I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


8. Learning to be a vampire

Chapter 8: Learning to be a vampire


-Elena's point of view



When I woke up, Damon wasn't next to me. I sat up in the bed and looked at the nearest watch. It was almost noon. I had been sleeping for a long time, and I felt hungry. Had Damon even been here? I stood up and suddenly felt a lot different than I used to. I felt more elegant. Like I suddenly weight half of what I used to weight. All scars and injuries I had ever had, was gone. My skin was perfect. I still felt dirty after being kidnapped and made vampire. So I took off my panties and went to Damon's bathroom. It was more than just modern. All of the tiles were black and the shower looked advanced with loads of buttons and things to adjust. Luckily he also had a totally normal tub. I filled it with water – I knew Damon and Stefan wasn't in need of money, put a bit soap in it to make foam and let my self sit down in the warm water. It felt relaxing. It felt like all of my past was washed away from my skin. Adam was being washed away. I closed my eyes and let my head go under the surface.



I enjoyed the silence underneath the water. Slowly I opened my water and expected the soap water to sting, but it didn't. I saw as clear as I would have done normally. I smiled and tried using my vampire hearing. And it worked. I heard Damon and Stefan talking to each other. “You let him kill her! And you killed me! You let that bastard kill the love of my life! How could you, Damon!?” Stefan was yelling and I heard Damon getting pushed to the wall. Oh shit, they were having a fight. “She's okay, Stefan!” Damon said, struggling to breath. I quickly got out of the water and put on underwear and one of Damon's shirts. Maybe not the best thing to put on, when I was going to convince Stefan everything was okay. I opened the door and went down the stairs. I screamed as the sun burned on my skin. Both of the boys turned their heads towards me and Damon used his vampire speed to get out of Stefan's grip, and got me out of the sun. “Here. Put this on.” He placed a small and beautiful ring on my finger. It had the same stone as Damon's daylight ring. “Thank you,” I said and smiled at him.



“Elena... You're alive.” Stefan's voice was small and almost a whisper. He looked at me like he couldn't believe his eyes. “Yes... I am,” I said and smiled at him. Damon slipped his arm around my waist. Stefan looked like he could kill someone. He actually looked like he could kill him self. “But, how? Who did you feed on?” he asked and I looked at Damon. Damon had saved my life. “Damon. Some one stabbed me with a champagne glass at the Founder's party. So Damon healed me,” I said and touched where the wound had been. My skin had healed perfectly. No scars. “I think I better be off... I'll see you, Elena. Italy's calling.” I nodded and watched him leave out the door. Damon put his other arm around me, and kissed my forehead. “Then we're all alone again,” he said and put both his arms around me, as he turned me towards him. I smiled at him and looked at the beautiful ring on my finger. “Where did you get this so fast, Damon?” I asked and looked into his icy blue eyes. He smirked and stroke my chin. “I have this good friend, who happens to be a witch. And as soon as she heard I actually find someone whom I love, she agreed to making you a daylight ring,” he said and took my hand. He looked at the ring. It fitted perfectly on my finger. “You love me?” I asked and looked at him, anticipation lighting from my eyes. “I do, Elena. I really, really love you,” he said and cupped my head with his hands. “I love you too,” I whispered and felt his kiss on my lips. “But I have to go back to London...” It blurted out of me. I have absolutely no idea where it came from. He frowned and all of sudden all of the lights in his eyes disappeared.



“We did what we did, and now you're just leaving? Well, that's great! Then go, I don't care,” he said and turned away from me. “Damon...” I tried, but he interrupted me. “No. Go, Elena. Just go. I'm bad for you, any ways,” he said and walked up the stairs. And I started feeling angry. I walked out the front door, and started walking home. I was still wearing his shirt and my underwear. No shoes, no pants.



As soon as I got home, I packed my stuff, put on some real clothes and called Damon. “I'm sorry, Damon. I really am,” I said as I opened my laptop. I needed flight tickets. “Don't say any thing, Elena. I overreacted, sorry. I just never thought you of all people was going to leave me. Are you going home soon?” he asked. He really did sound sad. “Yes... My flight takes off at 22.00 tonight. Are you coming to see my off?” I asked and bought the tickets. I had things I needed to do in London. I couldn't stay in Mystic Falls. “Yeah... I'll be there,” he said and hung up. I looked at my cellphone, and couldn't help but cry a bit.



Jenna and Alaric understood my decision. I told them about me and Damon (Alaric already knew, somehow) and told them why I had to go back to London. But when I walked to my room again, Damon was there, waiting for me. “Okay, so... Let me have the day, to show you why you need to stay here,” he said and looked at me with hope. Anticipation. I looked at the packed bag at my bed, then back at him. “Please, Elena. I need to do this,” he said and put his hands on my shoulders. I sighed. “You have until 21...” I said and couldn't help but feel happy, when he smiled at me. “I'll take your bag, we're going to the boarding house first,” he said, and grabbed my bag. Suddenly I feared I had made the wrong decision. “Come on, Elena. I'll meet you around the corner, then we'll run. I haven't told you how to use your vamp speed yet,” he said and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, before he disappeared with my bag. I sighed, once again, rolled my eyes, and went downstairs. “I'm going out to meet some friends. Don't know when I'll be back,” I yelled as I put on my blue converse. Maybe I should have mentioned I didn't know if I was coming back? “Sure, see you later!” Jenna yelled from the kitchen. I shrugged my shoulders and went out the door.



