date

Niall's date 

Niall's pov 

I decide to take alex to this cool dinner here in London. We were still in her pretty cool condo she had everything from a big backyard to a hot tub to a pool and then two bed room house. And she only 19 I'm 20 and have a flat in London  and a house in Ireland but hey she is model then I get a phone call from zayn and alex was still upstairs putting her make up  on still so I answer zayn and said "yo what up zayn" he said "Niall where  are you I'm at your place and your car is here but not you where the fuck are you." I said "zayn I'm with someone right now I'm not going to be home this whole weekend and tell liam thanks for dropping off my car I got to go by mate"  I see alex came  downstairs and she was so pretty and hot I think I might want a pretty serious relationship with her. She looked at me "Niall close your mouth" I said "sorry" she walked to the kitchen and grab a water bottle and said "let's go I want to see where your taking me." I walked to the door and she followed stayed back and locked the door and we walked to the car and got in and we were to this date 

*********on the date*******

Alex pov 

We arrived at this so hipster dinner is was so cool. Niall parked the car and paps followed him and I knew who Niall was he was a member to one direction I already knew so I got used to the paps already. But anyways he locked to the car and grab my hand and said "put your head down" I put my head down and this paps kept asking question but Niall would just say "no questions please" we walked in the dinner Anr Niall said "I made a reservation for 2" the lady said "name" and he said "Niall horan" and she checked her iPad said "right this way and wakes us to this cool booth and said "your waiter will be with you in a little" we said okay thank you and she left the menus on our table I got one and looked at everything and Niall said "alex can I ask you something why did you decide to come on a date with me" I put the menu down and said "Niall I wanted to come on date with you because you seem like someone that is chill and I want to see London with someone who knows the ups and downs of here and because your really hot." He laughed And said "oh I taught because I was in one direction and do you know I'm in one direction ." And laughed and said "I kinda knew your were in one direction my little sister loves you guys and because you made me text Liam." He said "well then miss.smartass here " we both  laughed and then the waiter came "hello you two my name Becky and I will be your waiter are you guys ready to order" Niall said "yes umm can I get an all American burger and a pint of beer please." And then the she looked and me the waiter and said "and you ? What would you like?" I said "ummmm can I get a chicken Cesear salad and a strawberry lemonade please" and she said "okay your drinks will be out right and also your food oh and may I have your menus please" we handed over her the menus and she left Niall looked at me and said "so what are you doing in London well England pretty much? Tell me your story" I said "well I'm from California and I was a model company over there but then I got into trouble with my parents they kicked me out of the house I was living with my friends but still in the model company and they said they had jobs here in England and I went to Manchester first then i moved to London because of The high school when I already finished school in Cali. But I have to go and yeah I been here for about a year now. " he said " well year without school and you have to do school again well that's weird but it's just performing arts though not math or social studies nothing like that." He laughed and I said "yeah thank god" 
He asked "why did your parents kick you out?" I looked down and said "drugs and partying. I was going out every night getting high or going to the club underage. I got In trouble with the cops once for underage drinking." He looked at me and "and your famous model" I laughed and said "yes I'm a famous model" then our food came and were eating when we finished we payed well Niall payed and went outside to find no paps and walked to car and Niall said "should we go to your place or place " I said "let's go to your place to pick up some clothes for you?" He said "what?! What do you mean" and I said "stay with me this weekend I want to get to know you more." I said he came up to me and hugged me and picked me up and spins   me around then the stupid paps came and took pictures and he put me down and went to the driver side to go in and I got in and we put or heads down and went to his place to pick up clothes 

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