My New Teacher📓

Samantha lives a normal life and has never been in love before. Until a new hot teacher comes to town. She lives in NYC and starts falling for her teacher. Will he feel the same way?Will she get in trouble?


5. I don't want to break your heart.

I woke up to me in my dinner dress from last night. I yawned and stretched my arms. I gently lifted myself off the couch and yawned a few times again. I walked to my bedroom like I was drunk and plopped on the bed like I fainted. I'm so tired. :| What time is it? I asked myself. I checked my bedside table which had a clock on it. It read 7:31am. Wow. It's still really early. Wait. School!!!!! I ran for the bathroom in my high heels and took them off , pulled out my clothes , put my uniform back on , brush my teeth. I checked my clock again and it read 7:45. I quickly grabbed my bag and rushed out the door.

I glanced at my time table and headed to the math. ;) Louis was there and I was late.

"Detention." He said as he handed me a pink slip. "Woah, really like a teacher Louis." I mumbled. I sat down in my seat and watched Louis teach the class. He was so-

"Samantha!!" Louis shouted at me. "What are you doing? Where's your books ?"

I put my head under the table and got my book out of my bag.

"Chapter 4 Samantha." He said. I flipped my book pages until I got to Chapter 4. Then continued staring.

Math was finished and Louis seemed different. What has got into him. He is so strict. I went around the school to look for him just before my next class started. There he was. Walking towards me. I walked towards him so we can meet a little faster.

"Hey, what's up with this Louis?" I asked staring at his gorgeous eyes.

"I can't talk right now. " he said with a serious face. I stopped him from walking and asked him again.

"What's wrong?"

"Look,some student found out we were like together all the time and told the principle. So, I have to be serious to keep my job. I really have to go. "

"Louis?" He walked straight down the halls and I still kept watching him until he went in a room. Wait that's my next class room. I ran there and wondered why he was in my class.

"Sorry I'm late Mr Tomlinson. " I saw his face frown a little because he liked me to call him Louis. I sat in a random seat and Louis said.

"So. Your Science teacher is not here so I will be to look after you guys. Do whatever you want but don't ever leave this room."

After Louis said that everyone was so happy, but I just sat there thinking. I knew I shouldn't have talked to him. It's my fault everything is like this.

Louis' POV

I knew I shouldn't have done this. It's all my fault everything has gone wrong. I kept thinking the same thing. I turned my head up to look at her. Her head was down. Probably thinking about what happened. I felt so sorry I didn't want to break her heart,but I did.

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