My New Teacher📓

Samantha lives a normal life and has never been in love before. Until a new hot teacher comes to town. She lives in NYC and starts falling for her teacher. Will he feel the same way?Will she get in trouble?


8. Little Cafè

I found the door and pulled the letter off of the door. It also had a rose taped on it I plucked the rose off as well. The note read : Meet me in the cafe opposite you ;)

I turned around and saw a cute small cafe. I walked towards it and pushed the glass door open. It had a bell attached to it so you could here the little ring when you go in.

There was a girl was in the corner of my eye,she rushed up to me and I slightly jumped in shock ness.

"HI!" She shouted.

"Hi,Do I know you?" I asked as politely as I could.

"I'm Louis' sister!!"

"Oh really?I didn't know your brother had siblings."


"Ha, my name's Samantha."

"I know, Louis told me all about you.Ha Ha.Thats sounds weird.."

"Ok." We grabbed a seat, Louis sat next to Louise. 

"Hey Samantha, thought you would like to meet my sister.She's very hyper as you can tell."

"Ya." I said casually.

We sat down in the cafe for a few hours and it started getting late so Louis decided to continue at his house.We eventually had dinner together and ended up watching a few movies.Louis is really fun to hang out with, i hope it will always be like that.

I walked my way home by myself. To be honest, Louis has a really nice family, i don't get why his dad left him, its just....terrible.Even though they keep in touch, its really heart breaking.



Hey guys! Don't judge me!I'm terrible at updating.I'll try to update bigger and bigger chapters but its still not working cause i have no time to publish so i hope you understand. 

XOX louistomolover

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