I'm coming home (Delena)

After two years in London, Elena is returning to Mystic Falls, but only for three months. She is looking forward to see all of her old friends, except for two persons, she'd rather not see. Will she be able to be faithful to her english boyfriend? Or will her stay in Mystic Falls change everything? Delena!


1. Back to Mystic Falls

Chapter 1: Back to Mystic Falls


When I was sitting in my seat on my way back home, I suddenly started to doubt. Was I really ready to go back to Mystic Falls after all that had happened 2 years back? I guess it really wasn't the best time starting to get cold feet. The plane was already taking off, and I had no chance of returning to London any time soon.



No, I had really decided to return to Mystic Falls for the next three months. And I had to stick with my plan. I wasn't going to think about my job in London, my friends in London, and certainly not my boyfriend in London. I needed to go back to Mystic Falls, and get some things cleared out of my mind. Luckily for me, my boyfriend understood what I had to do.

So I leaned back in my seat, pulled out my diary and started writing, since I had nothing better to do. The flight would take about 8 hours, and we had just taken off. I had a long journey in front of me.



Dear diary

Today it's happening. I'm returning to Mystic Falls, to see my brother, aunt Jenna, Alaric, Caroline, Matt, Tyler, all of the people from my past. Except from Stefan and Damon. The last thing I heard from them, was that they had moved away from Mystic Falls and also away from each other. All because of me. If I had just stopped talking to them, when me and Stefan broke up, everything would have been much better.



It has been weird, being away from it all, for so long. But I guess it has been for the best. Now I just need to finish all the loose ends I have in Mystic Falls. It will be good, seeing everything again. Caroline has already updated me on everything that is going back home. Caroline and Matt are dating again. I'm glad he found someone who could replace me. He seemed awful depressed when I started going out with Stefan. Now he has found someone who makes him happy. Tyler is still gone. I think Caroline mentioned something about a wolf pack in the north that needed his help. Thank God she dumped him a year ago. He kept breaking her heart.



As for Jenna and Alaric, I think they're doing really great. Jenna told me about their daughter, last time I talked to her. She is 2 years old and called Hope. I think it's the right choice I made. I hope it's the right choice.


The rest of the trip, I spent in my sleep. I had been packing all night, and had made sure that the fridge was empty, plants was being taken care of, while I was gone, and all the stuff you need to do, when you're leaving your flat for three months. It was nice getting some sleep.



Since I left Mystic Falls, I had started my dream job as a journalist. And my dream came true, when I got a job at the London Magazine. After that,things escalated pretty quickly. I moved into a flat, in the middle of London, and was soon to be promoted. I got job offers from different big news papers, magazines, stuff like that. But I liked my job at the London Magazine, and I didn't wanted to leave it. Short after, I met my boyfriend. He had been on a visit in the London Magazine building, and it was my job to show him around. Two weeks later, we were officially dating. I wasn't sure if I loved my new boyfriend – Adam. He was sweet, caring, loving, but there was something boring about him. But as I grew to love him, I forced myself to stop thinking about Stefan and Damon. I had to live my new, perfect life.


But I had been working a lot lately, and it hadn't been easy. I was getting pretty popular in the journalist business, and I had lots of articles to write. An article about an animal attack made me think about home, about Stefan and Damon and about Mystic Falls. And then I realised how much I missed Mystic Falls.


That's when I decided to take some time off, and travel back to Mystic Fall, for three months.



The thing about Mystic Falls, is that it's messed up. It's a city full of supernatural beings. Stefan and Damon wasn't just ordinary guys – they had lived for more than 100 years, and both survived by drinking blood. Caroline was also a vampire – she just wasn't quiet as old. I had known her most of my life. I had grown up with her. Her and Bonnie. Bonnie died about 3 years ago. Before that, she was a witch. And a very powerful one. Sadly a spell went wrong, and she died. Caroline and I had been torn up for months. Of course I had both Stefan and Damon there to comfort me. After Bonnie's death, something changed in me, and I decided to break up with Stefan. I just didn't get to that point, before Damon kissed me. And I let him kiss me. That kiss made me realise that I had no feelings for Stefan any more. But I was madly in love with Damon. And that scared me. It scared me so much, that I decided to run off to London, and start a new life over there. Not a very mature solution, I know that. But I just had to get away from the Salvatore brothers and my love to Damon. I had never told Stefan about the kiss I shared with Damon. I knew he would be broken hearted to hear it. I knew he loved me, maybe a bit too much. But I couldn't bear to break his heart, more than I did, when I finally gathered the courage to break up with him. Damon didn't blame me when I did. He just wanted to be with me, without his brother knowing. Even though he denied caring about his brother, I think he really did love his younger brother. But not enough to stay away from me.



I woke up when the seat belt sign turned on, and the pilot told us we were landing in 10 minutes. Without being fully awake, I fastened my seat belt and leaned back into the seat again. I didn't feel like I had gotten enough sleep. Then I reminded my self that I was going to see Jenna and Alaric for the first time in 1½ year, and pulled together. I wanted it to be something special. Not just me being sleepy. So while I was walking the long way to the arrival hall, I grabbed a cup of coffee and tried drinking it as fast as possible, without burning my tongue to ashes.



That turned out to be somewhere near impossible. The walk to the arrival hall was simply not long enough, for the coffee to cool off. So I tried drinking as much as possible, and threw it out, just before I went out to the arrival hall. There was a lot of people waiting for their family and friends to come out with their luggage, but I did see Jenna and Alaric standing and waiting for me. Alaric had Hope in his arms. She was looking around curiously. This must have been her first time at an airport. I zigzagged in and out between people and finally reached Jenna and Alaric.



