Truly, Madly, Deeply

"Do you love me?" The curly haired boy asks me.
I look up to see a vulnerable looking Harry staring down at me.
I'm still for a moment and I take his hand in mine. I put it over my heart and I stare into his beautiful green eyes.
"My heart only beats for you." I whisper.
Harry pulls me closer and I feel his lips on mine.
"I love you."


2. |2|


"Harper hurry up and find a dress, we have two hours tvbefore Louis' party!" Kelsey yelled through the department store.

She had previously picked out a red dress that stopped at her thighs and fit her perfectly. She looked absolutely stunning, the dress accented her curves perfectly, I told her Louis wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of her.

"I found one!" She yelled making me laugh.

She came out holding a black dress with one sleeve and black pumps.

"Go try it on!"

I walked into a dressing room and worked to get the dress on making inhuman sounds in the process. When I was done I took a look in the mirror and I had to say I looked pretty damn good.

"Wow! Harry is gonna be amazed! When did you get boobs Harper, Jesus Christ!" She exclaimed which made us howl with laughter.

We payed for the dresses with about fourty-five minutes to spare.

We rushed inside my housetaking our clothes off in the process.

"Come here so I can do your hair." Kelsey said pulling on her own dress.

She put it in a loose ponytail, my brown hair flowing down my back, and did my makeup. She put gold eyeshadow on my eyes making the grey irises pop. She gave me a little lip gloss and she was finished.

"Damn." She breathed. I looked in the mirror to find a whole new me.

"Kelsey! Thank you so much!" I exclaimed hugging her on the verge of tears.

"If you ruin your make up I will strangle you!"She yelled laughing.

She finished her make up and we headed out of the door towards her cherry red Mustang.


We made it to the party just in time to sing Louis happy birthday.

He was absolutely gorgeous. His messy brown hair, that looked amazing, and peircing blue eyes.

"Hi love!" He said giving Kelsey a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Happy Birthday babe!" She exclaimed capturing him in a hug.

I'm really happy she has found someone to make her happy. She was never really happy until she met Louis so I'm very greatful.

"Hello. You must be the famous Harper." He said his eyes filled with joy.

"Why yes I am, you must be the famous Louis."

"Ehh I'm not famous babe but thanks." He replied pulling me into a hug.

Harper, Louis, and I stayed together laughing and talking. Louis made me laugh so hard until I cried at one point and I could tell why Kels was very fond of her.

"Sorry, Lou, I was late."

I turned to find a curly haired boy with green eyes staring down at me.

He had a pair of white Converse, black skinny jeans, and a fitting white shirt making his muscles prominent.

"Oh s'okay Haz, you just missed most of the party." Louis said pulling him into a hug.

"Kelsey, you look beautiful." He said hugging her.

"Aww thanks babe. You don't look to bad yourself."

They all engaged themselves into one another's conversations while I sat looking around aimlessly.

"Oh Harry this is Harper the girl I was telling you about."

I gave him a small wave and shook his hand. He raised my tiny hand up to his mouth and kissed it.

I don't want this to sound cliche, but I felt an instant connection.

We talked the rest of the night and even dance a bit.


"We'll we must going, it's getting late and we have to work in the morning." Kelsey announced.

It was about 1 a.m. but I wasn't tired.

Harry and I had exchanged numbers so it wasn't like we couldn't keep in touch.

"Bye it was nice meeting you guys." I waved.

We walked to Kelsey's care and the wind was blowing making her blonde hair go crazy.

"So you and Harry, eh?" She nudged my side smirking.

"He's lovely, we exchanged numbers." I said as my phone vibrated. I unlocked it and his name was on the screen.

From Harry: I had a great time beautiful, we should do it again sometime H. x

I quickly texted back saying I had fun and I would love to hangout again.

Kelsey dropped me off at home and told me to call in the morning.

I walked to my room grabbing a blanket from the couch and kicked my shoes off, not even bothering to take my dress off and fell into the peaceful world of sleep.


Hiya c:

I'm sosososososososo sorry I haven't updated in like turdy-seven years!

I hope you like it though and please continue to share it with others.


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