The Sweet Curly Nightmare{George Shelly Fanfic} *MY JOURNAL*

This is the journal of one of the two inseparable best friends George & I.


2. Day 2



      Here is a little about me since I forgot to tell you in my first journal entry. I am unusually short for my age, I'm only about 5"1, I have long, wavy hazel hair, almost touching my bum, I have almost grey eyes, they are diffrent colors to diffrent people, and I don't really like talking about how I feel so that's why I am doing these journals.

      I miss George lots since he went on vacation back to England. This town is so plain without him. I miss him so much that everytime I think about something it always brings up memories, like the vase we made in 6th grade as an art project that we almost broke running around the house like idiots. Those were the days haha.

     As I finially get up for the morning, I look out the windows that I have in my room and see fresh crisp snow layered on the ground, ready to be crushed and salted. I knew today was going to be another long day in the winter vacation for me.


Sorry I am doing this early, but I am going to be busy tomorrow with family so love ya.xx

*-Remember to fan, like, and favorite.-*



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