Vanessa Carrion works at Clearwater Institution for the Criminal and Mentally Insane. And when a young killer named Harry arrives, strange things begin to happen. It is up to Vanessa and her ragtag team of misfits to figure out the chilling puzzle. A puzzle that is enough to make any sane person go mad.


15. Daisy

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

― Stephen King

The light vibrating from my phone alarm signals it's time for me to get up and start the day. And if on cue as soon as I shut of my alarm my mom comes in all but yelling, "¡Levantarse Vanessa!" I groan and place the pillow on my face. "Please don't speak Spanish before seven, my brain can not process it." "Can't process it my culo, now get up. It looks like you dropped something on the floor too."

When I take the pillow from my face my mom is already gone from my doorway, leaving it slightly cracked. I turn on my nightstand light to see what I had dropped. When I peak over my bed I see a single daisy laying on the floor. Stretching over, I pick it up to see that it is still alive, the stem has been cut so that it can still take in water. "Where the hell did this come from?" I open the bottle of water I keep on my nightstand and place the flower in it. "There you go little guy. No dying for you."

My head snaps up when I hear the creaking of my room door being slowly pushed open, only to reveal another daisy. I slowly get from my bed and walk over to the flower. I pick it up and inspect it. Looking down both of the ends hallway, I find no traces of another person.

"Vanessa! Hurry up!" The flower that is in my hand drops to the floor as my mom closes her door. But I could swear that I heard another door close right after my mom's. Maybe someone got the passcode or key to get up to this part of the building. I quickly dismiss the idea with a shake of my head. I have been reading to many mystery books. I pick up the lone flower and place it in the bottle with the other, deciding I should probably get ready now.


It's 6:30 in the evening and I'm about finish up my work before I go to movie night. My mom feels as if we have themed nights, it may help the patients feel normal. I don't think it's working though.

I have to give one more person their meds before I can spend my Friday night watching Finding Nemo. I knock on the door but remember that this patient hasn't talked in almost seven years. So I take out my little white key card to open the door.

"Hey, I have your medication." Even though he doesn't speak, I like to talk to him sometimes in hopes that he will respond. He responds to me with nothing but wild eyes. Eyes that were once warm and kind but that was forever ago. My mom used to say that I had his eyes way back when there was hope for him. Now she doesn't even talk bout him. He's just Mr.Carrion, room 315.

"Here you go." I have to force the liquid down his throat and pray that he won't choke on it. He begins to shake violently but I have learned that it means the medicine is in his system. His body stops shaking and his eyes begin to droop like they always do a few minutes after his medication.

"God dad, what happened to you?" I sit on the edge of his bed and watch him drift off to sleep through the blur of my eyesight. When I hear his breathing slow down, I give him a kiss on the forehead and exit the room the way I always do, in tears.

As I step into the hallway I collide with someone and go stumbling back into the door. "Wow, you have to stop running to me little señorita." I rub my back as I glare at Harry, his dimples making him look almost adorable. The fact that he's a murder kind of kills the effect though.

This time he accompanied by a guard named Louis. I find it amusing how Harry stands taller than Louis but I have no doubt that Lou has a problem holding his own.

I quickly wipe the tears from my cheeks when I notice Harry inspecting my face. "You going down to movie night?" I only ask him the question before he can ask me anything and to ease the tension I'm feeling. "Uh yeah." Louis smiles at me before nudging Harry and we begin to walk down to the common room.

We walk in an awkward silence, the only sound is the shuffling of our feet. Once we get into the common room, I immediately find Zayn but he's sitting with his arm draped around Perrie. I don't want to interrupt them so I try to find someone else but Dylan is no where to be seen as well as my other friend Emma. So I plop right in the middle of the floor and try to pay attention to the movie that has just started. But my mind keeps wandering back to the visit with my dad. I hardly ever go to see him because it ends in me being in the state I am in right now.

A few minutes later I hear someone take a seat next to me.I lean on what I hope is Zayn's shoulder but I remove myself when I hear Harry chuckle. "Wow,now that is the way to greet someone." I shrug him off as I hug my legs to my chest and begin to watch the Pixar movie again. I practically feel Harry staring at me and I'm starting to feel uneasy at how his shoulder is brushing against mine.Only when he mimics my position and begins bumping his legs to mine, I stand up and leave.

I hear Harry get up behind me and I roll my eyes, beginning walking faster. "Nessa wait." I stop in my tracks at Zayn's voice and when I turn around, I find Harry and him intently staring at the floor. "What the hell are you two staring at?" My question is answered as soon as I look down and see the trail of a substance beneath my feet. The scarlet red is a contrast to the bleach white floors. I turn around to follow the trail first with my eyes but then with my feet. I hear Zayn and Harry shuffling behind me but I continue forward.

"I have a bad feeling about this Vanessa." I'm surprise to hear the infamous skinning,amputating machine Harry say this. We all turn the corner and continue to follow what I'm sure is a trail of blood. My body shivers at the thought that we could find someone's body in a few moments.

It seems like the lights begin to flicker as we tread lightly. Our breathing gets heavier as we inch closer to the end of the hallway. The unmistakable sent of blood becomes stronger with each step. My breathing stops altogether along with my steps and both Harry and Zayn come to stand next to me.

They both stop breathing because of the puddle of bright red blood mere inches from our feet.

But I stop breathing because of the single daisy laying in the middle of it.

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