Summer Cruise

18 year-old Emily is on vacation on a cruise-ship with her oh-so-lovely parents, so she obviously thought it would be a horrible 3-weeks, but when she ran away after a fight with her parents, she meets the punk Louis, the dish-washer at the ship, they immediately had a connection and they may or not fall in love, if you want to know the answer, just read and please give feedback so i can improve my writing skills :)


1. 1.

"I thought this would be a nice vacation but I wish I stayed at home!" I cried and ran away after. As I made my way through the halls to the deck I bumped into someone and fell on the ground.

"Excuse me!" I gently said and ran away again. I reached the door to go to deck and stepped in the cool breeze. I shivered a bit but walked further, my brown hair bouncing in the wind.

When I saw some stairs I decided to take a seat. I put my face in my hands and started crying.

"Why don't they understand me? I fucking hate my life!" I said into myself, at least which was what I thought. 

"Isn't it a little bit overrated to say that?" Someone said and I felt a hand on my shoulder. Normally I would've run away but I was too angry for that. I sighed and felt the person sitting down on the right of me.

"Are you okay?" He asked and I looked to the guy. He had brown hair and blue eyes, not to forget his many tattoos and piercings; he looked like a total punker.

"I'm fine." I answered him.

"Well you didn't looked very fine when you bounced into me a couple minutes ago, that's why I ran after you." He said and I sighed again.

"I don't really want to talk about it right now, if you don't mind." I said still with tears in my blue eyes. He stood up.

"Of coarse I don't mind silly! Would you like to come to my hut to get a drink and calm down?" He gently asked and reached his hand out to pull me up. I nodded and took his hand. He leaded me back inside the boat and we walked down the hall to his hut.

 As we stood in front of the door of the hut he told me not to scare myself because of the mess.

"It also isn't very large." He said and opened the door. He let me walk in first. There was a bed, a small desk, a sofa, a small kitchen with a fridge and a small bathroom. He was totally right, there are clothes and stuff everywhere, on his bed, at the sofa, on his desk, on the ground, just everywhere! I laughed a little and the guy blushed a bit.

"Uhm, yeah.... so would you like something to drink? Oh and by the way my name is Louis!" He pulled out his hand to me and I shook it gently.

"My name is Emily, nice to meet you! Do you have some coke?" I smiled at him.

"Sure, nice name by the way!" Louis said and grabbed two cokes from the fridge.

 "Can you catch?" He asked and I nodded. He threw the can to me and I caught it perfectly.

"Uhm I will clean the sofa for you." He said and threw all the stuff on his bed creating an even bigger pile. "Well have a seat!" He said and I sat down. He sat down on his messy bed.

 "So tell me a bit about you!" He asked me while he opened his can and took a sip.

"Well uhm, I'm 17 years old, live in London and work as a cashier in Tesco, what about you?" I told him and I also opened my can.

 "I'm 18 years old and I live and work here on this ship, my dad is chef-cook and I mostly clean the dishes because they think I can't be seen as an normal employee on the ship because of my looks and tattoos. It can scare the clients away, they said. Unfair, isn't it?" I nodded while I looked at my shoes.

"But yeah I'm kind of used to it, I already wonder why you didn't ran away when you saw me, because most people do..." he told me and I saw the sadness in his eyes.

 "Well honestly I don't even care what you looked like, because you cared about me, and that is the most important of all!" I gently told him and I saw a sparkle in his eyes.

"Uhm I guess..." he said unsure.”It is true! I swear" I considered him and smiled. Louis smiled back at me and I saw a shade of red in his cheeks.

 Suddenly my phone broke the silence. It was my mum, so I picked up the phone.

“Emily, young lady, where are you?! Come over here as fast as you can, NOW!” she said and hang up without even waiting for an answer. I sighed and looked ashamed at Louis.

“I gotta go, mum called me, sorry” I said and stood walked to the door.

“WAIT, why so fast?!” Louis asked and grabbed hold off my arm.

“I’m sorry, she’s very angry, I really gotta go!” I said and shrugged off his hand and ran away, off to the hell called my parents.

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