I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


14. Damon, the protective vampire

Chapter 14: Damon, the protective vampire


“It's great having you back,” Damon said, as we were laying in my bed, as close together as possible. We had been laying there for almost an hour, just curled up together, looking at each other. I had been playing with the buttons on his shirt for a long time. “I've missed this so much,” I sighed, as I put my hand on his cheek and gently stroked it. It had been weird, being away from him. And it had been hard. I had missed him, but I had been able to shut it out, by drinking way too much alcohol, and trying to forget everything about him. I had been close to turning my emotions off a million times. But I never really managed to do it. Something kept me from doing it. Maybe I didn't want to stop loving Damon. I never really wanted to stop loving him. “We've done this so many times. I remember doing this, when Stefan had just left, and you missed him,” Damon said, and looked into my eyes, trying to hide the sadness from the memory.


I walked into Damon's room, holding my stomach while trying to hold back my tears. After all, this was all my fault. I had no right to be sad. I had the chance to change everything, either for the good or the bad. I just wasn't sure if my choice had been the right or the wrong one. “Elena, what's wrong?” As soon as I stepped into his room, he sped to my side, grabbing my shoulders and looked at me with a very worried look in his eyes. His eyes quickly searched my body, looking for any sign of physical damage. I opened my mouth, ready to tell him what had happened, but I couldn't. I wanted to tell him, so bad, but I couldn't. I just couldn't tell him. Not a single word escaped my lips. After confirming that I didn't have any wounds or broken bones, he gently lifted me, and sped to the bed, where he put me down, like I was going to break at any minute. Then he laid down next to me.


Elena, will you please tell me what is making you cry?” he whispered and wrapped his arms around me. I wasn't able to keep the tears within. They kept rolling down my cheeks. I looked into his caring blue eyes, and buried my head in his chest, as I broke down, once again. I couldn't help it. The tears wouldn't stop flowing, as he gently stroked my back and kissed the top of my head. “Ssshh... It's okay... I'm here,” he whispered, gentle and sweet. I tightened my grip around his chest and didn't care that I was ruining his t-shirt. It was black any ways. I felt his protective arms held me close to his body and gently caressed my back. He gave me time. Time to cry, time to get it out. And he just kept holding me, whispering encouraging words to my ear.


I don't know for how long we were laying in his bed like that. Me crying, and him holding me, gentle and patient. At some point, I stopped crying, and almost fell asleep in Damon's arms. “Now, Elena, can you tell me what's wrong?” he asked and gently dried my cheeks with his thumbs. “He's gone, Damon. Forever,” I said with a husky voice. “Who's gone?” he asked with fright in his eyes. He already knew the answer. “Stefan. He left. And he isn't coming back,” I said, trying not to cry. Surely there had to be a lot of things Damon wanted to know. And I had to tell him the whole story. I had to tell him it was my fault his brother was gone. That I had broken his heart. I had no idea how he was going to respond. He had to be sad about his brother leaving, but that also meant he could be with me. And for the past few moths, that had seemed like the thing he wanted. To be with me. Forever.


It hadn't taken Stefan long to figure out I was doing something with Damon, behind his back. But it had been the push over the edge, when I told him that I loved Damon. We had been at my house, and he had been silent when I told him about my feelings. Then he'd left, using his vampire speed, and I had driven to the boarding house as fast as possible. But as I entered Stefan's room, the only thing I found was a note on his desk. A note saying that he had left, and that he was never coming back. That he couldn't stand to see my with his own brother. And then I had gone to Damon's room.


