little white lies

niall the typical bad boy the one who smokes weed the one who get all the girls the one who likes to fight etc but one day at the London performing arts high school a new girl named Alex comes and changes Niall's life forever.


1. getting to know me

Alex's POV

hey my name is Alex i live in London and i just got into the London performing arts high school. I entered as model. i am  18 years old i love to be outgoing always have been and had this things for bad boy i just love it. i  entered modeling when i was 14. i have modeled for top brands. i live by myself with my dog brownie in my flat which is a single.  i used to go to a regular high school but my modeling manger  is switching me to this high school i am nervous to go to my new high school but i have to  do this if i want to go on with my modeling career. so i start school tomorrow i hope everything goes good and i hope i get meet a good looking guy and not a bad guy.




     Alex :


Bad boy Niall:







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