This is a McBusted Fan Fiction. McFly and Busted are playing at the R.A.H. and Kylie catches the eye of James and her friend, Renee catches the eye of Tom? Will James fall for Kylie? Will Tom fall for Renee? will Renee fall for tom? and will Kylie fall for James? and in the end will it all be ok, will love blossom?


2. That Girl.

 Went out with the guys and before my eyes, There was this girl she looked so fine, and she blew my mind, and i wished that she was mine and i said ' hey wait up cuz i'm off to speek to her'





 James P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning and started to cook a meal for me and Kylie later on tonight. I cooked some homemade cheese and tomato pizza. I then went to buy some mint-choc chip ice cream. I went into Tesco and brought some ice cream, white wine, red wine, rose wine and lager, because I didn't know what she would like. When i got home I put the ice cream in the freezer and the wine and larger in the fridge. I then set the table and went upstairs to get dressed. before I got dressed I texted Kylie to tell her I'd pick her up. 

Message to Kylie:)

I'll pick you up from your house later. Text me back your address x ;D

I then got in the shower when I got out I checked my phone.

Message from Kylie:)

OK my address of the hotel is Kings street the hotel is called The Lionelle Hotel :P x

I then put on my checked shirt and jeans on. I then put on my shirt and went to put the pizza in the oven. 

Message to Kylie:)

I'll pick you up in and hour. xx

I put and then started to drive into town. 

Kylies' P.O.V.

I Got a text from James saying he would pick me up in an hour. I got in the shower and washed my hair. I then blow-dried my hair and curled it. After that I put on some eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I then put on a jumper which had a heart on it and some jeans. I then put on some red high top trainers and got my coat on James would pick me up in twenty minutes so i went off to Starbucks. I got my bag and went into Starbucks and ordered a gingerbread coffee. 

"Ky?" I heard from behind me I turned around and saw James. 

"Hi James," I said hugging him and then they gave me my drink and I got my purse out. 

"No Ky, I'm getting it," he told me and paid for it. 

"Fine but I'll get the next one," I told him. 

"Ok," he said smiling at me. We drank our coffee and then got another. After we had drank our coffees' James took me back to his house and we had some pizza. 

"Come on Ky were going to the park," James told me I nodded and then grabbed my bag. We went down to the park and sat under a tree. 

"Ky," James said shyly and I looked up at him. 

"Ky, I really like you. Would you be my Girl Friend?" James asked me. 

"Of course I will," I said to James. He lent forward and started to kiss me I kissed him back and we stayed in the park for the rest of the day until I went back to my apartment at half seven since me 



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