Sweet Disaster

Emerald is lost. Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Emerald had to grow up with a work-consumed father as her parent figure and her golden-boy twin brother, Elliot, as her only companion. One day, her phone rings, and it’s not her best friend inviting her to the club. No, it’s her mother calling from New York, where her fashion line had rocketed her into success. Emerald is sent to live with her mother in upstate New York, where she meets none other than teenage heartthrob Lucas Evans, who just so happens to live in the penthouse next to her mother’s. Emerald’s world may be turned upside-down, but she knows one thing for sure— life sure can be one sweet disaster.


2. Introduction

When you're a child, the world seems perfect. You're youthful, you're innocent, and you stare wide-eyed at the wonders life presents you. I was a cheerful little girl, as ambitious as I was energetic.

That all changed the night my mother left.

My once ideal family was broken, shattered into an unmanageable mess; my father immersed himself in work to hide the pain- building up his business, but neglecting his children. My twin brother, Elliot, sought the affection he so desperately craved in the women around him, but never stuck with one for long.

And I, Emerald Emerson, became a sweet disaster.

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