High, drunk & getting over you.

Yet again another love story... Not.

During the husk times of winter of which we are now in, I have a story of false love, drunkness, first smokes and dirty deeds in this true tale of making mistakes and making a few more, this isn't a normal 'and they lived happily ever after' no, this is 'they moved on and became something' sort of novel.
Jam packed with graphic details and morals you'll find yourself head deep in wonderland ...


1. shit face Friday

What's un planned will be planned

I'm in school. Not very much happens here at the moment. I pull out my lunch of a soggy peanut butter sandwich and unwrap it from it's badly placed foil coating, holding it between my finger I bite into the soft texture of the bread having it face plant my face literally , spreading it's smooth peanut butter across my lips. "Nadiah your coming to shit face Friday tonight yeah?" I swallow having Breadcrumbs pressed and glued to my face I look at her my bestfriends... It's funny this girl with blue eyes blonde hair and a well muscular body looks like this now to compared to when we were both three and she was the petites toddler any mother would have gapped there mouths at. But now she's wild eyed back combed hair and heavy eyeliner . It's weird, "well hell yeah! I'll meet you after school, I have the money anyway" I say excited "haha okay" she lifts her hand in our gesture and I do the same then here it comes our high five, held for a few seconds we glance at each other ready for what's going to happen tonight.

BRUUPPP BRUPPP MUDAFUKERS BRUPPP the bell goes and before I know I'm snatched by a black shadow pulling me down the corridor and I know, it's elaine. "Nadiah you bitch you better save me harribos" she says as we make our way to our forms, Elaine looks at me deadly serious with her wide eyes and placid grin that makes her skin glow blacker from the sheer whiteness and blackness of her skin. "Naah imma eat them all, not even leave one! Bye" I shout after her as she disappears into her form room opposite mine, all I can her now is how as a black girl slaps her lips "I'm going to kill you!Meet me at the steps!" She yells as her voice becomes vague. I to disappear into my form full of posh punks, and retards.

Before I know it I'm waiting at the steps just outside my school leading to a bridge with my friend Lucy. Lucy she's a good person but to be totally honest she's a slag, like a big slag. But a well mannered slag. Well just a slag ok. We chat for a while and I turn as I hear running and just as I turn round I'm taken aback, Elaine's hit me with a hug pushing hard against me it winds me so I can't breathe, that how I felt that night.

It's about 3am in the morning an I'm on a bed with a boy, a boy called christopher he has wide brown eyes, a devilish grin, curled tipped hair and the cutest yet most handsome face ever. I've only known him for 3 days before this and my heads heavy after 1bottle of vodka, 2 cups of peach snaps, shots of jack Daniels and sidekicks and a hell load of munch. I stare at him smiling as my body's being held captive by my way to heavy head but it makes me feel happy. By accident christopher nicknamed boo pushes my leg with his and before you know it it's a full on war, legs flying hands fighting play fighting. After a while of touching and bodily pushing an shoving were on the floor having fits of giggles. Kieran, a recent mate of Clarissa is there laying with his passé out girlfriend Sam who's infront of a door, not the best places to be past out. Georgina the girls house we are in is on her bed falling asleep while chatting to Emily another girl. Who's an obsessive attention seeking cutter I don't have anything against cutters as you'll tell in this story but she, she's an attention seeker. It's only me, say shoulder to boo and Clarissa who sat on a chair. "Let's play dares!" I look at Clarissa and boo excited, "naah not I. The mood I'm going to bed" Clarissa says moaning, she gets some how angry when she's drunk. "I'll play" christopher says I smile playfully "ok, I dare you to kiss Clarissa" I say before shortly being interrupted by Clarissa stating a sure no to everything. "Fine" boo says "I dare you to ask out Clarissa" I say knowing that 4 months again they had went out but Clarissa had broken it off. "No I'm going to bed you too play, stop getting me involved" Clarissa says holding up et middle finger as she's wrapped up in a blanket. "Nadiah I dare you to kiss me then" boo says smiling. I look at him shocked, but before you know it our lips meet and were on the floor kissing heavily with me on his lap him holding my hips kissing me. I pull away giggling "done" he looks at me pulling me closer and I push off, laying beside him, "kiss me again" he begs obviously getting aroused, I shuffle closer and kiss him and yet again were in our own blanket of kissing. It's comfortable, but soon he holds my hand and places it over his groin. Shocked I look at him and stop kissing in, "can you give me head?.." He whispers into my ear kissing my neck as he finishes the question. "No" I giggle quietly "please, at least touch it" he begs he undoes his trousers and pulls it out, in shocked and he looks at me pulling my hand towards it, making me grasp it. "I shouldn't" I giggle quietly watching him, but soon I am doog what he wants pulling back and forth. And out o no where comes Kieran with his flashlight "oi nadiahs giving boo a handjob" I push away immediately giggling "no she wasn't" boo protests but it's too late he knows. And as Kieran sits back down boo creeps over "come downstairs with me" he asks kissing my cheek after. "Why?" But he doesn't reply I get up and sit on the window ledge lookng at Everton "Kieran I need a wee" I complain "go toolset then" he says "I can't Emily's in the toilet" this is true Emily was in the toilet. " boo realising his chance gets up "there's a toilet down stairs I'll show you, because I want a fag anyway" he says "fine take her boo" Kieran says mid conversation with Clarissa. This is where my blowjob virginity is lost. We go down stairs and he pulls me into the toilet downstairs and in get onto my knees doing what's suppose to be done. To be honest I'm proud to this day of that it only took me 7 minutes. 7 minutes till he masturbated. It was easy, just imagine sucking on one of those multicoloured stick pops that you get in summer. Well after that he pulls me onto the sink kissing me after a few minutes then asks me for other things. Immediately I say no to everything, anal he asks and normal sex. But he listens and backs of letting me actually go toilet, with him u stand outside talking with him whilst he has a fag and soon after we're back upstairs exhausted, I'm laying in his arms and he's got his face buried in my hair. Sweet really. But I can't sleep so I don't and all that's night I'm laying there thinking about how everyone's going to react. Because come on everyone knows except for Sam whose had her head hit by the door way to many times to be medically ok...

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