little white lies

niall the typical bad boy the one who smokes weed the one who get all the girls the one who likes to fight etc but one day at the London performing arts high school a new girl named Alex comes and changes Niall's life forever.


3. classes with niall

Alex’s pov

So while niall walked me over to drama he kept looking at me and he stopped and I said "why are we stopping?" he said "look Alex I need you right now." and he pushed towards the lockers and he kissed me in my head I was like "why is he kissing me? does he do this to all the new girls." his lips were still on my lips and I pushed away but he would kiss me harder, I kissed back cuz he was a good kisser and I like it but until I kind of slapped him he looked at me and said "Alex sorry I didn’t want to do that but I had to your so hot and I would like to take you on a date." I put my finger on his lip and moved some of the lipstick I left on his lips and said "got a little something there and said umm sure niall I will but you barely know me." he was like “okay so I like you and I want to go on a date with you.”  And he grabbed my hand and we walked to drama. I just had a slut moment I think but fuck it.  We walked into drama and niall let go at my hand and head to his desk and I walked towards the teacher and said "hello ma'am I’m Alex and I’m new." she said "well hello Alex I’m mrs.huddson '' I shook hand and she pointed to the empty desk next niall and 4 other people around him I said "over there.” she said’ “'yes love next niall'”  I said okay and walked over to the empty desk and I put my bag on the floor and took out my notepad and pen niall whispered "so how bout that date” I  looked at him and said "its still on don’t worry come with me after school  to my place and plus it is a half day more time" and I  winked he winked back. I was acting very flirty with him cuz I kind of do like him. So after drama was over I went to my locker that had been right next to niall and I sat with him in every class. fuck my life  so at 11:40am school finished and I went over to my car and I see niall next to my car smoking I looked at him and said "niall get that shit out of your mouth." and he dropped the smoke and stepped on it and he said "well am I going to drive or you" I blushed and through him the keys he said catching the keys "I’m driving aren’t I." he put his back pack in the backseat and I got in and put my bag in the back seat also. So we got out of the school parking a lot and there was as paps everywhere cuz mostly famous people go to this school and I was considered a famous model and niall a famous singer with his band so paps were taking pics of us in my car. Niall just drove off and took out his phone and said “can you text Liam for me to take my car over to my place please.”  I got his phone and went through his contact and texted Liam and I said "okay done.” he said "okay then. Are we close to your place yet?"  and I pointed to gated community and said “okay turn right here” and he turned I said “umm I have type in a number so umm I’m going to get on top of you so don’t get a boner or anything” he laughed and said “just go” so I went on top of him and my boob kind of bumped on his hand so he felt my boob kind of. but I put in the pin and the gates open I said “drive and I will tell you when” and he said “okay” and he drove off we drove pass 20 condos and arrived at mine and niall parked the car and I got out of the car then niall got out and we walked over to my front door and I opened it. we walked in I put my keys in the table and told niall "there food in the fridge and I will be right back I’m just going to shower and change and if u go upstairs I will slap you. Oh and bathroom down the hall second door to your left." and he laughed and said "okay and I’m go upstairs watch." and I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs and head to the shower.




alex's car



Alex's condo


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