Through the Dark

This story is about a girl named Paige who gets teased at school. She loves soccer and has a crush on a guy she knew since she was young. She joins the soccer team to impress him and she's one of the best players on the team. Although she leads the team to victory her teammates tease her just because she doesn't "fit in".


2. Walk Home

        As I'm halfway down the three mile stretch home it starts to rain. A not so perfect ending to a pretty awesome day. There's no place to stop and wait for the rain to pass, just me, the road and trees. I get off the road and start to walk under the branches of the oak and pine trees.

        Out of no where Cierra drives past me.  She calls out, "Hey loser, need a ride?" 

        "Leave me alone." She laughs and drives through a puddle, splashing me from head to toe.

       That's so like her. "Grow up!" I yell at her as she drives away.  I feel tears streaming down my face as I continue to walk home, shivering.

       Beep beep. I hear the horn of the car honk at me. I turned around and there he was. Chason. I wipe away my tears and sped up, I don't want him to see me like this.

       "Paige let me give you a ride home." He pulls over.

       "No, I'm not that far from home." I say. I didn't want him to come saving me like he did in school but he wasn't taking no for an answer.

       "Come on Paige you're soaking wet just let me take you home." He begged. 

       "No. Just leave me alone." I walk on under the protection of the trees, he rides slowly next to me.  I look over at him, "Are you just going to do this until I except your offer?" He nods. I walk over to his red Artega and open the door. 

      "How long have you been walking in the rain?" I close the door and drop my book bag on the floor of the sports car.

       "Long enough for me to get soaked."

       He gives me a look I can't read, "That was Cierra, and you're lucky I was-"

       "I don't need you to play Superman for me," I cut him off, "I can handle Cierra myself, and walking in the rain is no big deal." 

       We ride in silence except for a few directions from me. He tries a new conversation, "I heard you made the soccer team." 

        "Yeah, left turn here." 

        "Cool, I made the boys' team, what position do you play?" 

         I kept my eyes on the road, "Midfield, you?"


        "This is far enough, thanks for the ride." He stops the car at the gate. 

        "You're house is huge!" 

        I glance at my home, "Yeah, bye." I'm not in the mood to talk at all, my brother's watching from the window, I can feel his gaze.

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