little white lies

niall the typical bad boy the one who smokes weed the one who get all the girls the one who likes to fight etc but one day at the London performing arts high school a new girl named Alex comes and changes Niall's life forever.


4. Niall!!!

Alex's pov 

While in the bathroom  I got out my dry shampoo put some in my hair and tied in a pony tail. I got into the showered for about 20 I got out went to my dresser picked out under and bra. I dryer my self up then but on my underwear and bra and locked my door just incase Niall would come up cuz he's a. Capable of coming upstairs so after that I went to my closet and picked out  black  jeans, and plain white t-shirt and red-plaid type of scarf and red flats.  I went to my desk wear I have all my hair thing I let my hair done i didn't want To do anything with my hair so I just let it down and a little bit of make up like mascara and eye liner that's it. When I was done I opened the door and  yelled "Niall" he came up so quickly and said "what happen?!" I laughed and said "what do you think?" He bit his lip said "hot and can I take that off when we come back from our date." I rolled my eyes and said "hell no. Come on let's go" and laughed and he walked downstairs and I stayed up for little while to do something then went downstairs 

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