Damon was waiting for me, at the corner of the street, exactly as he promised. When he saw me, he gave me his usual smirk and suddenly looked like someone had turned a light on behind his eyes. He looked happy to see me. “Now, let's run. Do you want to try first? I'm right behind you,” he said, with a glimpse in his eye. “Sure...” I said and tried running. It felt amazing. Every tree, every fence, every obstacle just moved to the side. Everything just flowed into colours, as I ran towards my goal – the Salvatore boarding house. It didn't take long to get there. A few seconds, and I was standing right in front of the front door. Damon was right next to me. “You like it?” he asked and stepped inside. I nodded. “It was actually pretty amazing,” I said and followed him into the boarding house. “Now, first of all, I'll put your bag in my room. And then I have to teach you what it's like to feed of people. You need to learn that, before you go back to London,” he said and started walking up the stairs. “Okay...” I said and sat down on the couch. It would take some time, getting used to being a vampire. Of course, Damon would help me, but he wasn't coming with me to London. I hadn't been a vampire for more than 24 hours, before I had to take care of my self. Good luck, Elena.



“Are you ready?” Damon asked, when he came back. I shrugged. “Do I have any choice?” I asked and stood up. “Nope. Now, I will go get us a meal. You just stay here,” he said and disappeared out the door. I sighed and sat down again. I looked at the fire, dancing in the hearth. How long was I suppose to wait for him? To be honest, I just wanted to return to London. I felt wrong about what had happen between Damon and I. Especially since Stefan knew, and was hurt. Once again I had ruined their relationship. That's why I had to go back to London. If I stopped talking to both brothers, they might just start to bond again. I had to live my, all of sudden, eternal life, without Damon and Stefan. It just wasn't fair. I had promised Damon to give him the day. But after today, I would be gone, and this time I wouldn't go back.



“Here you go.” Damon pushed a girl inside. She looked frightened, but she didn't say a word. She was at my age. Not a day older than 20. Damon took her by the arm and walked towards me. “Now, you know the position. You've fed from someone before,” he said, with a glimpse in his eyes. I rolled my eyes. He forced her to sit on the couch next to me and sat down on the other side of her. “Damon, I can't,” I said and looked at her. I couldn't just harm her. “Elena, you may not be here when you're ready to learn this. We have to speed up the learning, and you have got to feed, right now,” he said and nodded towards the girl. I sighed. “I guess you're right,” I said and looked at her. “Now, compel her first. Tell her it isn't going to hurt. You just have to mean what you say,” Damon said and never moved his eyes off me. I nodded and looked into the girl's eyes. “This isn't going to hurt. Don't scream,” I said. She nodded and I gently pulled away her hair. Her neck was right in front of me, and extremely tempting. I felt my eyes changing. Damon was here to stop me, if I went too far. He would help me. I felt my fangs grow out, as I bit into her neck. The blood tasted amazing. I grabbed her and I sucked as hard I could. I wanted more. I could feel her heartbeat, her pulse. I felt her body getting weak. “Elena, you can stop now,” I heard Damon say. I didn't want to stop. I felt my head getting pulled away by Damon. “That's enough, sweety,” he said and put a band aid on the girl's neck. “I want more,” I said, feeling the lust in my body. He smirked and used his vampire speed to get the girl away. “Then take some from me,” he said and smirked. I didn't hesitate. I sat on his lap and went straight for the neck. He let out a moan and pulled me closer. His blood was somehow different. And it was different drinking from him. I felt attracted to him. I wanted him. Not just his blood. Even though that was amazing. Sweet, hot and arousing. I felt him getting aroused as well. His hands started taking my jacket off and going for my bra. I pulled away from his neck and ripped his t-shirt. I wasn't patient enough to take it off. I ripped his jeans and looked at his groin. I hadn't felt so aroused ever before. Not with Matt or Stefan. But I did with Damon.



“I want you, Elena,” he said and turned us around. He was on top of me and started taking off my clothes. He placed a trail of kisses down my neck, all the way to my panties. I felt my eyes changing back to normal and made him kiss my mouth. He licked the last blood off my lips and pulled away from me. “We shouldn't be doing this. You're going home tonight,” he said and looked at me. I sighed. “You're right...” I said and tried fighting my desire to him. He was right, but I didn't really care. I put my arms around his neck, and looked into his eyes. He frowned, sighed and kissed me again. Surprised I followed his lead and enjoyed our kiss. Damon had had over 150 years at practising his kissing techniques. He hadn't wasted those years.



And all of sudden, he wasn't there any more. He was up against the wall and looked at me. He looked tormented. “I can't do this, Elena. Not if you're leaving,” he said. The wound on his neck was healed and only a few blood stains was left. I sighed and stood up. “It's okay, Damon. Let's move on with today's lessons,” I said and smiled at him. He nodded.


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