Damon didn't say a single word. He just looked at a point just above my head, without saying anything. His eyes were stripped from feelings. I had no idea what to do. I just looked at him. “Please, Damon, say something,” I said, after almost half an hour of him being quiet. His eyes slowly looked at me, and showed no emotions at all. There was no sight of the love that usually filled his eyes, when he was looking at me. No sight of grief, of sorrow. Nothing. “Did he tell you where he went?” he asked, and looked into my eyes, looking for lies. “No. He didn't tell me... Damon, don't shut me out. Don't turn off your emotions. We'll get through this,” I said and cupped his face. If he turned off his emotions, I wouldn't know what to do. I wasn't sure if he was going to act like Stefan; becoming an emotionless monster, killing everyone around him, or if he was just going to be the asshole he was when he first came to Mystic Falls. I just knew that he wouldn't be my Damon, if he turned it off.


How are you feeling?” he asked and looked at me, still no emotions. I frowned at his question. Why was he worrying about me? I slowly pulled his face towards mine, and never let my eyes move from his. I felt my heart rate go up, as our bodies got closer. “Worried,” I whispered, as our noses hit each other. Our lips was almost touching each other, and God, I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to show him that I loved him, that everything was going to be al right. That we had each other. “He'll be al right. Stefan's a big boy,” he said and carefully tangled his hand into my hair. “I'm not worried about Stefan. I'm worried about you,” I said and enjoyed the feeling of his hand in my hair. “Why?” His lips gently stroked mine, before I felt his hand carefully grabbing my neck and pulling me closer. Our lips finally met, and I felt the warmth in all of my body. It was like small fireworks were firing from my lips, and it was like that every time he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I wanted him as close as possible. The thought of losing him was too much. Too dangerous. I loved him.


My heart was beating like crazy. I could feel my neck pulse against Damon's hand, as our kiss got wilder and more intimate. Our lips parted again, the veins under his eyes coming forth. I wasn't afraid of him, like I had been with Stefan. I wasn't afraid that he was going to kill me. Damon was able to control his blood lust. Stefan wasn't. I slowly pulled his head towards my neck, while he looked at me, surprised, happy, like he didn't believe it. His lips caressed my neck, before his fangs gently bit into my skin. I bit my lip and tried not to scream. At first, it had hurt. But it didn't take long for the pain to stop, and being replaced with pleasure. God, how could this feel so good? To be fed upon. When Stefan had bit me, it had been painful. It had been terrible, and I had been afraid. But this, this was amazing. I felt as though our bodies melted to one, like our thoughts were one.


That had been the first time Damon had tasted my blood. The first time it had been voluntarily, that is. “I was so worried you were going to turn off your emotions,” I said and looked at his piercing blue eyes. They were somehow different from back then. Back then, Damon's feeling had been hidden. Like they had been pushed to the back of his mind. But now. Now I could see his all of his emotions in his eyes. The love, he felt towards me, the relief, of holding me in his arms again, the fear, of losing me once again and the protective feeling of wanting to protect me against anything that might cross my path. God, I loved this boy.


“I would have. But then you kissed me, and I just couldn't. I think my love and affection for you, was too big. Is too big. That feeling just couldn't be turned off,” he said and gently touched my bottom lip with his thumb. I smiled at him and carefully stroked his soft cheek. “Then I'm glad I kissed you,” I said. “You forced me to deal with missing my brother. I was so used to just, turning it off,” he said and frowned. My smiled vanished. I had ruined their relationship, just like Katherine had done. “He left, because of me... That's why we can't be...” He quickly interrupted me. “Stop, Elena. We went through this in the gym. It isn't your fault, that Stefan and I aren't able to talk to each other. That's Katherine's fault. We can be together, and we are going to, if you want me,” he said and looked at me. He was nervous. Very nervous. He was afraid that I would reject him and leave him. Again.


“I want to be with you, Damon. I love you,” I said and tried smiling at him. I didn't like him being nervous. Especially not because of me. I had never seen Damon being nervous, because of a girl. I had seen him being nervous about one of our missions, that could've killed someone. “Don't say this, if you don't mean it. I can't bare to loose you again. I can't,” he said. His tormented eyes, looked up and down at me, like he wanted to see every detail of me, maybe for the last time. “I'm serious. I want to be with you,” I said and put both my hands on his cold cheeks. Why did he have such a hard time believing that I actually wanted to be with him? Oh, yeah, probably because I left him. Twice.


