The Story of a Fallen Angel

An Angel fallen from the depths of pain is trapped on earth after she took just steps into the forbidden pathway. No Angel that went down ever came back and i mean you couldn't blame a helpless girl could you? she just wished she new what was down there.


1. The Path...

Hi i am Alinia, an angel. I have long black hair and beautiful white wings. I have fallen from heaven to depths of pain after satan (he is evil so he doesn't deserve a capital right?) persuaded me to disobey and i remember it so clearly like it was just yesterday



(this is when she was 10 playing in the garden near the forbidden path with some friends) 

"Hey have you ever wondered what is down the path?" I had said to Eriana my best friend. "Don't you ever listen in school? it is forbidden!" Anabri said harshly, I cowered she had hurt me before, but i wouldn't tell The Master he would be upset that his precious angels were not following his conduct of love. He would find out anyway I learned, becuase he could see past, present and future. "Alinia? Alinia, hello?" Eriana said which jolted me back to earth oh I mean heaven! "what? uh I mean sorry I was just..." I started but Eriana finished In your own little world again I know what you do!. "In your own little world again" Anabri mimicked. I laughed and just stood there staring at the path i thought i saw movement, a voice calling me to come. I walked slowly towards the path a voice seemed to be saying "The Master won't find out just a few steps in you don't have to do much and you best friend won't tell." I fought the voice again and again i told my self the path is forbidden! The Master will know. I tried to fight it but i couldn't i was pulled into the voice until i was in front of the path i freaked out i couldn't do it I was a loyal angel to The Master not this unknown voice!

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