My New Teacher📓

Samantha lives a normal life and has never been in love before. Until a new hot teacher comes to town. She lives in NYC and starts falling for her teacher. Will he feel the same way?Will she get in trouble?


7. Notes..

Andrew sat down between me and another dude. Andrew and the "dude" seem to getting along very well. He is very chatty.

I enjoyed my class staring at Louis but I don't know why but Louis seemed to be avoiding me, Somehow. I walked out of the classroom and felt a hand grab my arm. This time it was Andrew.

"What up?"

"Ahh.Do you mind if we have recess together?" He said scratching his neck.

"Sure. Are you into reading?"

"Are you kidding me ? Yes. Duh"

"Ha ha. Wanna go to the library?"

"Anything. "

"Great." I guided him to the 7th floor and went in the library. I returned my books. We went to the back of the library to chat and look at some old books. We chatted about our old good times I introduced him to a few of my classmates. ( Not really introduce. All I just said was what their names were. )

The bell rang and I headed to my class while he scooted along with his friends. I was thankful it was my last class. I was carrying my homework with both hands. Suddenly, the wind blew my English worksheet into the sky. Great. Now I get freaking detention. I quickly walked down the stairs and into my class (English).

When class finished, I walked out of the door. I noticed a worksheet on the wall. It was my worksheet I lost. The worksheet was stick with some blu tack and a note was attached with it. I read the note. It read: go down one floor to get the next hint. I walked down the stairs and it guided me to the ground floor. I walked down the hallway, above my head was a not tied with a string. How cute. I pulled it down and read it like before: walk 40 large steps, always stick to your right. It will guide you to a small door. There will be your next clue. Woah, this was getting interesting...


Not a very long chapter. Anyway, enjoy and I love you guys!! <3 :*

One love louistomolover88, that is a rap and ZOOP!

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