The Story of a Fallen Angel

An Angel fallen from the depths of pain is trapped on earth after she took just steps into the forbidden pathway. No Angel that went down ever came back and i mean you couldn't blame a helpless girl could you? she just wished she new what was down there.


3. Disobedience

Alinia's P.O.V

Yesterday was fun I thank Eriana so much for saving me she was right I lost all control of my body all I could do was watch it just happened, her pulling me down, taking me to the farthest point and then the master locked me in my room, I know he would only do that for my own good but still need to investigate the area around the path i just need to talk to Eriana about it.

It seems The Master has forbidden us to go near the area around the path, "but he doesn't see everything that we do right i mean he wouldn't just look up what we have done because he was worried about us right?" I said to Eriana. "Alinia how could you say that! That voice you said you heard has put bad thoughts in your brain!" She raised her voice and I stuttered "I...I was just um.... ya'know wondering?" Eriana smiled and softly said "I wonder sometimes too...but i would never dare go near there now" then it hit me, she had been there had she seen the shadow? "Um Eriana did...did you uh you see a shadow near the entrance to the uh forbidden path?" I said quietly. "yes...yes I did" Eriana said finally. "Did you hear a voice?" I asked my heart suddenly beating faster than ever. "I don't know how to put this but it tried to pull me towards the path i guess i can just say yes I did"

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