This is a McBusted Fan Fiction. McFly and Busted are playing at the R.A.H. and Kylie catches the eye of James and her friend, Renee catches the eye of Tom? Will James fall for Kylie? Will Tom fall for Renee? will Renee fall for tom? and will Kylie fall for James? and in the end will it all be ok, will love blossom?


1. I wanna hold you

Me and my best friend Renee were going to see our favorite band McFly on there tenth anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Renee had slept around my house for the night so we could go straight away in the morning. We lived in Essex so it wasn't a massively long drive but it was quite long. I woke up at half ten and packed my suitcase, Renee was still asleep so she couldn't pack hers yet. I put in a dress for tonight my make-up bag and my expensive make-up, I put in some pajamas and a change of clothes for tomorrow. I then put in a pair of heels and a pair of trainers. I then got my bag ready and then Renee woke up. 

"Re, you want me to make you some breakfast?" I asked her. 

"Uh... please. I'll pack my suitcase whilst you do," she told me. I nodded and left the room. I went into my kitchen and cooked us both a bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup and mine with some HP sauce on it and a cup of orange juice. I then took it up into my bedroom and saw Renee packing her pink stripy suitcase. I put the food on the side and then sat on my bed. I put on the coronation street catch up and then started to eat my breakfast. Half an hour later Renee had packed her suitcase and we had both ate out breakfast. I got up and put on my striped jumper and some jeans with my Galaxy Defender converse on them. Me and Renee got in the car and we started our drive to London after half an hour stopped off at Costa and had a coffee and a piece of cake. After we had finished we got back in the car and we saw McFly's tour bus stop at Costa. 

James (Bourne) P.O.V.

We stopped off at Costa for a break of driving. We were going to the Royal Albert Hall so that we could perform with Tom, Harry, Danny and Dougie. We got off the bus and saw the most gorgeous girl walk past us. We got off and she came up to us. 

"Hi, I'm Kylie can we have a picture please?" she asked us. 

"Yeah sure," we all replied. We took a picture with her and her friend Renee and then went into Costa not before shouting us. 

"I'll see you later, were coming to RAH," she shouted. 

Kylie P.O.V.

We just met McFly and Busted (well...James and Matt.) I was so excited to see them now and Renee was staring at Tom the whole time, or it could've been Danny, who was standing behind Tom. We got back in the car and drove the rest of the way to London. We pulled up at the hotel we had booked and got ready to go. I put on my dress that was superman and my black heels. I then curled my hair and put on some foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. I walked out of my room and saw Renee and she looked stunning. she had straitened her hair and put on a short red dress paired with a black coat and black heels she had then put on mascara foundation glittery eye shadow and some pink-nude lipstick. 

"Wow Re, you look stunning," i told her. 

"Really? thanks. you do too," she told me. 

"Thank you Re," she told me. We then got in our car and drove to the RAH. I got out of the car and looked around until I saw the most beautiful building. Next to it was the tour bus we had seen that morning and James and Tom standing next to it. James saw me and waved me and Renee over. We walked over to them and greeted them. 

"Hey," Me and Re said at the same time. 

"Hi," James and Tom then said. 

"Do you girls wanna come backstage?" James asked is. 

"Yeah sure," Re replied. He grabbed my hand and it sent shivers down my spine. We walked inside and saw it was just a beautiful inside as it was out. James let go of my hand and I just stood there staring at the building. 


It was ten minutes before the show started so me and Renee went to get our seats. Emma, Izzy, Lara and Georgia went to get there seats as well. We watched there performance and then went backstage again. After about half an hour of being backstage me and Renee went back to the hotel. When I got back I found a note in my coat pocket. 

'To Kylie,

I really like you and I would love to take you on a date tomorrow call me later and I'll tell you what time and where to meet.]

From James <3 x' I then looked in my phone and found James in my phone as James<3 xx

Message to James 'I would love to go on a date with you I'll call you tomorrow morning Kylie<3 xx' I put and then went to bed. 

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