“I love you too,” he said and gently pressed his lips against mine. A few minutes later, I was sleeping, safely wrapped in his arms.


-Damon's point of view


I smiled as Elena put her head on my chest, and fell asleep. She looked beautiful, with her eyes closed, curled up close to my body. She was still wearing the outfit from her speech at the school, and she looked tired, but happy. I gently removed her jacket and her skinny jeans. I knew she hated sleeping with jeans on. She didn't wake up, but just made some unsatisfied sounds, and reached for me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her closely to my body. No way in hell I was ever going to let her go again.


I had been laying there, for almost half an hour, when I heard footsteps coming closer to the apartment. I gently removed my arms from Elena and put her under the cover, as I hid in the shadows. A key was shoved into the door, silently. Who had the key to Elena's apartment? She had only been here for a year, and since no one knew she was a vampire, no one had to be that close to her. I snuck closer to the door, without being visible. Whoever had the key, and was going to surprise Elena, wasn't very lucky. I wasn't going to let them get near her. On my way to the door, I grabbed a big knife from Elena's kitchen. She had her knives in a big woodblock. Gosh, hadn't she learned anything?


A small click from the door indicated that it was now unlocked. I quickly got to the door, and waited for the person to enter. I wasn't going to show my teeth, unless necessary. No need to reveal my identity. Even without my vampire powers, I was strong. When the door opened, I looked at the person entering. She was small. Not very tall, almost like a child. Her black hair, cut in a pageboy like style, made her look very young. Too young to be Elena's friend. She closed the door, put her bag down, and moved into the apartment. I quickly grabbed her from behind, and pressed the knife threatening against her throat.


“No screaming. Who are you?” I growled. I was mad. No one was going to hurt Elena. I felt the skin under my eyes changing and my teeth growing. The predator in me was coming forth. “What? Would you please remove the knife from my throat, it's kind of hard to breath.” I frowned at her sarcastic comment and tried looking at her face, over her shoulder. It wasn't anyone I recognised. Who the hell was this girl? “What are you doing here?” I asked, ignoring what she said. My fangs were itching. I really wanted to bite her. “That is really none of your business! I could ask you the same,” she said and grabbed the arm holding the knife. I smiled, as she tried pulling it away. “It is my business, since it's my girlfriend you're sneaking in on. And if you like to live, I would suggest that you tell me exactly what you're doing here,” I said, and referred to the knife I held firmly against her throat. Humans.


“Damon?” Elena was awake, and was coming towards us, “what are you doing?” She looked at the awkward situation. “I caught someone. Do you know this girl?” I asked and turned on the light. The light switch was right next to me, and the girl in my arms wasn't going anywhere. Not on my watch. “Oh my God, Lucy!” she looked appalled, when she saw the girl in my arms. “You know her?” I said and removed the knife slightly. Her skin wasn't broken, I hadn't shed a single drop of blood. “Yes! Damon, let go of her!” she said, and I did as she wanted. Elena walked to the girl and hugged her. “What the bloody hell is going on here, Elena?” she said, and looked at me, disgust painted on her face, “he told me his girlfriend is here. Are you having guests?” They let go of each other. The girl looked at Elena, who was only wearing panties and a blue tanktop, then at me, almost fully dressed, with my black t-shirt and black jeans. Elena blushed slightly. I smiled. Even as a vampire, she was blushing. And over something as silly as our relationship. “He's my boyfriend,” she said and looked at me, with an innocent look.


