The Fear

Finding yourself is never easy. And when sophomore Kendall Storm and junior Louis Tomlinson meet at the University of Leeds; they may have just found that someone that makes finding yourself just a little more easier.


1. Future

"Finding yourself is never easy. To me, it's one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life. It may come to you in a dream, a moment in time, or through someone else.”

" For me it was through a boy; which sounds cliche I know. But, he wasn't just any boy. He was the frayed haired, crazy drama teacher that lived across the hall. He was the semi colon in-between my life that somehow kept me going. Never letting my sentence end, even in my darkest hours. He somehow managed to stay with me, keeping up with my pace as I sprinted towards no where. He slowed me down in the end, guiding me to where I need to go." I took a pause, trying to make the tears stop from falling, but failed, 'Come on you're almost there' I say to myself. 

"Home. " I continued. 

"Which was straight into your arms, and against your will or not, is where I shall stay forever. " There was an eruption of clapping as people stood up from there seats to see him and I locking lips, showing everyone we were now husband and wife.

"Welcome home," he breathed.

And in that moment, I knew I truly was.

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