Tale as old as Time

In this spin off of The Walking Dead an old friend of Daryl's reunites with him, only to find out he is already involved with someone else. Cassandra seeks comfort in an old Sheriff's Deputy's heart. Will this end well? Or will Daryl come to his senses about his lost love.Daryl o/c and Rick o/c.


1. Prologue

Daryl and I walked through the forest; he and I had been tracking a deer for miles. Silently creeping through the Georgia brush, I pushed on only wanting some water. I heard a running stream nearby and stopped to listen.

Daryl turned around furrowing his eyebrows and whispered, “What the hell ya’ listenin’ to?” I shushed him as I listened to the blissful sound of running water.

Daryl came to face me, “Come on Cassandra. We’re losin’ daylight.” I licked my lips as I began walking towards the source of the sound. Daryl grabbed me by my shoulder and turned me around with a fierce look it his eyes.

I spoke louder than I should, “Daryl. We’ve been out here for hours and hours. The track has practically gone cold. And as a plus I am thirsting.” I quickly turned around and headed once again in the direction of the water. The Georgia heat was horrible that year. Daryl trailed behind me, and I knew that he knew that I was right.

I finally reached the water and I ran down and splashed some in my face. “Good lord. That feels good. Here Daryl.” I splashed water on his face as I giggled.

He wiped his face with the back of his hand, and he smirked at me. “Oh no Cassandra. Now your gon’ get it.” I laughed louder as he lunged himself on me, causing us both to fall into the stream. Daryl even began to laugh as both of us stood up, soaked in water.

Daryl and I both crawled out and I began to take off my clothes. “What’r you doin’?” he asked clearly shocked.

I furrowed my eyebrows, “I’m gonna let my clothes dry. Here hand me your shirt.” Daryl shook his head as he leaned against a tree, water still dripping off of him.

I walked over to him and put my hands on my hips. I placed my hands on the edge of his shirt, “Fine let me take it off.” Daryl pulled away leaving me standing there, a little hurt and confused.  

Daryl turned away from me, “Look now. I like ya’. But there’s just things, things I don’t like talking about.” I walked up behind Daryl, wrapped my arms around his waist, and rested my head on his back.

"Daryl. You can talk to me." I held his wet body closer to mine.

Daryl took in a deep breath and I watched as he pulled away from me and began undressing himself. He pulled off his shirt and reveals his back, which is covered in scars.

I held back a gasp; someone must have beaten him badly, most likely with a belt or some other horrible device. “Daryl…” I closed the space between us and gentle stroked his back, and then kissed it.

Daryl turned around and looked down at me. I grabbed his hand, nodded and flashed a light smile. “It’s okay.”

I flash back to a time before the apocalypse, when things weren’t so bad. That was the last time I ever saw Daryl Dixon, and I don’t think I will ever see him again. Sure it’s possible he is still alive, but the chances of me finding him are even smaller. We left off on a weird note, we were very close, so I’m not so sure how things would even be. 

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