trust the bully?

Tessa Kissgrove is and has been going through a tough time. Abusive people at home and school. Can everything turn right or wrong in the end?..


1. Morning.

Tessa P.O.V.


Ring RING Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We 'bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down Pound the alarm! Pound the alarm! RING RING

In my attempt to turn my alarm off it leads to it being pushed off my night stand and a shattering sound. Monday Morning. Five days at school. How exciting, if you was in my shoes you wouldnt want to ever wake up. you would basically want to die ina whole. 

I get Bullied. Yay. It is not fun. Nobody deserves this much,i cant stand the people who used to be my bestfriends. I dont understand what happened between us all. 

So i get up, go to my bathroom after what can be described as dragging myself. To my shower and turn on the water, i slip out of my P'J'S and jump into the boiling water, So peaceful. So relaxing. 

~~~~~~~~~~15 minutes later~~~~~~~~~


I am out, and dry. I walk over to my wardrobe while brushing through my blonde hair. 

I had seen what i want to wear. A polka dot light green top with my acid washed jeans. I love outfits like this, makes me feel more comfy and myself. 

So i go down stairs, my shoes are at the bottom of the stairs. They are black Doc.Martens. I have a few of them shoes but Black for school.


I am just about to walk out when i hear something shatter. '''Oh no''. My dad probably. Always comes home early hours in the morning from being out at the pubs all night, he doesnt wake up till mid-day so i dont really see him. I rearly see him and when i do i get hit or i black out from so much abuse. 


I just make a quick break, picking my new bag up on the way to the door. 

Harry lives across the road so he knows when ive left for school. Some times i make a good escape ones where he doesn't see, i could go through the back garden to the ally way and make it quicker for me to get to school, but im an idiot and forget.


'Oh looky what i found'' That voice. Oh no its harry. He's every where i go. I cant walk to school normal. Im going to try and be confident today, 

''Hi Haz'' What did i just call him? I haven't called him Haz since we were best friends. 


''GET IN THE CAR TESSA'' His voice sounds so annoying whe  he shouts but i do as told or else. 




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