“Welcome home, Elena,” Jenna said and hugged me. Hope was looking at me with a curious look and reached out her hand. “'Lena!” she said and laughed. I shook her hand carefully and said her name. A big smile came across her face. “Shall we go home?” Alaric said, and smiled at me. I nodded and dragged my suitcase after me, as I followed Jenna and Alaric to the parking lot. Alaric put Hope in her childrens seat in the car and helped me putting my suitcase into the trunk. It was rather heavy. Then I sat in the back of the car with Hope. She was smiling and looking at me, like I was the most interesting thing in this world.



It was weird being in America again. Everything seemed a lot bigger than the thing I had gotten used to. And still, it was home. It was a 1 hour drive from the Virginia airport to Mystic Falls. Hope had a doll to entertain herself, and Alaric and Jenna had a lot of questions to ask me. I hadn't really been talking to them, when I was in London. I had been busy living my new, exciting life.



“When we get home, we have to do some things, before we can go out and eat, if that's okay?” Jenna said, as we got closer to Mystic Falls. “Sure! No problem at all,” I said, and couldn't keep my eyes off the window. There was so many things I had missed. And I hadn't even been aware when I was in London. When we drove through the city, I noticed all the things, that looked exactly like I left it. The Grill hadn't changed much, neither had the town square or any of the boutiques around it. The town seemed a bit empty, though. I couldn't see any of the friends I was looking forward to seeing again. Maybe they were sitting at The Grill?



A few minutes later we parked in the garage and Alaric helped me getting my suitcase. Hope quickly ran into the house. Jenna followed her. I followed Alaric into the house, but quickly noticed something was wrong. All of the lights were turned off, and the curtains were closed. With a racing heart, I turned on the lights and got a major surprise, when I saw the living room.



“SURPRIIIIISE!” All of my old friends were in the living room, with a big banner saying 'welcome home, Elena!'. I covered my mouth with my hands and looked at all of them. Caroline, Tyler, Matt, Jeremy, Anna and... My happiness quickly disappeared. Stefan and Damon stood as far away from each other as possible. Had Jenna also invited them? What if I didn't want to see them? And what were they doing in Mystic Falls? Last time I checked, Stefan were in Italy and Damon in LA. Then why were they here?



Caroline hugged me tight, as she whispered “I'm sorry, I couldn't stop them from coming.” Tyler hugged me after wards, then Anna, then Matt, then Jeremy and then Damon. “I missed you,” he whispered as he hugged me. I chose to ignore it. Stefan was still standing up against the wall with a glass of champagne. He looked at the floor. He still wasn't over it, I guess. Not good. I wasn't sure if Damon had told him about what had happened between us. If he had, I didn't understand why he had turned up. So I guessed Damon hadn't told Stefan about him and me. At least, I didn't hope so.



Caroline gave me a glass of champagne and started questioning me about everything that had happened in London. When we reached the point of me getting a boyfriend, I suddenly didn't want to talk about it. Adam and I had been together for almost a year, but things weren't really going that well. And the feeling of being home again, made me feel like the little school girl I was, last time I saw the home. That might be because of Damon's flirty looks at me. Looks that Stefan did notice. Great, I had been back for less than 2 hours, and I had already gotten into trouble.



After taking a deep breath, I gathered myself and walked over to Stefan. I guess I had to say hello. He looked up when I got near him, and tried to smile. He didn't really succeed.



“Hey...” I said, being the only thing I could come up with. He said the same thing and looked down his glass. He didn't want to see me. “I thought you were in Italy,” I said, trying to get a conversation going. “I was... But then Caroline told me you were coming home, and I wanted to see you,” he said and shrugged his shoulders. “Oh... So, how is Ita...”



“Elena, hey!” Damon put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I pushed him away. “Hi Damon...” I said. His smile wasn't to be misinterpret. He wanted something, and that something was to hurt his brother. It was a long time since they had seen each other, and clearly Stefan didn't know what had happen between Damon and me. That was a positive thing. “Could I talk to you in private?” Damon asked, ignoring his brother completely. “Uhm... Sure, I guess,” I said and apologised to Stefan. Then I went to the kitchen with Damon. He closed the doors and used his vampire speed to get to me quick. His arms was wrapped around my waist and his lips was a few cm from mine.



“I really missed you, Elena,” he whispered. I looked into his shiny blue eyes. “I missed you too, Damon.” I couldn't get myself to reject him. My heart was racing and he knew it. I knew he could feel my heartbeat. His head got closer to mine. Our noses hit each other.



“Damon... We can't do this,” I whispered and closed my eyes. I didn't want him to compel me. And I really didn't want to see his eyes when I told him that. “Why not?” he whispered. I could almost taste the sweetness of his breath. And I wanted to kiss him. But I couldn't do that. “Because I have a boyfriend. And it's not fair to Stefan.” I opened my eyes, and saw directly into his. He looked sad. Disappointed. Hurt. But his lips were still tempting me. “I can see you want to do it. I can feel it. Why are you rejecting me?” I looked down the floor, but he put a finger under my chin and forced me to look at him.



“I just can't do this right now, Damon,” I said and pushed him away. And then I left him there, standing all alone.



When I went to bed that night, I made sure that every window was locked, so I was sure Damon wasn't going to visit me during the night. And then I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. 

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