My heart would've skipped a beat, if it was still beating. No, it would have skipped several beats. I had told the girl that I was here for my girlfriend, but I hadn't asked Elena to be my girlfriend yet. I wanted to, but Elena had fallen asleep, just when I wanted to ask her. I had figured it could wait. We did have an eternity together. “Since when do you have a boyfriend? And since when did you start to date murderous guys?” The girl looked at the knife in my hand. I shrugged and went to the kitchen. I returned the knife to the woodblock, and then followed Elena and Lucy into the living room. It didn't seem like Elena bothered to put on pants. No problem in my opinion, unless the girl was a lesbian. Then I had a problem with it.


“He's not murderous, Lucy. He's just a bit protective of me, okay?” Elena said, as I walked into the living room. It was the first time I was in here. All the walls were white, with big abstract paintings. The furniture were also white, except for a few, that were black. On the floor was a lot of different carpets, all looking very expensive, and underneath a wooden floor appeared. One of the walls were nothing but big windows, from where you could see most of the city of London. It had a lack of books after my opinion. But it wasn't my apartment. If we decided to live together, we'd hopefully agree on some sort of theme for our house. Maybe our mansion? Would she like that?


“Elena, would you care telling me who this girl is, and what she is doing in your apartment?” I asked and crossed my arms. Elena was a vampire, she would never give someone her key. I had taught her better, when we were back in Mystic Falls. She knew she could trust absolutely no one. The girls sat down on the couch, both looking at me. The girl looked like she wanted to kill me, or tear me apart. Well, good luck with that! Elena looked like she wanted to cuddle again, and just relax with me, but at the same time she seemed slightly annoyed.


“This girl happens to be my best friend, Lucy. And she's in my apartment because we always talk about my performance after a lecture,” she said, frowning and giving me a strict look. She wanted to talk about this later, when Lucy wasn't here. Fine. I shrugged and lifted her from the couch. Then I sat down my self, and placed her between my legs. No way I was going to leave her, just because she needed to talk to this Lucy. Lucy looked surprised, as I lifted her. Right, human boys normally wasn't able to lift a girl like I lifted Elena. Whatever. The strict look returned on Elena's beautiful face, but I didn't care. I just wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her closer. I had missed the feeling of having her close to me. The feeling of her body against mine. I wouldn't let this Lucy girl take her away from me. Not even for a minute.


After ten minutes I almost regretted my decision to stay with Elena. God, their conversation was boring. They talked about the same things over and over again, never getting on with it. I couldn't wait for Lucy to leave. When she did, I planned on bringing her to the bed, and not leaving it for the rest of the day. I was gently moving my fingers, drawing patterns on her naked thighs. Of course she was pale. She had been in London. The sun never shines in London, everyone knows that. I wanted to get her in bed. Maybe this time I could be able to remove all of her clothes. We didn't need to have sex. I just wanted to feel her close to me, skin against skin.


“So, when were you going to tell me about this guy?” Lucy asked, and nodded towards me. I looked up from Elena's thigh and narrowed my eyes at Lucy. Was she going to question Elena about me, while I was sitting in the room? Who did she think she was? “I would have... At some point... But it's kind of... New,” Elena said, and turned her head towards me. She smiled at me, the love clearly shining in her eyes. I placed a small kiss on her cheek, and tightened my grip around her. I wasn't going to let her leave. Not any time soon.


“Well, next time you just decide to get a boyfriend, tell me. Be careful around the press. You know how they are,” Lucy said, as she stood up from the couch. Was she leaving? Hope starting growing in my stomach. “No worries, Lucy!” Elena said, and gently removed my arms, as she got up. I stood up right after her, and grabbed her hand, as we walked to the door. She was leaving! Yes! “I'll be back tomorrow. Please control your boyfriend. It isn't nice, getting a knife held to your throat, by a complete stranger,” Lucy said, and then she was gone. I frowned at the weird girl, and then turned at Elena. “I think you've got some explanation to do,” I said, placing a kiss on her forehead. She laughed. “Yeah, I probably have. Let's go to the bed again,” she said, and dragged me to the bedroom. 

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